TNA Final Resolution PPV coverage from Orlando

Welcome to our live coverage of TNA's Final Resolution from Orlando's Impact Zone.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show as well as on last night's UFC show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

James Storm came out and he's suited up so I guess he's going to wrestle.  Fans are chanting "up his butt" when Storm talked about sticking Bobby Roode's thumbs up in ass up.  He wants a match with Bobby Roode right now.  I don't think that's happening.  Instead Frankie Kazarian is out.  That tells me when they timed out the show they came up short.  Kazarian said that Jimbo has become the biggest man baby in this company and for ten years they've listened to him piss, moan and complain and said he was a drunk.  Everyone cheered that and Storm smiled.  Kazarian called him an alcoholic and a goat roper.  Kazarian told him to get on his horse and to ride into the sunshine.  Storm said he had all day to think of a promo and that's the best he could come up with.  Storm said they don't ride into the sunshine because they drink moonshine.  

Storm challenged Kazarian to a match and said "Do you have to ask your boyfriend first."  Kazarian said there's no referee, this match isn't sanctioned and said he follows the rules.  Storm went after him and a referee showed  up so I guess we have a match.


Storm won a short match with a codebreaker and superkick.  Storm never took his shirt off and protected himself in all of his moves more than usual due to his rib injury.  It was more like a TV match than a PPV match because of that.


Van Dam retained the title getting a pin with a Cung Le style scissors takedown.  King did some nice athletic stuff.  The face vs. face stuff meant a flat crowd except for a few guys doing "This is awesome" stuff.  Some timing issues here.  Really not that good.


So-so match.  Ryan worked most of the way for his team with Guerrero and it like watching indie wrestling.  The finish saw Guerrero used the frog splash on Ryan, but Morgan pulled ref Brian Stifler out of the ring to break up the pin for the DQ.  Post-match was good.  Guerrero went for a plancha on Morgan outside the ring, but Morgan caught him and rammed his back into the post.  Hernandez then gave Morgan the running dive over the top.

Austin Aries interview.  Aries said he's going to keep stirring the pot until he gets his title shot.  Aries called Bully Ray "Mark" and then said "Watcha gonna do when Austin Aries runs wild on you."


Good match, best of anything so far.  Aries used a drop toe hold and Ray's head hit the steps.  Ray came up bloody.  Brooke Hogan ran down and was all concerned about Ray.  Aries pulled Brooke into the ring.  Somebody should have done a double check on her wardrobe because she wore an outfit that made her look unattractive.  Ray made the save and threw Aries out of the ring.  He told Brooke to leave.  Hulk came out.  He's walking very slow.  Ray told Hulk to take Brooke out of here.  Brooke was all hysterical and didn't want to leave.  With Ray's back to Aries, Aries used a low blow and got the pin.  Bully Ray during the match did a kind of awesome missile dropkick which elicited a "Holy shit" chant.

Tara and Jessie interview.  


Good match, actually second best on the show so far.  The finish saw James use a Thesz press off the top rope to the floor on Tara.  Jessie Godderz was on the apron and James threw a spin kick to knock him off the apron and Godderz took a bump to the floor.  But Tara got her when she turned around with the  Widow's peak and got the pin. 

Bobby Roode promo.  He vowed to win the title.  Roode said "Money talks, bullshit walks."


No turns here.  Aces and 8s were Doc & Devon without masks and Mike Knox and a fourth guy under a mask.  Match was okay.  Joe was good but Bischoff is real green and Brisco didn't do a lot.  Angle only tagged in for the finish, where he pinned the smaller masked guy with an Olympic slam.  Doc before the finish went to hit Angle with a hammer and Bischoff saved Angle and knocked the hammer out of his hand.  Brisco then speared Doc out of the ring.  Then Angle hit the Olympic slam on the fourth guy.     


This was a very good match, that could have been a classic with a different crowd.  Not sure why but the crowd wasn't that hot.  Most of the match was Daniels working on Styles' back doing a lot of new moves including Styles taking a bump on the ring steps.  Styles used a suplex on the apron and  Daniels came back with a uranage on the apron.  They did a collision and Styles was cut hardway on the side of the left eye.  The cut didn't really play into the match and Daniels didn't attack the cut, instead working the back.  Then Daniels got out of the Styles Clash and then Styles got out of the Angel's wings.  Styles hit the Styles clash but Daniels kicked out.  Styles went for a Styles clash off the middle rope but Daniels reversed it and Styles took the bump.  Daniels then used the Styles clash on Styles and got the pin.  They pushed hard how in the final meeting of thte two had Daniels beat Styles with his own move.


Long match, they went 23:00 mostly  Roode beating on Hardy.  The story of the match was Hardy came in injured from the beating from Aces and 8s on Thursday.  But Hardy mostly survived and sold most of the way.  Like the last match, this could have been a great match in front of a different crowd.  It's not that the crowd was dead, but they weren't hot except in a few spots.  Even after Hardy had sold forever and started his comeback they weren't that hot.  Hardy took a lot of crazy punishment  and came back with the twist of fate, but Roode rolled out of the ring.  Hardy missed the whisper in the wind outside the ring off the steps when Roode moved.  Hardy's back cracked on the guard rail and then he fell to the floor.  Hardy hit the swanton but started selling he hurt himself.  Roode came back with a spear.  The finish saw Aces and 8s come out, this time seven of them, with the four guys in the match earlier plus Brisco, Bischoff and D-Lo Brown.  Roode told Aces and 8s to get Hardy as he distracted the ref.  But they just stood there and did nothing.  Roode was yelling at them, turned around and Hardy hit the twist of fate for the pin.

Then, after the match, Aces and 8s beat down Hardy, finishing up with Knox doing a stuff power bomb.  Roode then started yelling at them for not helping him win the title staying they paid him on Thursday.  Roode got in D-Lo's face when  Devon hit Roode in the gut with the bat and they all beat down Roode with Brown landing a forearm and finally Doc giving Roode a choke slam as the show ended.

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