UFC live coverage from Las Vegas - Mitrione vs. Nelson

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First round: Chris Tognoni referee. Elliott took him down and went for a guillotine standing. He let it got and threw a few punches. Now Papazian landed a series of punches. Papazian with a kick and Elliott took him down using it. Papazian went for a triangle but Elliott saw it coming. Elliott moved to side control and going for another guillotine. Papazian broke the hold and now on top. Papazian threw a knee while Elliott was down. Elliott looks groggy. This may have to be ruled a no contest. When Papazian made the decision to throw the knee Elliott was on his way to sitting down, and when it landed he was down and it was illegal so it’s not blatantly intentional. Elliott came back and decked him, now he took him down again. Elliott with ground and pound. Elliott landed a lot of elbows and punches. He went from groggy to exploding, maybe playing possum. Knee by Papazian. Now Papazian landing clean rights. Knee by Papazian. Papazian missed a spin kick and Elliott grabbed his leg and looked for a submission as time ran out. Very exciting round 10-9 Elliott.

Second round: Elliott landing a left and a right. Elliott with a takedown into side control. Elliott with a series of elbows. Papazian up but his nose is a mess. Uppercut by Papazian. Body kick by Papazian. Body kick by Elliott. Hard uppercut by Papazian. Another takedown by Elliott. Papazain right back up. Standing switch kick by Elliott. Uppercut by Papazian. Flying knee by Papazian. Body kick by Papazian. Flying kick by Elliott. Elliott tried a takedown and couldn’t get it. Another takedown by Elliott with ten seconds left. He’s throwing elbows. Good action round for Elliott 20-18.

Third round: Elliott with a takedown, missed a guillotine and Papazian on top. Papazian throwing some punches. The ref stood them up from a stalemate position. Both throwing. Elliott landed a series. Elliott knocked him down with a kick and jumped on top and throwing punches. He’s got full mount now. Elliott landed punches and now has his back. Elliott landing tons of punches from back position. This is close to being stopped. Papazian turned, now Elliott has his back again. Lots of blood. Elliott working for a choke. Papazian back up. Elliott took him down again. Elliott continues to pound on him. Elliott punching the side of his head from back position. I have this as a 10-8 round for Elliott so 30-26.

Elliott told his corner after the fight that Papazian was lubed up.

Scores: 30-25, 30-25, and 30-26 for Elliott. They were more liberal with their 10-8s than I was.


First round: Rio is a two-time NAIA national champion wrestler. Cofer landed a good punch hat rocked Rio. Left by Cofer. Rio working for a takedown and got Cofer down. Rio landing lefts to the face. Cofer used the leg to sweep tothe top. Cofer dropping elbows. Rio grabbed the leg late. Very close round. Cofer 10-9.

Second round: Body kick by Cofer. Both guys throwing punches now. Big takedown by Rio. Rio landed in side control. Cofer regained guard and Rio backed off. Ref ordered Cofer to stand. Both trading punches agian. Rio with a series of punches and Cofer back with a body kick. Body kick by Rio. Rio tied him up but this time couldn’t take him down. Cofer with a knee up close and another knee. Rio shot and this time took him down into a full mount. Rio in piggy back position. Cofer landed on top with 38 seconds left. Rio back to his feet and threw a knee. Trading punches. Rio is tired. Very close round to Rio so 19-19.

Third round: Cofer landed body kicks. . Rio got another takedown. Rio working for an armbar. He didn’t get it and lost the position. Rio went for another armbar with from the bottom and this time got it.  Another good fight.

Expect the Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz official announcement on the show tonight.


First round: Duran looks huge next to Viana. Left by Viana knocked him down. Viana hurt him again and Duran down to a knee. Viana threw punches until Duran tied him up. Viana dropped him again with a right. Duran back up. Viana dropped him again and this time it was stopped. Viana has some real power in his right. He throws these overhand punches that knocked Duran silly several times. Four knockdowns in all.


First round: Catone muscled him down momentarily. Waldburger with a high kick. Catone got behind him. Catone got behind him agian. Catone is behind him. Catone landed a punch. Catone remained behind him. Catone 10-9.

Second round: High kick by Catone. Waldburger dropped him with a right and now grabbed a guillotine. Waldburger switched to a triangle. Catone is in trouble here. Now Waldburrger throwing elbows from the bottom. Catone didn’t tap but Herb Dean stopped it as Catone went out cold.


First round: Khabilov moved in and took him down. German suplex by Khabilov. Second back suplex. Khabilov with a bodylock takedown. Now a backdrop driver suplex and punches on the ground and it was over. This was one hell of a debut.


