TLC feedback as well as feedback from other weekend shows

When does ROH change its name to SOH (Spotfest of Honor)? No pacing to
the show, everyone hitting highspots from the opener on up, guys just
trying to outdo each other. People complain that WWE matches have no
psychology, yet will praise ROH. People complain that guys kick out of
too many finishers in WWE, yet ROH has mastered it. The PPV was fine
but someone is going to die. What BJ Whitmer (table spot), El Generico
(package piledriver through 2 ladders) and Matt Hardy (German suplex
on the floor) did today was ridiculous and not needed. Something needs
to change.

Pete Grassi

Ring Of Honor: Final Battle 2012
Thumbs Up
Best Match: Ladder War 4 / Wolves Reunite
Worst Match: Caleb Seltzer's commentary

A really good show for the most part. The WGTT street fight was great. The American Wolves tag match was great. The Briscoes winning should help reinvigorate the division, even if their title win was a bit short. They have 3 immediate contenders, so that should play out well. Nice farewell for Jerry Lynn. Hardy looked decent, and I'm sure that program will continue. Very violent main event. That had to hurt. Very solid show overall. The picture was a little more jumpy than normal, but it was fine. However, Caleb Seltzer's commentary brought this show down at least one notch, if not more. It was perhaps more brutal than the main event itself. And hopefully Whitmer is alright, I've never seen anyone do a header through a table off of a superplex beale. Definitely got my money's worth, good show..

-- Barry McKenzie

Overall i thought the show was an easy thumbs up even though many of 
the matches didn't scream "ROH Wrestlemania" or anything of that 
nature but also i had no problem with the stream whatsoever and i was 
using Chrome but i heard others had some lagging issues but most of 
what i read was positive on that front.
Best Match:
1) Ladder War IV
2) Wolves Reunion
Worst Match:
1) Nana/Evans
2) Tag Title match
Nana/evans had good comedy, the tag match was way too short, any other 
promotion/fan base the Lethal Promo and storyline would've gotten over 
huge but here it just felt flat but still worked a little. Seltzer 
sounds like a dork on commentary Corino saved him for a match.

Alexander Assetta

What a hot crowd!
Tuned in at the beginning of the shield hell no tag match.
What an incredible match!  One of the best that's been on in wrestling in many years.
Only a matter of time before Ambrose is mainevening ppv's for years to come.
Can't wait for Ambrose vs Bryan.
Show lost weight.
JBL is great on mic.  It's great how he adds that extra element that the other announcer's don't provide.  Very straight shooting and gives that different perspective.
It's about time Zigger finally started main eventing PPV's!  Only took WWE how long??
Ziggler looks like the HBK from the 90's with AJ as sensational sherry.
The company's future is bright.  Business will turn around in a year or so, as long as they utilize the key guys like they did tonight!
Keep Ziggler on top and let Ambrose shine and they'll be kicking ass once again!

Patrick Doucette

Thumbs way up.

Best Match: 6-man TLC
Worst Match: Miz/Del Rio/Brawler vs. 3MB

I can't give this PPV of the year because of the Miz TV (with a Del Rio face turn at the hands of 3MB??) and long Punk interview segments, but when there was action, it was great!  They picked the perfect venue for most of the heels to go over.

The six-man TLC match was perfectly booked and didn't make any of the faces come off badly at all... everyone brought the goods as well, including Ryback and Reigns.  Hopefully Rollins is ok, because they have momentum after that match.  Naomi has some potential in the women's division, as hopefully her athletic background will lead to good in-ring once she gets some more work. 

The chairs match was good with a unique finish... it will be interesting to see where they go for Show's next challenger, and also what's next for Sheamus, because I would think they both have to move on after 3 straight PPV matches.

I hope the crowd reaction in the main event will give the WWE pause about putting Cena over the Rock for the title at WrestleMania, which will be held in the same vicinity as the Barclays Center. Based on tonight's negative reaction to Cena, the percentage of the crowd against him at Mania will probably be close to what it was last year in Miami... which is not going to make for a good visual to close out the biggest show of the year with the crowd outraged that Cena won.

One thing that has always bugged me but never seemed worse than it was tonight:  The announcers MUST stop telegraphing finishes. It happened several times, but was beyond awful in the main event, as they were saying how great of a match, how Ziggler gave a great effort but Cena had won as he was climbing the ladder late in the match.  Do they not realize that when fans hear that they know that it isn't the finish?

Overall, will have to try and remember this show come awards time a year from now!

