UFC on FOX from Seattle, live coverage

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First round: Jorgensen took him right down. Reverse on the ground by Albert and he has Jorgensen’s back and throwing punches. Jorgensen tried a reverse, missed, but then a second try saw him maneuver to the top and Jorgensen was opening up with elbows. Hard elbow to the head and a body punch and another hard elbow by Jorgensen. Albert went for a triangle from the bottom and Jorgensen is caught but not in real trouble. Jorgensen broke free, cleared it and moved into side control. Now Jorgensen just laying on top. Crowd cheered Albert getting guard back. I think this will be a great crowd if the show is good. Jorgensen with some elbows from the top. Jorgensen now has his back with seconds left and worked for a choke and there was a tap just as the horn sounded. Joe Warren in Albert’s corner was just screaming at Jorgensen for some reason, no idea why. The tap came at 4:59. Good grappling .

The place is almost completely full now at 2 p.m. local time.  Close to 90%.  it's been sold out for weeks but also early arriving crowd.


First round: Silver landing low kicks. He looks a lot healthier than yesterday at weigh-ins. Siver right now seems like a different level kickboxer. He rifled a right and landed a low kick. Siver landing big punches but Phan is standing up to them. Spin kick by Siver. Siver looks a lot bigger than Phan. Siver continues to land kicks, landed a great spin kick. Phan bleeding from the nose. Siver landed a left. Another left by Siver. Hard left by Siver and Phan was knocked a few steps. Siver with a hard right., Siver working at a fast pace. Phan got a jab in. Siver with jab and an elbow, a kick and another jab. Takedown by Siver and then he let him up. Siver with a takedown and then let him up again. Siver 10-9.

Second round: Silver out with a low and body kick. Another body kick. Head kick blocked. Phan landed a few jabs. Siver then knocked him down with a flurry of punches. Phan back up. Siver continues to throw kicks from every angle. A front kick surprised Phan. Great spin kick to the head. Takedown by Siver midway through the round. Siver with punches and short elbows. Siver pounding on him from the top with short punches and short elbows. Siver landing lot of punches. Siver to full mount. Siver with punches and elbows. Siver’s round, close to a 10-8 but I’d go 10-9, for sure 10-8.5 if you had that option so he’s up 20-18.

Third round: Siver took him right down to start the round. Siver landing a lot of punches from the top, now hard elbows. Siver with more punches. Siver hammering him with punches to the body, now more elbows. Siver with more punches. Siver pouring it on late. I’d go 10-8 for this round, so 30-26 an 30-25 wouldn’t surprise me.

Scores: Siver 30-24, 30-25, 30-26. Surprised by the scoling but in a good way.


First round: LeVesseur took him down , got his back, used a body lift and a slam. Trujillo, also a wrestler/bodybuilder type, did a good job of blocking going for a ride. Mostly both struggling against the fence with LeVesseur not getting the takedown. The ref separated them. Trujillo tried to swing and LeVesseur turning it into a wrestling match and got behind him. Crowd turning on this right now. Knee and elbows by Trujillo as LeVesseur works for a takedown. Trujillo now throwing lots of elbows. He’s hurting LeVesseur with the elbows. The ref separated them as they were against the fence with LeVesseur trying to get a takedown. LeVesseur went for another takedown, just like the previous ones, Trujillo timed the knee and stunned LeVesseur with it, and now Trujillo is throwing elbows. That knee won him the round. 10-9 Truillo.

Second round: Trullo tried a guillotine. LeVesseur turned around out of it and the move became a dragon sleeper. Truillo putting he pressure on. LeVesseur out. LeVesseur threw a knee and an uppercut and Trujllo decked him. Great action. Trujillo now on top. Trujillo cross facing him except throwing punches to the side of the head instead of forearms. Right by Trujillo hurt LeVesseur. LeVesseur going for a takedown ducking a punch but can’t get it. Trujllo out and throwing hard knees to the body of LeVesseur. Lots of knees. LeVessuer needs to defend himself. Hard knees. The ref waved it off. Crowd loved this finish with all the hard knees to the body, going crazy.