First round: Bedford with a slam and Vincius immediately grabbed a guillotine but let it go. Bedford on top. Bedford let him up. Bedford using his reach to land. Bedford dropped him with a punch and is now swarming on him with punches on the ground. Bedford with knees. Bedford 10-9

Second round: Vinicius kicked him in the groin. Bedford dropped him again. He kicked him when he was down but it was legal to the shoulder. Straight right, a second right hurt him, a kick to the body three more punches until Kim Winslow stopped it.


First round: Head landing punches and elbows. Pyle working for a takedown. Head has him pinned against the fence. Pyle landed a big right that Hed stayed up from. Head moving with body shots, Pyle landed a knee and knocked Head silly and he finished him with punches on the ground.


First round: Poirier landed several shots early and Brookins back firing a ton of punches. This was almost a Frye-Takayama open. Poirier was in trouble but survived and clinched. Poirier got behind him. Brookins landed several punches. Both trading shots and Poirier landed an elbow. Poirier clinched again. Brookins landed a left. Now Poirier landed a right and a kick. . Poirier trying a takedown but Brookins blocked it. Knee by Brookins. They are trading punches. Poirier landing good shots. Poirier with an uppercut and now Brookins is hurt. Poirier landing more punches. Poirier decked him. Now Poirier is landing big shots and Brookins is looking to shoot. As he shot in, Poirier caught him with a D’arce choke and Brookins had to tap. This was a hell of a fight.


First round: Body kick by Del Rosario. Low kick by Barry. Del Rosario moved into a clinch. Del Rosario with a knee to the body. Barry blocked a takedown. Barry went for a quick neck crank but didnt have it. Knee by Del Rosario and again from in close. Del Rosario with a knee to the body. Del Rosario punching the body and the thigh. Del Rosario with a body kick. Low kick by Barry. Del Rosario looking for a takedown. He got Barry down and has Barry’s back. He’s looking for the choke. Del Rosario gave it up. Del Rosario moved to an armbar attempt, then an uma plata. Now Del Rosario has his back and punching. Barry out of the armbar attempt but time ran out. Del Rosario 10-9

Second round: Barry with a hard right. Big left and Barry hurt him and Barry knocked him out with a follow up right. That was a great knockout. A left that wobbled him, a right hook followed bya right haymaker. :26

Barry had a dog tag in his mouth and was crying. I woke up yesterday about the text message. Just wanted to go home. He hugged Joe Rogan. Barry with a star interview.


First round: Dear God Colton Smith those guys in the military are never going to let him live those shorts down. Well, unless he wins. Ricci missed a kick, Smith dropped for a single leg and Ricci nailed him with elbow after elbow. Smith survived and is trying to tkae Ricci down. Ricci blocking the takedown Smith got the takedown. Smith took him down again. Smith has his back. Ricci is in trouble. Ricci escaped and got up. Smith again pushing Ricci into the fence and working for the takedown. Another takedown by Smith. Ricci is flat. Smith with knees to the body. Smith 10-9

Second round: Smith nailed him with a low blow. Smith went for a takedown. Steve Mazzagatti didn’t call the low blow. Joe Rogan buried Mazzagatti, saying he was spaced out. Smith held up for a second but then realized the ref wasn’t going to call it so moved in for another takedown. Ricci got up but Smith pulled him back down. Smith going for a choke. . Ricci backdoored out and back up. Smith holding on and took him down again. Smith has his back. All Ricci is doing is avoiding being choked out. Smith went for the choke again but Ricci defending. Ricci got out of it again. Smith 10-9, almost a 10-8 because it was totally one-sided.

Third round: Smith took him down again. Crowd booing, not sure why. Smith on top threw some punches and Ricci gave up his back rather than get punched. Smith continues to punch him. Ricci hasn’t been able to do a thing. He’s just getting worked over the entire fight. Smith continues to punch him from back position. Ricci spun and got on top. He’s got 41 seconds to do something. Ricci going for an armbar. Smith out and got his back. Great tease there. Smith working him over with more punches. Smith 30-27, maybe 30-26.

Scores were 30-27, 30-27 and 30-26 for Smith.  He got a Harley Davidson, a trophy and a contract.


First round: High kick by Mitrione. Another body kick by Mitrione. Two high kicks. Nelson grabbed a clinch. Knees from the clinch by Mitrione. Hard elbow by Mitrione. Nelson was hurt. Mitrione landed a solid right. Another body kick by Mitrione. Roy missing punches. Mitrione landed a high kick and a low kick. Nelson nailed Mitrone with a hard punches. Nelson landed the uppercut and Mitrione went down and was jackhammering him on the ground and it was over.

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