OVW Saturday Night Special report 12-1 Louisville Big Robbie T vs. Crimson

 Here's the results from the December 1st OVW Saturday Night Special in Louisville. All four active OVW titles changed hands on this show. 

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Michael Titus were the announcers for the DVD release of this show. Terry Boddie was the ring announcer. The attendance was around 125. 

1. Paredyse beat "VIP" Joe Rosa w/Jose Del Barrio 

2. Tony Gunn, Nick Dumeyer & Eddie Diamond w/Timmy Danger beat Elvis Pridemore, The Body Guy, and The Assassin 

The Assassin took both of his partners out before the match began. Eddie Diamond then pinned the hapless Body Guy soon as the bell rang. 

3. James "Moose" Thomas won a Gauntlet match 

The idea was Moose had to go thru a Gauntlet of guys to get to face Jason Wayne. Thomas beat Raul Lamotta, Shiloh Jonze, and then Jack Black. Don't know why Jonze & Lamotta were in this match, they're both in Crimson's Army, not Jason Wayne's. Anyhow, Moose then earned the right to face Jason Wayne. Wayne came out with his face painted in camouflage, and wearing a hat with foliage on it. Moose beat an overconfident and delusional Jason Wayne pretty quickly to run the Gauntlet. 

4. Taeler Hendrix w/Dylan Bostic beat Taryn Terrell to win the OVW Women's title 

They brought out a small kiddie pool filled with "dog poop" before the match, and placed it in front of the announce desk. Taeler Hendrix dumped dog poop over Taryn Terrell's head during a recent OVW TV taping. Hendrix won a back and forth match to regain the OVW Women's title. The post match stips seemed to be Terrell had to go into the poop pool, which wasn't stated on OVW TV, but Hendrix got knocked into the pool instead, and was covered with a brown substance. Three refs were sent out to clean up the mess afterwards. 

5. Doug Williams beat "Smooth" Johnny Spade by DQ in an Admiral Lord Montevans Gentlemans rules match 

They used the rounds system here, three minutes long each, with six being the limit. Doug Williams had all kinds of rules attached to this match, many of which were designed to prevent Johnny Spade from using his signature moves. It was effective too as Spade was disqualified for using a Superkick on Williams during the 4th round, which was the third rules infraction of the bout on Spade, and three strikes and you're out applied here. Spade took out referee Jordan Barker with a wicked superkick after being DQ'd. 

6. Jamin Olivencia beat Joe Coleman to win the OVW TV Title in a no DQ match 

Coleman attacked Olivencia with a chair before the match began. Olivencia came back, and gave Coleman two hard chair shots to the head late in the bout, and then won it with his "Standing O" clamping DDT finisher. This marked the 8th time Jamin Olivencia has held the OVW TV title. Cliff Compton was at the announce desk for this match, and claims to still be the OVW TV champion. He was stripped of the title after suffering a foot injury. Compton hit the ring after the match and broke his crutch over Olivencia's back. 

War hero Michael Hayes appeared during the intermission. Hayes is currently out of action due to old scar tissue breaking open behind the knee, which required him to get a skin graft. 

7. "The Gut Checkers"(Alex Silva & Sam Shaw) beat "The Best Team Ever"(Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade) to win the OVW Southern tag team titles 

Really solid and fun tag team match here, everyone looked good. Easily the best match of the night. Sam Shaw, after taking a Hell of a beating, pinned Rudy Switchblade with his "Breaking point" top rope leg drop to win it. This marked the first title gold for Shaw in OVW, and the first tag team title gold for Alex Silva. This ended what was a long and tumultuous tag title run for Godderz & Switchblade, who left together with a towel over their heads. 

8. Trailer Park Trash beat the Masked Mystery Man w/Josette Bynum 

A Masked Mystery Man, hired by Trailer Park Trash' reluctant assistant Josette Bynum, has been attacking TPT on OVW TV for a few weeks now, and the one doing the television attacks looked a lot like Crimson, but the one who came out tonight was very clearly not the same person, and TPT beat the impostor in short order. He was then unmasked, and is a student here named "Tyler". A second masked man eventually ran in thru the side door and attacked TPT and left him laying, and then ran back out thru the side door, with several OVW babyfaces giving chase, but he got away. The second one tonight had a build very similar to that of Doug Williams, so again, it was very clearly not the same guy that has been doing the attacks on television. 

9. Rob Terry beat Crimson to win the OVW Heavyweight title 

Terry came to the ring limping on his bad left knee, and "The Wildcards"(Raul Lamotta & Shiloh Jonze) ran in and attacked Terry's knee before the match. The gave him the bad knee in the first place by hitting it with a lead pipe on TV a few weeks ago. Terry fought back though, and won the match with a massive powerbomb to regain the OVW title from the weaselly Crimson. Referee Chris Sharpe was bumped before the finish, Hell, you can about set your watch to him being bumped in matches like this. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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