First round: Cruickshank came out to "Real American." It got a big pop, too. Cruickshank came to the cage and ran around and just has a look like he owns the place. It means nothing in MMA but it’s a hell of a lesson for young wrestlers. He called himself Detroit Superstar Daron Cruickshank. Two hard body kicks by Cruickshank. These guys just standing and trading. Tremndous flurry back and forth. Body kick by Cruickshank. Knee and punches by Cruickshank. Martinez back with punches. Martinez bleeding already. Cruickshank body kicking him like he’s a heavy bag, now punching and more punches. Martinez firing back. Crowd going crazy. This fight is awesome. Anther body kick by Cruickshank. Sick kick to the jaw, punches and knees and Martinez still in there. Martinez back with body pucnhes. These two now firing crazy punches. Martinez survived some hard clean shots in the round that would have finished most. This was on incredible round 10-9 Cruickshank.

Second round: Cruickshank threw a knee and Martinez grabbed it and trying for a takedown. Knee and punches by Cruickshank. Martinez in with punches. Martinez moving in and throwing. Cruickshank knocked him out with a right high kick. Cruickshank did a backflip in the ring after it was over. That was not just a knockout of the night, but a knockout of the year. Plus this has a good shot at the best fight bonus as well. 2:57

His corner man actually held up a list of sponsors for him to read like it was a teleprompter. People reacted to Cruickshank’s interview like he was big star.


First round: Nijem came in with punches, went for a takedown and Proctor trying for a guillotine. Both swinging wildly. Nijem now landing knees as well. Front kick by Nijem knocked him down and he’s firing punches on the ground, got his back and throwing more punches . Nijem with more punches to the side of the head. Nijem moved to the top, then got his back again. Nice rolling escape by Proctor. Both out swinging and Nijem with a high knee. Proctor dropped him with a punch and now on top. 10-9 Nijem.

Second round: Nijem landed right to the jaw and Proctor countered right back. Nijem landing more. Proctor landed a right to the jaw and now they are trading and Nijem going for the takedown. Proctor defending but Nijeim turned to the center, got the takedown, whlie Proctor grabbed a full closed guard. Proctor worked for a guillotine but didn’t have it. Nijem’s round close 20-18.

Third round: Proctor in with a right. Nijem landed a nice two punch combo and body kick. Nijem landed several and Proctor back with a hard right. Nijeim going low and got the takedown. Nijem with another takedown. Proctor working for an armbar. Nijem pulled out and landing more punches from the top. Proctor bleeding from the mouth. Proctor reversed to the top. Both standing and trading. Nijem landed a good knee and Proctor a hard right, and Nijem followed with a looping right. Crowd gave them a big hand. Good fight, but had the misfortune of following a great fight earlier. Close round but I’ve got 30-27 Nijem

30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for Nijem

Penn just shown on the screen. No doubt he’s the star of this show. Huge pop. MacDonald came out looking like some gangster out of the 50s. Henderson and Diaz got mixed reactions.


First round: Assuncao tried a takedown but couldn’t gt it. Easton landing more standing. Crowd booed as not much happened this round. Easton was the one moving forward, but Assuncao landing better 10-9 Assuncao.

Second round: Body kick by Easton. Assucnao missed a kick and Easton with two punches. Easton put him off balance with a punch. Eye poke, ref didn’t call it, Easton still in there. Spin kick missed by Assuncao. In a clinch, Assuncao landed a knee to the groin. Assuncao missed a spinning punch and Easton ducked for a takedown. Mostly shadow boxing. I guess Easton’s round so 19-19. Crowd not liking this one. It isn’t good and coming after the last two doesn’t help.

Third round: Easton moving forward and not landing. Assuncao landed a left high kick. Hard body kick and punch by Assuncao. Left by Assuncao. Asucnao with a two punch combo. Front kick by Assuncao. Easton moving forward. Assuncao again going for a takedown. Crowd booing both heavy going into the last 2:00. Assuncao with a left. Assuncao missed a high kick. Assuncao going for a takedown and not getting it. Left by Assuncao. Eaton went for a takedown and didn’t get it. Crowd booing this fight heavily. Assuncao’s round, I’ve got 29-28 for him but this was a fight where the winner could be a contender and in that sense, neither won.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 Assuncao


First round: Edwards with a body kick. Stephens missed a punch bad. Stephens throwing hard and missing. Now landed a few punches and a high kick. Edwards back with a punch. Uppercut to the body by Stephens. Stephens missed a flying knee. Edwards dropped him and finished him quickly. Right to the jaw and several punches on the ground that were hit and miss, and a hard elbow that knocked Stephens limp was the key blow as the ref jumped in.

There is a group of people in the ring feverishly working on cleaning up the mats of all blood stains before they started the show.  

