WWE Smackdown TV report - Cena vs. Del Rio, Sheamus vs. Ziggler

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Cena opened the show to plug the main event. Cena was interested in it because it involved Dolph. He said Ziggler had been in his business, so he would get in Ziggler's. He said Dolph would soon be powerless when his briefcase is gone. He then revealed Ziggler would be facing Sheamus. Alberto Del Rio came out to say Cena should be worried about him. Del Rio said SmackDown was his show. Del Rio reminded Cena that last time he was there, Del Rio destroyed him.

Cena then revealed he had a match with Del Rio right now.

Match Number One: Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Vs. John Cena.

Del Rio quickly took over after being sent outside. Del Rio didn't focus on the knee, which was a bit of a surprise. Instead he targeted the shoulder for his armbreaker. Dolph was shown watching from a monitor in the back.

Cena started a comeback after an adbreak. He went through his routine, but Del Rio turned the AA into a backstabber for two. Del Rio then tried for an armbreaker, but Cena countered with a swinging neck breaker. He then climbed the ropes so that Alberto could hit his running enziguri for another nearfall. The counters kept coming, with another enziguri dodged, the STF avoided and a top rope attack from Del Rio stopped in mid air with a dropkick from Cena.

Cena again went for the AA, which Del Rio turned to an armbreaker attempt, which Cena turned into the STF. Del Rio eventually got to the ropes after using some small joint manipulation on the hands of Cena. He then put the armbreaker on the in ropes and held till four.

Cena nearly hit the AA from nowhere, but Del Rio countered for a third time with a German suplex. He hung Cena in the tree of woe, and neither commentator mentioned the knee. Cena sat up from the position as Del Rio charged shoulder first into the post. Cena then got the pinfall with the top rope fame asser.

Winner: John Cena, Pinfall.

Cena was celebrating on the ramp when Ziggler attacked him from behind and left him laying.

Bryan and Kane were staring intently at each other in the back. Kofi walked up and told them they need to get on the same page for their six man tag. Bryan put over Kane being able to destroy anyone. Kane said Bryan can make men twice his size squeal in pain with his submissions, and that we hadn't even begun to see their potential as a team. They chanted “Yes” in unison.

Cena was irate and talking to Booker. Cena said as soon as Ziggler gets in the ring, “Bam!” Booker said they needed to keep control on the show and asked him to do him a favour and hold off this time. Cena said Booker was lucky they go back such a long way.

Match Number Two: David Otunga Vs. The Great Khali w/ Hornsowggle.

No intros for anyone. Swoggle got involved with a butt splash early. No, not early, about midway through. Khali hit a chop and got the pin in a short match.

Winner: The Great Khali, Pinfall.

Match Number Three: Prime Time Players & Wade Barrett Vs. Team Hell No (C) & Kofi Kingston (c), Six Man Tag.

They put over Team Hell No's teamwork early, as they dealt with both members of the Prime Time Players. A blind tag helped the PTP take over on Bryan. They beat on Bryan for a pretty long time. He finally got a tag to Kane who ran through Darren Young. Barrett caught a punch on the apron as Kane got a nearfall with a sidewalk slam. It all broke down with Kofi taking out Titus, then hitting the Trouble in Paradise on Barrett as he stood on the apron, leaving Kane and Young alone in the ring.

Kane hit a chokeslam, then chose to tag in Bryan to hit the top rope headbutt and No Lock for the submission. Kane and Bryan working as a team was really good.

Winners: Team Hell No & Kofi Kingston, Submission.

Matt Striker interviewed Sheamus backstage. He asked about his match with Dolph. Sheamus said the good news for Ziggler was Cena wouldn't get involved, the bad news was that Sheamus would be. He said that he will be picturing Dolph as Big Show and would be able to show off his head after Sheamus kicks it off.

Damien Sandow cut a promo on his way to the ring. He said his attempts at educating us had been futile, but he would not abandon them. He said he will no longer focus on the masses, but would now share his knowledge on an individual basis. He would select a member from the audience to be his apprentice. He picked a man in a GTS shirt. Sandow tested him with three questions. How many wheels on a tricycle? How often does the US hold Presidential elections? What is the orbital velocity of Jupiter's moon Europa? He got two out of three. Sandow ran him down and told him to leave. He told us we were welcome to wrap up that segment.

Match Number Four: Damien Sandow Vs. Tyson Kidd.

Kidd was the first to get some shots in, with some good kicks to the body. Sandow powdered, then slammed Kidd's head into the apron to take over. Kidd actually got to make a comback, 90 percent kicks, 10 tope. Sandow got his knees up when Kidd tried for a springboard elbow drop, hit his neck breaker and got the pinfall.

Winner: Damien Sandow, Pinfall.

Ziggler was in the back with Striker. He asked if Dolph felt like he had something to prove after losing Monday. Dolph said it was a handicap match with AJ's interference, then again tonight with Cena lurking. He told Sheamus that if he sees Big Show when he looks across the ring tonight, look twice. Because he's actually looking at the next world champion. Good work from Ziggler.

Match Number Five: The Usos Vs. 3MB w/ Drew.

Usos started quickly on Slater, bbut for only a few seconds before they were cut off. After another very short period Jey Uso tagged in and ran wild. He ended up being pinned by Mahal after a shot to the back from the outside and a full nelson release slam.

Winners: 3MB, Pinfall.

Match Number Six: Dolph Ziggler Vs. Sheamus.

Ziggler got the better of the action until he tried to show off, which let Sheamus corner him and start a beatdown. Sheamus caught Dolph jumping off the apron to the outside and hit a fall away slam into the barricade. He then caught Dolph trying to crawl away up the ramp for some distance and threw him back into the ring.

Dolph took over as they entered, sending Sheamus back outside and staying on him for a good while. Sheamus came back by slowly climbing the ropes. Dolph tried to intercept the leaping shoulder block, so Sheamus jumped over Dolph and tried for a Brogue Kick. Dolph avoided that and hit his high jumping DDT (ZigZag action for DDT).

Dolph set up for fame asser but got hit with Sheamus' backbreaker. Dolph countered the Irish Curse but was put into the Texas Cloverleaf, when Big Show ran down. Show got on the apron and Sheamus let go to meet him.

Winner: Sheamus, DQ.

Dolph started joining in with Show when Cena ran down. He took care of Show, then Sheamus fed Ziggler to him for the AA. They then double teamed Show with a double suplex and shoulder charge to send him outside. 

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