-Chris H.
Tampa, FL

Best Match:  Shield vs. Ryback, Bryan & Kane
Worst Match: Divas Match
This was the first WWE PPV I've bought since Mania.  I almost bought Survivor Series last month, but correctly guessed it wasn't going to be all that great.  Fortunately, I predicted well again and ended up with a great show.
Opener was really fun and the end spot was awesome.  Very much looking forward to Rhodes Scholars vs. Hell No.
Cesaro/Truth was ok.  I really hope they find someone new and better for Antonio to work with.
The Miz TV/3MB/Ricard/Alberto segment was ok.  Del Rio is already a better face than Miz.
Barrett/Kofi was good, though I wish Barrett would have won.  Probably will end up champion soon either way.
Six man was awesome and I think they did the smart thing putting Shield over.  You've said Reigns is really green, but he looked just as polished as Ryback (which may say more about Ryback than him).  Just a tremendous outing and I think they have something with these three.
Divas match was the worst match of the show, but nothing terrible.
Sheamus/Show was good and the big chair end was great.
The second six man was what it was.  The Brawler involvement made sense, but one thing that annoyed me was the fact that they kept saying this was the first time in Brooklyn.  Yeah, the "WWE" has never been there, but the WWF used to do shows there up until 84.
Main event was a excellent and the AJ turn worked well.  Both guys did great and I hope that they build on Dolph's momentum.  I think he may need a face turn.
Mike Levy

What a great Sunday for wrestling fans, with two good shows back to back.

A few quick thoughts on the ROH show. I don't think this show as a whole held up to most of the company's offerings, as there were only a few memorable matches that stuck out in my mind after it was all said and done. Strong vs. Elgin was very good, as was the Wolves vs. O'Reilly and Fish, and the main event was phenomenal. The big spots in the Ladder War were incredible, the story, as always between the two, was great, and it's a match that everyone should go out of their way to see. The rest of the card was average to good, so no complaints, but it didn't blow me away like most of ROH's big cards. Nigel being away from the commentary desk hurt the show in a noticeable way. I'm just not feeling the promotion right now, as everything feels a bit stagnant.

TLC overall thoughts: Thumbs up. Excellent show, well worth the purchase price. There were a few duds, but the two top billed matches more than made up for it. Tonight once again proved how a show can go from "good" to "great" with the help of a hot crowd.

Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Rhodes Scholars: Fine opener, well worked. Nothing much to say either way.

Ceasaro vs. R-Truth: I liked this match. Ceasaro is fantastic, and he seems to be getting a bigger reaction as the weeks go on. It'll be interesting to see where he goes after tonight, as well as after WrestleMania season. His promo after the match was also good, and he seems to be getting more comfortable on the mic.

MizTV: Not as bad as the previous segments, but still nothing to write home about. They need to try to get Miz over in a different way, because this isn't working. Verbal exchanges felt awkward, and I was floored when Del Rio came out to make the save. I had assumed that if they were going to go babyface with him, they would have done it in a more memorable way than this.

Kingston vs. Barrett: Another fine match. Wade seemed to have the momentum going into this match, so it seems to me that he must have drawn the short straw to get another babyface win on a heel heavy show. Good work between the two. They rarely disappoint.

The Shield vs. Ryback and Hell No: Wow. I'm trying to stop myself from declaring it a match of the year contender because it's so fresh in my mind and I want to give it time to settle, but damn. It was so great. Talk about a debut. All three Shield members proved that they are ready for the big time, even Roman Reigns, who I had doubts about. Granted, it was a lot of smoke and mirrors throughout the match, but still, they all did fantastic. Their opponents also brought their A game. Just great all around from everyone in the match. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, as the hits literally never stopped coming, a fresh feeling when most of these matches have a lot of resting between big spots. The spot with Rollins at the end of the match was insane. After seeing the awkward bump BJ Whitmer took during the finisher of his match at Final Battle, I thought that we wouldn't see something as bad for a while. I guess I just had to wait a few hours. The way Rollins' head cracked against the table after that huge fall. Damn. I thought the match was booked perfectly too. Hopefully this sets up The Shield for something big. This match reminded me that WWE doesn't have to be all bad.

Eve vs. Naomi: Pretty much a dud, unfortunately. Naomi showed some promise, so I hope that they can work her into matches on a more regular basis.

3MB vs. Del Rio, Miz, and Brooklyn Brawler: This was just baffling. You have a recently turned babyface who isn't over at all, you just turned one of your main event heels babyface no more than an hour ago, and you bring in the Brooklyn Brawler, who you proceed to give the focus to the entire time. Worst of all, you let him get the pin. Stupid on just about every level.

