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Thumbs slightly up. Good fights, bad fights and squashes.

Best fight: Fischer-Rickels

Worst fight: Czarnecki-Houghton

KO: Davinney & Marshall

Sub: Giva Santana (not a shock except it WASN'T AN ARM BAR!)

Missed the first prelim. In the second, former Olympic Trial runnerup Shawn Bunch MMA debuts by turns in 3 rounds of boring L&P over the the unfortunately named (but fortunately white) Chad Coon. Bunch shows all indications of being a black Ben Askren or worse.

In an upset, Giva Santana takes out Brendan Seguin via kneebar instead of arm bar (that being the 'upset') in the 2nd.

In an actual upset, pudgy Bellator-debuting local (Michigan) Terry Davinney capitalizes after Matt Van Buren goes off balance with a sloppy kick and knocks him cold with a perfect overhand left. 15 seconds.

A bum named Czarnecki takes a 29-28 UD over a bum named Houghton in an inept, tame local 'grudge' fight. Hate to see these guys when they weren't mad.

John Schultz overcomes a quick start from Hector Garcia and grinds out a 3rd round TKO from dominance rather than the guy being really hurt. These guys looked like Schultz should have been able to use Garcia for a chew toy but Garcia nearly KOed him in the opening moments.

Opening the top card, Russian phenom Sarnavskiy off his dubious decision loss to Clementi takes a safety first 30-27 UD over slippery but outgunned local Hervey, confirming the suspicion that sambo is a better bg for MMA than breakdancing is. He said he wanted it to be like sparring in the gym and well... it was.

Ex WEC LHW champ Doug Marshall drops a charging Kala Kahlua Hose (remember his Who's More Gassed Out Match with Phony Baroni in Hawaii?) with a clubbing left hook after 22 seconds of wild slugging.

Dave Rickels takes a 30-27, 29-28 X2 Reverse Hometown UD over local Jason Fischer in a good, close scrap. The 30-27 was from Mars. I would have called it a draw. Fischer steps on Rickels' neck to escape an arm bar in the 3rd, wonder why more people don't do that.

In the main WW tourney final, Andrey Koreshkov has former champ Lyman Good walking into shots all through the 1st, flash KD off an uppercut. Almost a 10-8. Very close 2nd, Koreshkov dominating on the feet again early but Good able to follow in after a right lead, and score a TD and back control for the middle of the round, and Koreshkov having slightly the best of the late round. Call that even. In the 3rd Koreshkov effective boxing early but Good scores a midround TD as Koreshkov seems to tire but can't hold it and Koreshkov scores his own TD and maintains control for the rest of the round. Koreshkov 30-28. Judges go 29-28. Koreshkov scores $100K and title shot vs. the Askren-Amossou winner. Dunno if he's ready for those guys.


Thumbs slightly up. They tried at least, but only the main is good, while the prelims although competitive on paper end up squashes. Bizarre judging in the main (what else is new).

Best fight: Trout-Cotto

Worst fight: other 2

KO: other 2

Golden Boy manufactured prospect Danny Jacobs continues his return from bone cancer easily stopping Chris Fitzpatrick in 5. Justin Velez destroys Salvador Sanchez Jr. (who is a good argument against DNA) in 3 for some asinine 10 round 'title'.

Trout puts himself on the map in the main, once again winning on the road and retaining the We Be Axin 154 title and taking what SHOULD have been a very close decision over Cotto, but is instead a Reverse Hometown (the fight is @MSG, Cotto is Nueva Rican AND the copromotor of the event) 117-111 X 2, 119-109 (that's 11 rounds to 1, folks). I and most other people had it 115-113 or a draw. Trout is bigger, stronger, younger and faster and able to dictate much of the fight and more than hold his own when he wasn't, and answers all criticisms of being a strictly defensive fighter. Any case very good fight and excellent performance by Trout, and throws a wrench into the planned Canelo Alvarez-Cotto matchup. They SHOULD do a unification between Canelo and Trout but you know how that goes, logic and boxing...

