Slammy award winners voted by

Announced before the PPV started

Best Dancer - Brodus Clay

Best Social Media Ambassador - Charlie Sheen video of the Year - Jerry Lawler's comeback vbideo

Best Chant - Feed Me More

Upset of the Year - Daniel Bryan beating Big Show and Mark Henry in a cage match at the Royal Rumblle

Diva of the Year - A.J. Lee

Insult of the Year - A John Cena promo

Facial Hair of the Year - Daniel Bryan

Youtube show of the year - Zack Ryder

Tweet of the Year - Daniel Bryan

Feat of Strength of the Year - Sheamus doing the White Noise to Big Show

Double cross of the Year - Big Show turning on the fans knocking out John Cena in the Laurinaitis match

What was the best TV show of the past week?


How many buys does UFC 184 do?