In the intros, as expected the biggest reactions were to Penn and MacDonald.  Henderson was cheered more than Diaz but both were cheered a lot.  People don't care about Shogun vs. Gustafsson nearly as much as those two bouts based on reactions to the intro.


First round: Crowd jacked for this fight. Brown looks a lot bigger, like15-20 pounds. Swick looks no bigger than at weigh-ins so there’s something wrong with him becaause he physically shouldn’t be this small. Swick landed, Brown took him down easy. Brown has Swick trapped in a choke and Swick finally out and on top. Swick with some punches from the top. Brown working for a triangle. Swick out of trouble. They are all tied up. Now Swick trying a guillotine but doesn’t have it. Both up and Brown throwing heat. Knee by Brown from a clinch. Brown 10-9

Second round: Brown landing punches and knees. Swick moved him into the cage. Brown moved to the center. Swick with a clnich. Both threw knees. Brown wiht an elbow and knee. Brown wiht a left to the jaw followed by a right to the jaw put Swick down and out. I think Swick’s health is a major issue here. I mean, it’s a major issue, but maybe more than we even knew.  2:31

Brown was standing there  shocked there was no interview.


First round: I can’t impress upon you how loud the boos for MacDonald are. And I was expecting him to be booed out of the place. This was like Koscheck or worse. Penn’s reaction was huge, this was like GSP in Montreal. BJ chants. In a clinch right away. Penn with a left. Low kick by MacDonald. MacDonald with lefts. Hard low kick and high kick by MacDonald. Huge size difference. Penn back with a right. Penn landed a right. Penn with a left jab. MacDonald landed a kick. Penn got a near takedown and the place exploded. Rory chant but mostly booed. Mac Donald landing some lefts. MacDonald went for a takedown, couldn’t get it and the place exploded again. Front kick by MacDonald. High kick by MacDonald. Another high kick by MacDonald. Body kick by MacDonald. Close round, 10-9 MacDonald

Second round: BJ chants real loud. MacDonald landing low and body kicks. MacDonald landing a lot of jabs. MacDonald hurt him with punches now. More punches and a front kick by MacDonald. Loud Rory chants. Crowd has to a degree turned, not most but enough to where people aren’t booing the chants. MacDonald using his reach to land jabs. Another front kick. Penn landed a good right. Hard right by Penn. Front kick again by MacDonald. Left by Penn. Body kick by MacDonald a lots of punches. MacDonald hurt him bad to the body. Penn is in trouble. Lots of shots to the body and head. More punches by MacDonald. Body kick by MacDonald. MacDonald targeted the body and then the head for punches. Another body kick by MacDonald. MacDonald dancing around mocking him, the fans are really mad. MacDonald got the takedown. MacDonald’s round big, 10-8 round, so up 20-17.

Third round: Penn moved him into the fence. Penn working for the takedown, didn’t get it and MacDonald landed another body kick. Stalled in a clinch and Herb Drean broke them up. MacDonald missed a spin kick bad. Left to the body by MacDonald. MacDonald pushed him back against the fence. Left, left, and right by MacDonald. Body kick by MacDonald. Front kick by MacDonald. MacDonald ducked to try a takedown but landed an elbow. MacDonald mocking Penn and people just hate that. MacDonald pinned him against the fecne and Herb Dean broke them up again. High kick by MacDonald. Left and right by MacDonald. Right elbow and left by MacDonald. MacDonald won the fight 30-26 and made himself a star in the process.

Scores: 30-26, 30-26, 30-27 MacDonald


First round: Rua the crowd favorite since he’s been a star longer. Shogun chant. Gsutafsson decked him with a right when Rua was leaning the wrong way. Rua going for ankle lock on the ground . Gustafsson out but Shogun with a knee. Shogun with hard knees to the thigh. Gustafsson holding the cage while Shogun tried to take him down. Ref Dan Miragliotta didn’t warn him or anything. Gustafsson took him down but Shogun went for the ankle and Gustafsson let him up. Shogun then decked Gustafsson with a right. Shogun trying to soften him up with knees to the thigh. Knee by Gustafsson got him off. Shogun with an overhand right. Body kick by Gustafsson. Right by Gustafsson. Shogun with a left, Shogun bleeding for the nose. Gustafsson trying for a takedown but Rua blocked it. Gustafsson working for the takedown by the fence. Close round, Rua 10-9

