Night two results from Jeff Peterson Cup

Night two of the tenth annual and final Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup was held at The Orpheum, 1915 E 7th Avenue, Ybor City, FL and viewed on as part of a two night iPPV.

The event was established in 2003 to honor the memory of independent wrestler "All American" Jeff Peterson who died at age 21 after a two-year battle with leukemia.

All profits from the live gate and iPPV will be donated to the family of Nathan Dobbs to help with his medical bills. NWA FUW held a fundraiser for Nathan on October 2nd raised over $5500.

(1) In a second round matchup, Samuray Del Sol defeated Jonathon Gresham


(2) In a second round matchup, AR Fox defeated Shane Strickland.


(3) In a second round matchup, Jon Davis defeated Mike Cruz.


(4) In a second round matchup, Lince Dorado defeated Papadon (w/Larry Dallas & Trina Michaels.) Charles “Naphtali/Milo Beasley” Cardwell stopped Dallas from screwing Dorado.


Post match Dallas called out Cardwell to an Ybor City Street Fight!!


(5) In a FRAY match, John Silver defeated Maxwell Chicago, Johnny Vandal, Derek Ryze, Jay Cruz, Eddie Rios, Black Baron, BJ Hancock & Joey Janela. In the final pin Silver pinned Ryze.


(6) In the semi-finals, Samuray Del Sol defeated Jon Davis.


(7) In the semi-finals, AR Fox defeated Lince Dorado.


(8) In an Ybor City Street Fight, Charles Cardwell (AKA Naphtali/Milo Beasley) defeated Larry Dallas (w/Ric Flair cut out, Trina Michaels & Papadon) after hitting a Suicide Dive from the balcony as Dallas laid prone on a table.


(9) In the finals of2012 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, Samuray Del Sol defeated AR Fox.

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