WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

December 10, 2012
Newark, NJ

Rob McCarron

Tonight is the night!
- CM Punk is out of this Sunday's main event. How will The Ryback react!?
- Dolph Ziggler has been getting owned lately. Foolishly, he hasn't cashed in MITB yet while he still has it. Does he have a new strategy to beat Cena this Sunday?
- VINCE may show up.

All this and more: Are you ready!? Let's get to it. Raw opens with a recap video of the recent ongoings. Then, with the lights in the arena out, Justin Roberts introduced Dolph Ziggler. Ziggs was atop a ladder in the ring to talk about his upcoming main event at TLC against John Cena. He said that John won't have a merry Christmas, because Dolph will beat Cena this Sunday. After Dolph wins, he's going to cash in his MITB contract against Big Show. This brought out Sheamus. Sheamus opened with a joke about Dolph being short, then told Dolph that if he cashes in the MITB contract, it'll be against him. That brought out the current champ, Big Show. Show was not amused, and mocked Dolph and Sheamus. Sheamus and Show went back and forth for a bit verbally, with both bringing up the no-contact agreement they signed on Smackdown. Sheamus said he couldn't beat up Big Show, but could beat up someone else... and he pushed the ladder over, dumping Dolph outside the ring.

Backstage, Vince McMahon was walking in a hallway. Big Show vs John Cena was hyped for later in the show.

Michael Cole introduced Antonio Cesaro and Kofi Kingston sitting at ringside for commentary on the next match. However, a match was not immediate. Vince came out, and brought out Vickie Guerrero. More match making coming!?!??!?!? Yep, Vince wanted another main event for tonight. He implored Vickie to make one, but she was stumped. Vince prodded her along to make Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler. Vince then made AJ vs Vickie. Vickie stood stunned as Vince introduced R-Truth. Truth's music hit, Vince danced, and Vickie remained motionless.

Match: R-Truth vs Wade Barrett
Truth won with a clumsy roll up. Barrett should not be losing matches to this guy. Truth immediately slid outside to the commentary table to provoke Antonio. Kofi, meanwhile, hit a flying crossbody from the top rope on Wade. The four are in a pair of title matches this Sunday. During the short match, Antonio and Kofi went back and forth trading insults on commentary. Kofi was lame. He also said he has been Intercontinental champ four times. Shocked me.

Oh, by the way, there are ladders set up everywhere. And I mean, everywhere. A lot of ladders.

Slammy Awards return next week. That should be fun.

Backstage, AJ was going on like a little girl about how excited she was that she got a match with Vickie. She talked to Aksana and Kaitlyn, seperately, about the news. Then, she rushed into the men's locker room and hugged Cena. Cena shielded AJ's clothed body from the other (unshown) men. Maybe he thinks she's his underage daughter.

CODY IS BACK! With a moustache.

Match: Usos vs Colons vs Prime Time Players vs Team Rhodes Scholars in a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match
Rhodes Scholars, the only team to get an on-air entrance tonight, earned a shot at Mysterio & Sin Cara at TLC in a table match. The bout will determine the #1 contenders to the tag titles.
1) Primo & Epico were eliminated first by the Usos via big splash.
2) During a commercial break, the PTP'ers were eliminated by the Usos also via splash.
Michael Cole promoted the WWE App, and WWE Active, which allowed users to watch the action during the commercial break on television. Damien Sandow was mega over with the New Jersey crowd. When he tagged in for the first time, he received a greater than normal ovation, which he acknowledged. After a bit of action, Sandow tagged in Cody. This earned him a loud "Cody's moustache" chant from the crowd of ignoramuses. The Usos' luck ended on their third splash attempt, as Cody blocked it and landed CrossRhodes for the win.

Backstage, Alicia Fox and Eve Torres walked the halls on their way to the ring.

Match: Alicia Fox vs Eve Torres
Eve won with a neckbreaker. A lot of jobber entrances tonight, as Alicia also got no on-air entrance. Cole and Lawler pushed the WWE App for voting for next week's Slammy Award winners. They also showed a Tweet from Miss Piggy, to which Lawler asked how Miss Piggy tweeted with her hooves. All of that was more interesting than this match, which says something. I mean, this was fine for a Diva's match but it meant nothing.
After the match, Eve called a ringside photog into the ring to take pictures of her standing over Alicia in victory.

Backstage, CM Punk, with crutches, and Paul Heyman were arriving to the building.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman made their way to the stage. Punk spoke first, saying that people think his injury is just a fake to avoid the Ryback. Punk said injuries happen when you're a fighting champion and have defended the WWE title for 388 days. Heyman spoke next. The full on build to Rock vs Punk started here. Heyman brought up that Punk doesn't get a stunt double in the ring to take the big punishment like The Rock does in his movies. The two said that The Ryback is in Punk's past, and they're looking ahead to The Rock. Punk basically called Ryback dumb for taking out the champ before a title opportunity. Punk addressed a "vocal minority" that wanted him stripped of the WWE title. He said no one is taking the belt away, including The Rock. Punk announced he'll be at TLC despite the injury.

Cole and Lawler hyped up the Shield vs Hell No/Ryback TLC match this Sunday. Pinfall or submission are the ways to win for the first time ever in a TLC bout.

It feels like a lot has happened tonight already in just one hour, but really nothing of any significance has. Two hours left...

Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus
Good match, with a lot of time given. Each guy hit their big moves at different points, including Ziggler executing a Namedropper to Sheamus from the ring steps to the outside floor. Towards the end, Dolph nailed Sheamus with an X-Factor from the top rope to Sheamus. He tried following up with the sleeper but Sheamus grabbed the ropes to block it. Sheamus hit an Irish Curse for another near fall after ducking another Namedropper. Sheamus tried following up with a Brogue Kick, but that attempt failed as Dolph ducked and went outside the ring. The match ended at this point as Dolph used a chair on Sheamus. DQ finish. When they got back in the ring, Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick through the chair to Dolph.

Halfway home.

Backstage, in her office/locker room/whatever that is, Vickie was warming up for her battle. She complained to Khali and Hornswoggle that she was a little tight. The two helped her stretch and ended up in an interesting position, when Vince walked in. Vickie was embarrassed, and Vince asked if this was supposed to be a family show. HILARIOUS! Not so much.

Finally, some The Shield talk. Cole cut to a video recap of Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose attacking Daniel Bryan on Smackdown. Then, we saw a promo video from the trio in an undisclosed location that aired last week and is currently on WWE.com.

Next week's Smackdown is on Tuesday, airing commercial free. Enjoy that two hour period, folks.

Match: Alberto Del Rio vs Zack Ryder
Del Rio won with the cross armbreaker in a match that lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. Zack was somewhat over, with being close to home. His dad was in the crowd acting goofy. Del Rio countered the Broskie boot attempt with a drop toe hold, catching Ryder in the ropes. He followed that by immediately applying the armbreaker for the victory.

Match: AJ Lee vs Vickie Guerrero
Vickie won via crooked referee. The two made their entrances, but there was no referee in the ring to start the bout. Then, Brad Maddox~! entered, dressed as a referee. AJ and Vickie both looked confused. The crowd chanted "You can't wrestle" at Maddox, which is a fact at this moment. Maddox wasn't really applying the rules that much, and was just watching Vickie beat on AJ early on. AJ made a comeback, and slapped Vickie hard. AJ went for a cover, but Maddox wouldn't count. As AJ argued, Vickie rolled her up for the win. That confused look from Vickie was just an act! Me thinks she knew all along what was happening here. So, WWE books the babyface to lose in her home state.

AJ went crazy after the match, to the crowd's delight. She tore up the announce table and pushed over some of the ladders. Then she slapped Justin Roberts and pouted. After she composed herself a bit, she stormed backstage.

Backstage, AJ was still crying and going crazy. Cena found her, and tried to calm her down.

Match: Kofi Kingston vs Antonio Cesaro
Cesaro won a lengthy match. Champion vs Champion with no build. Another long match that went through a commercial break. Let me be the first to say that, after five months, these three hour Raws are just too long. Anyway, Cesaro was impressive as usual here. He caught Kofi going for the crossbody from the top into a backbreaker, then hit the neutralizer for the win. So, Barrett lost and Kofi lost leading into their battle for the IC title (aka the title for losers.)

MizTV: Are you fucking kidding me? Is this all Miz does now? Because that is not very babyfacy. Miz introduced "The Beardo & The Weirdo," which were his name for Rhodes Scholars. Bad jokes. Also, more "@CodysMoustache" chants. Miz told a Manny Pacquaio joke which was the first one the crowd really reacted to, mentioning that Team Rhodes Scholars would lose this Sunday. Sandow called Miz out as a bad host, then proclaimed themselves the next Tag Team Champions. Miz then tried to build tension between the team, saying that Sandow carries Rhodes and Damien thinks he's the Shawn Michaels to Cody's Marty Jannetty. Cody didn't respond directly, instead calling Miz's show trash and walking out with Damien. Miz then renamed Team Rhodes Scholars to "The Pink & The Stink".  This is definitely a family show.

That last segment was awful.

Backstage, AJ Lee wanted to go to ringside with John Cena. Cena didn't like the idea. You know, the last time she was at ringside for a Big Show match she NEARLY DIED. John was treating AJ like his little sister all night.

Match: John Cena vs Big Show
This match begun at 10:45. God help me if this actually goes twenty minutes. Dolph was at commentary for this one. Cole tried to pitch Cena vs Big Show as "Rivalry of the Year." During commentary, the announcers were talking about how Dolph could cash in his contract before the PPV Sunday. Dolph said he watches every match to see if that opportunity exists. John kept kicking out of pinfall attempts as Show had momentum for most of the match. Show hit a splash from the middle rope, but John kicked out. On the second attempt, Cena moved out of the way. Cena hit a back suplex on Show and looked stunned that he finally got the big man down. Show hit a chokeslam and went for the cover but again John kicked out. During this, Dolph was being pretty good on commentary putting over the PPV this Sunday. John finally hit his AA on Show but he was too injured to make a cover. This led to The Shield coming in and beating down Cena to end the match at the fifteen minute mark.

After a minute, Kane and Daniel Bryan came in to make the save. They went after The Shield, along with Cena. Dolph entered the ring to blindside Cena, and Show went after Cena as well. This brought out Sheamus, who went after Ziggler. During this craziness, somehow Cena and Show were left in the ring alone. Cena speared Show through a table, then The Shield came back and beat down everyone that was left. The crowd chanted loudly for Ryback, and his music hit to a loud ovation.

The Ryback took it to The Shield. The show went dark shortly after while everyone in the key matches on Sunday brawled in the ring.

Final Thoughts: I forget everything that happened before this main event. That's fine, the closing segment was the best thing on the show and it was as strong a build towards Sunday you can have for what is now just a two match show. It seems people are actually excited for this Ryback six-man. You know, I am too. As for the results of the two main events on Sunday, a victory can go either way. My predictions: Ryback's team and Dolph Ziggler. How Dolph wins, though, I have no idea. Next week, I'm sure we'll all look dumb for actually thinking Cena wouldn't win.


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