Second round: Rua landed an overhand right hard. And another and another. Rua landed again and missed a left. Gustafsson went for a takedown and couldn’t get it. Ref Miragliotta called for a break. Knee by Gustafsson. Guastafsson went for a hip toss, didn’t quite get it but threw a knee. Shogun went for a takedown but Gustafsson landed on top. Gustafsson let him up. Shogun hurt him with a right. Gustafsson with another takedown. Shogun got right back up. Gustafsson got another takedown and doing weak ground and pound. Gustafsson landed a good knee. Uppercut and knee by Gustafsson. Shogun landed some punches, Another close round, 10-9 Gustafsson so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Shogun landed a hard right but Gustafsson right back. Shogun keeps landing the overhand right. Gustafsson got the takedown, Shogun with a whizzer but Gustafsson right back on top and got his back. Rua moved to guard and got back up. Another takedown by Gustafsson. Gustafsson landing punches and knees to the face. Uppercut by Gustafsson and Shogun back. Shogun tiring. Gustafsson pushed him against the fence. Shogun looked at the clock. Ref separated them. them . Both landing. Good front kick to Gustafsson. Another takedown by Gustafsson as time ran out. Good fight. 29-28 Gustafsson.

Scores 30-27, 30-27, 30-26 Gustafsson


First round: Diaz is the skinnest guy doing bodybuilding poses, so awesome. Now that they are out there, crowd seems a good 70% for Henderson. Listed a a three inch height difference for Diaz but looks more than that. Henderson with low kicks. Diaz has him against the fence kneeing thigh and body. Diaz physically looks so much bigger. Henderson almost got the takedown, but didn’t. Elbow on the break by Diaz. Low kick and a takedown by Henderson. Diaz up and another takedown. Henderson landing punches from the top. Diaz back up. Foot sweep takedown by Henderson. That was sweet. That put Diaz down a second time and more punching on the ground. Diaz back up. Low kick by Henderson. In a clinch trading knees. Henderson landed an elbow. Diaz got behind him but Henderson turned into the clinch. Henderson 10-9. Crowd super hot at the end of the round.

Second round: Low kick by Henderson got Diaz off balance. Henderson got the takedown and pounding on Diaz, then landed a kick. Now in a clinch. Elbow by Henderson from the clinch. Henderson with a low kick. Body punch by Henderson. Henderson faking Diaz out and going for the takedown. Henderson landed a big left that knocked him down. Henderson pounding on him on the ground. That was brilliant. Henderson has his back. Loud Benson chant. Henderson landed a left and back into a clinch. Great judo throw by Diaz but Henderson back up and landed a kick. Henderson with a low kick. Diaz taunting him. Henderson’s round 10-9, would have it 10-8.5 with half points. So 20-18 Henderson.

Third round: Henderson doing the fake takedown tease making Diaz flinch. Diaz throwing desperation punches as Henderson is moving away. Diaz landed a hard punch. Takedown by Henderson. Henderson with punches and Diaz got up. Diaz went for a guillotine and Henderson out. Another takedown by Henderson and ground and pound. Henderson punching him from the top and shutting down Diaz’ Jiu Jitsu. Diaz from his back kicking at Henderon’s knee and Henderson dropping down with punches and elbows. Henderson has his back.  Diaz went for a kneebar and then an ankle lock but Henderson got his back again. Working a choke but Diaz scrambled out. Diaz flipping him off and Henderson let him up. Henderson took him down and pounding on him on the ground. It was almost a Matador and a bull. More punching from the top by Henderson. Stomp to the body and punch by Henderson. Big round for him. Crowd going so nuts 30-27 Henderson

Fourth round: Diaz landed a punch and Diaz going for a judo throw. Henderson took him down and got his back again. Another takedown by Henderson and more pounding. Let’s go Benson chant loud. Henderson go this back again. Diaz back to his feet. Henderson took him down again. Henderson has his back and now on top throwing punches. Henderson on top. Diaz taunted him and Henderson dropped a punch to his face. Henderson started punching the leg and Diaz got back up. Henderson’s round 40-36.

Fifth round. High slam takedown by Henderson and more ground and pound. Henderson landing punches and elbows on the ground. Diaz back to his feet. Diaz with a judo takedown but Henderson back to the top and more pounding on him. Head kick by Henderson. Both throwing punches with 30 seconds left. They did shake hands when it was over. The reaction to Henderson when the figtht was over was enormous. Diaz held up Henderson’s hand. 10-8 round for Henderson so I’ve got 50-44 for Henderson.

Scores: 50-43, 50-45 and 50-45 for Henderson

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