More weekend show feedback

Dave let me first say that I wasn't expecting much from this PPV, but I'll be honest I was presently surprised overall.
Best Match: Daniels vs Styles
Worst Match: Chavo and Hernandez vs Morgan and Ryan
Overall: Thumbs Up
Starting the show they had the impromtu match, which normally I hate unannounced matches, but I thought this was done well. Combining that with the fact it was a decent match I enjoyed it.
X-Division Title match disappointed me because there wasn't a title change. I wonder what King thinks about his decision to leave ROH.  When he arrived it seemed like they would push him to the moon, at least for the X-Division, and now he disappears for months on end only to show up on a PPV.
That tag titles match, was annoying.  I'm not sure if that's the right word, but I couldn't be bothered to watch Morgan's overly spray tanned body in sparkling gold trunks for more than the entrances. Don't know the reason for keeping the belts on Chavo and Hernandez. What is Morgan and Ryan's gimmick? Always losing?
Aries vs Ray was a good match and told a story, really enjoyed this. Your coverage summed it up in a nutshell.
Tara vs Mickie James was an enjoyable match and again nothing bad to say.
Angle, Joe, Bischoff, Brisco vs Aces & 8's was overall a disappointment because of the lack of a payoff.  It seemed like they were really going to give us something at the end when Bischoff took the hammer out of Kurt's hand. Actual match I enjoyed, but the finish left something to be desired.
Daniels vs Styles was match of the night. It did everything it needed for Styles and Daniels. Both worked hard and even though the outcome was predictable, I enjoyed the whole thing.
Hardy vs Roode on the other hand was something that didn't hold my attention, but that's mostly because I'm not a fan of Hardy. I respect that he's a draw, just don't get the whole "creatures of the night" crap.  Hardy did his usual "kill myself" spot when he hit the guard rail and then fell to the floor. I really didn't think much of the match, but it obviously ended how it had to.
Post match Aces & 8's beatdown made sense, but I cannot help, but think that people in the TNA locker much wonder where D-Lo, Garett, and Wes are during all of this.
Dave Miller
Whitewater, WI

Thumbs Up
Best Fight:  Ben Henderson vs Nate Diaz
Worst Fight:  Rory MacDonald vs BJ Penn
Haven't finished FX prelims yet so I can only judge the main card.  Matt Brown looked like a new fighter.  Does Rory really expect Condit to return to Montreal for a rematch in which he already won?  That would be as bad of a decision as BJ repeatedly trying to compete at 170. I hope he drops to 155 and realize 2 losses to Frankie Edgar by decision wasn't the end of his run there.  I would like to see him fight Nate Diaz next.  Ben Henderson made a statement.  If Showtime has a great showing against Cowboy, Henderson/Pettis 2 should be next with Melendez on deck as plan B.  BJ/Gilbert also sounds good now that I think of it.
James Brown

Hi Dave,

Best Match: AJ vs Daniels
Worst Match: RVD vs King

Just finished watching Final Resolution with three friends I give it a thumbs up but not like an emphatic thumbs up or anything.  Show was good, not great.  The main event ending was kind of weird, good or bad depending on the follow up.

Most of the matches were good, Two of the first three were bad, opening match was okay.  I was kind of shocked that the 8 man tag didn't result in Wes and Bischoff turning.  I was expecting a turn.  I was also surprised that Bischoff didn't really look that bad in this match.  I wouldn't say he was near the level of Joe or Angle but he has definitely improved from February of this year.  It at least seems like he is working on his offense.  Still a long way to go but looks like he really is trying to get better.

I thought the Daniels vs. AJ match was great, I thought it told an amazing story and in front of the BFG crowd would have been one of TNA's best matches this year.  Great match that told a great story and adds to an AJ redemption at BFG (Pending plans don't change).

I think TNA has probably had their best year in terms of delivering quality PPV's in a while.  Usually there at least 2 or 3 major duds and we really didn't get any this year.  Maybe Against All Odds, I didn't end up seeing that show.  I also think this was the best year of TV for Impact as well.

Unfortunately it isn't showing in the ratings or live attendance, I think if they ran with Storm in April it would have been a positive difference but who knows.

So yeah, Final Resolution gets a Thumbs Up.  Good Show.

Keep up the great work guys,
Ryan McDeed

Big Thumbs Up (only saw the Fox portion)..
Best:  Benson H. vs. Nick D.  
Worst:  None
Haven't seen as much UFC this year as in past years so I'm new to McDonald but he came off as a liar for professing respect for the veteran star then engaging in all the showboating
Edward Branscomb

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