Slammy award winners voted by

Announced before the PPV started

Best Dancer - Brodus Clay

Best Social Media Ambassador - Charlie Sheen video of the Year - Jerry Lawler's comeback vbideo

Best Chant - Feed Me More

Upset of the Year - Daniel Bryan beating Big Show and Mark Henry in a cage match at the Royal Rumblle

Diva of the Year - A.J. Lee

Insult of the Year - A John Cena promo

Facial Hair of the Year - Daniel Bryan

Youtube show of the year - Zack Ryder

Tweet of the Year - Daniel Bryan

Feat of Strength of the Year - Sheamus doing the White Noise to Big Show

Double cross of the Year - Big Show turning on the fans knocking out John Cena in the Laurinaitis match

Who would you have the most interest in for Fabricio Werdum's next title defense?