Varner out of match due to illness (updated, Varner vs. Guillard added to UFC 155)

It was just announced that the Melvin Guillard vs. Jamie Varner fight, which many people thought had the best shot at being fight of the night tonight, is not taking place due to Varner being ill.

Melvin Guillard was accused of greasing by Jamie Varner’s team. He said he was all fired up wanting to fight. A few minutes later he got the word Varner was throwing up and the fight was off. He said he wants to get on the Feb. 2 card with Rashad Evans and Alistair Overeem. When asked if he would fight Varner on that show, Guillard said he will not give Varner the opportunity to fight him and he will never fight him. Guillard said he saw his face at weigh-ins and said he lost all respect for him as a fighter. Then he was told by Heidi Androl that the fight has been moved to Dec. 29 by Dana White. He suddenly agreed to fight him.

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