Mailbag: First UFC, tomorrow's TLC show

Hi Dave,
I've been thinking about this one: What if UFC 1 actually had the top competitors from various combat sports all there at once, who would win?
For example, You'd keep Shamrock (Pancrase) and a Gracie- BJJ (with the competition below, they might have opted for Rickson instead of Renzo):
Ernesto Hoost (I believe he was offered a spot)- K-1
Mike Tyson- Boxing
Alexander Karelin- Greco Roman Wrestling
Bruce Baumgartner- Freestyle Wrestling
David Khakhaleishvili- Judo Barcelona Gold medalist
Akebono- Sumo
My speculation-
I think you'd have to put Rickson instead of Renzo with a field of Karelin and Tyson. Partly the opportunity to win would be based on brackets of course but I see it this way:
  • Akebono and Khakhaleishvilli did very poorly in MMA later, partly as a result of not cross training well but it wouldn't bode well here either.
  • Hoost would have been lost on the ground and dominated by a wrestler, BJJ or Judoku
  • If Shamrock faced a Gracie, the result would have been similar to what actually happened
  • Baumgartner- a legend but would have probably lost to Karelin and wouldn't have been familiar with submissions.
I think it really comes down to Tyson, Karelin and Gracie. I think Karelin could have taken Tyson down and held him down; I'm not sure about Gracie's chances with Tyson. I think if Tyson faced both, he'd have a chance of knocking one out but a good chance the other would get him to the ground and not let him up.
Lavie Margolan

DM:  Impossible to pick between Baumgartner and Karelin.  Karelin looked more impressive physically but Karelin was taken down by freestyle guys in practice becuase he wasn't used to defending legs.  Tyson would only have a few second chance against Baumgartner or Karelin.  But he'd have a chance.  With Gracie, a lot depends on time limits and how much submission training Baumgartner or Karelin would do.  Shorter time limits would favor them.

What do think of the possibility of this happening? Show and Sheamus beat the hell out of each other in the World title match, Sheamus wins but is completely beat down from the chairs match. Ziggler's music hits and he cashes in the briefcase and wins the title. The announcers are not sure what's going on because Ziggler just cashed in the briefcase but it's supposed to be put up in the Cena match. A little while later Vickie, with coaching from Vince, says that the briefcase will no longer be on the line in the ladder match.....but the World title will. Cena then beats Ziggler to win the World title.
The next month and a bit becomes speculation over which title Rock is going to go after at the Rumble. Rock ends up picking Punk and Cena is upset because he wanted his chance at revenge. Punk beats Rock at Rumble, Undertaker wins the Rumble and gets the shot at Punk at Mania. Cena retains the World title at Rumble in a rematch with Ziggler and then challenges the Rock to a Wrestlemania rematch for the World title.
Paul Fontaine

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