Crimson Mask

Thumbs Way Up
Best Fight: Lyman Good vs Andrey Koreshkov
Worst Fight: None
1) Alexander Sarnarvskiy d. Tony Hervey by UD:  Sarnarvskiy dominated the over matched Herby.  Poor game planning by Hervey in this fight.  He would move towards Sarnarvskiy and would get taken down at will.  Hervery though had a little chance of winning, did show a lot of heart being in a very tight armbar and somehow escaping.  In a wild moment,  Hervey as he was being waist locked from behind, tried to run up the cage and do a backflip out of it.  If he would have done it, this would have been a million hits on Youtube, he did not, and was nearly dropped on his head Steve Williams "back drop driver" style. Bellator play by play commentator, Sean Wheelock said that move should be on IMPACT Wrestling.   Sarnarvskiy should once again enter into the Lightweight tournament when they go on Spike in 2013.
2) Doug Marshall d. Kala Hose by KO in RD1:  The former WEC Light Heavyweight Champion KO'd Hose in 22 seconds in short, but wild brawl.  As Marshall was backing up from taking a big knee from Hose, he connected with a left hook and Hose hit the mat hard.   Marshall cut one of the best post fight promos I have heard in a long time.  He has tons of charisma and looks to be the next Light Heavyweight Tournament coming up in 2013
3) David Rickles d. David Fischer by UD:  Good fight.  When I heard Rickles was dropping from 170 to 155, I thought he would be too much for Fischer to handle.  Fischer showed a lot of heart and was always in the fight.  Some cool moments in the fight when Fischer got out from underneath Rickles and locked on a tight ankle lock.  Also Rickles was going for an armbar submission,  Fischer stacked up Rickles and put his foot on his face.  He pressed down hard and got out of the hold.  I have a feeling we will see a lot more of that to escape that hold. 
Looks like Rickles will be the next Lightweight tournament on Spike in 2013.  Even though Fischer suffered his first loss (5-1),  he showed a ton of potential and I would love to see him again in Bellator. 
4) Season 7 Welterweight Tournament Final:  Andrey Koreshkov d. Lymann Good by UD:  Koreshkov picked Good apart from the outside.  Both men had a very good stand up battle, but Koreshkov connected more.  Koreshkov landed some very nasty kicks to lower legs and the mid-section.  I thought Good should have tried to take Koreshkov down as he wasn't winning the stand up game.  He connected some good shots, but he needed to figure out another game plan.  He did get Koreshkov down a few times, but never held him down for long.  Maybe he was defeated when Koreshkov would get back to his feet, but he could have kept at it.  He could have possibly stolen Round 1 and 3 with that strategy. 
Overall Thoughts:  A really good show.  Every fight delivered something exciting.  In Season 7 it has been the story of the Russians making three tournament finals.  Koreshkov taking the Welterweight tournament makes them 1-0.  We shall see if Shahbulat Shamhalaev can win the Featherweight Tournament next week.  
John LaRocca

Hey Dave,
Thumbs up for the New Japan World Tag League show, but I thought this show was the worst of the three ippv's.
Worst Match:  Manabu Nakanishi & Strongman vs. Toru Yano & Takashi Iizuka.  Even after the match was made in to an 8-man, it still was the worst. I did like Nakanishi protecting the announcer with Iizuka going nuts with that chair in the end though. 
Best match:  A tie between Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Togi Makabe & Wataru Inoue in the Semifinals.  The other match was the Finals.  Glad to see Hiroki Goto & Karl Anderson get the title shot at the Tokyo Dome.  That show should be one hell of a start to the new year.
Thomas, Illinois (USA) 

    Hi Dave,
                   New Japan World Tag League 2012:
                   - Thumbs up
                   - Best match: Kazuchika Okada & Gedo vs Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kushida
                   - Worst match: Manabu Nakanishi & Strongman vs Toru Yano & Takashi Iizuka
                                        James Stanios

Thumb in the middle

Best match: Hirooki Goto & Karl Anderson Vs. Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Worse match: Manabu Nakanishi, Strong Man, MVP & Shelton Benjamin Vs. Masato Tanaka , Toru Yano, Takashi Iizuka & Yujiro Takahashi

Some said Chrome (beta and dev) having problem with video & alot of buffer on Ustream.TV. They switch to Internet Explorer 9 or better. Video is working fine.

There is talk Hirooki Goto & Karl Anderson Vs. Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr. for IWGP Tag title at 1/4 Tokyo Dome show.

Kidani tweeted his son was at show and doing work with them.

See ya on 1/4 for NJPW Tokyo Dome show.

Jose Gonzalez

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