Cena vs. Ziggler: Very good. Ziggler is fantastic, arguably the best performer in the entire business right now. A few memorable spots, including Cena lifting the ladder up onto his shoulders with Ziggler still climbing it. Very cool. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Hurricanrana spot Cena pulled was just bad. I don't know who thought that was a good idea. I also don't know who thought it was a good idea for Vickie to take a few bumps. They were literally the worst I have ever seen. Yikes. Cringe worthy bad. End of the match was interesting. On one hand, I'm glad that they didn't pull the rug out from Ziggler, on the other, I'm tired of the Cena and AJ garbage. Still though, this was a match well worth watching.

Overall, both of these shows were extremely good, and ones that you should go out of your way to see. Here's to 2013, and as always, keep up the great work.

-Ryan Niepagen
Bloomington, IL

Thumbs Up
Best match: Shield vs. Hell No/Ryback
Worst match: Divas match
Fantastic show. I think the reason why some people are saying this was
one of the best shows of the year, besides a couple of great matches -
is that there were fresh faces in key spots. They had a stable debut in
a big match and go over in impressive fashion, they had Ziggler main
event a PPV with Cena and have an amazing showing. Some people even were
riled up for Naomi having a match because she's fresh. We don't say this
often, but WWE did a great job with this show.
They've got something with Cesaro too - at this point I think they have
too many guys with potential and don't know who to push first.
For the first time in like 6 years I'm really looking forward to what
the future holds with WWE and I really hope they don't screw it up.
Other than that, I don't have much to say about the show. Shield and
their opponents all worked their asses off and so did
Sheamus/Show/Cena/Ziggler and all the other talent on the show had a
pretty good outing as well.
Patrick Gronemann

WWE TLC: Thumbs Up
Best Match: The Shield vs. Kane/Bryan/Ryback
Worst Match: Eve vs. Naomi
Overall a very good show.  Started with a good tag match, although they could have given them more time and used less filler later.  I like both the Rey/Sin Cara and Rhodes Scholars combos.  Figured the heels were winning.  Cody won't be able to shave as long as there is entertainment in chanting about his facial hair.  The U.S. Title match was basic.  R. Truth is just not a title contender.  He is opening match and you can't buy him as being too serious.  I like Cesaro.  He is an all around performer and I hope he gets the chance to continue to move up.  Miz out for Miz TV which means they have a lot of time on their hands.  I guess we are getting a six man tag.  Wow this is how Del Rio becomes a babyface?  They just don't know how to do heel and babyface turns in this day and age.  Well 3MB are happy they are on ppv probably.  Some good back and forth between Kofi and Wade for the I-C Title.  I like the way Barrett does his version of the Boss Man Slam.  Surprised that Wade didn't win, but I guess that would be too many heels wins on one night.  Why not do all heel wins just for the heck of it.  You think anyone would complain?  Six man TLC match was amazing.  This should have gone on last.  Haven't seen a good brawl match like this in a while.  The Shield proved themselves here.  Let's hope they continue with the momentum.  Scary bump with Rollins hitting his head on the table.  Hope he's alright.  Divas Title match was more filler.  Naomi has potential, but they just don't give the Divas division enough emphasis to make anyone care.   Sheamus vs. Show was good.  Thought Sheamus might take it just because of all the heel wins, but Show retains.  I hope Show gets a new opponent though, as three in a row is enough for these two.  The Brooklyn Brawler?  Really?  Is that his only victory on pay per view?  I know it's got to be only one of a handful of matches he has been in on pay per view.  Still think there is a better way for Del Rio to turn face and Miz as a babyface isn't taking.  He had a phantom turn as well that we all missed.   Cena vs. Ziggler was very good.  Sometimes Cena's strength is just unreal.  Lifting Ziggler on the ladder was impressive.  Saw the Vickie/A.J. interference coming.  Ziggler wins, but will he ever cash it in?  
Robb Block

Never have I been more happier and prouder to be a wrestling and MMA fan than this weekend.
4 THUMBS UP and best fight/match to:
UFC on FX 6 - Lombard/Palhares
TUF 16 Finale - Barry/Del Rosario
ROH Final Battle 2012 - Steen/Generico
WWE TLC 2012 - Shield/No Hell & Ryback
Keep up the always awesome, great work.  Happy Holidays and New Years to yours and Bryan's family!

James Brown

Hey Dave,

Bought the replay of TLC JUST for the six-man.
Holy moley, what a tremendous debut to make these guys look like a big, big deal.
Plus, within the confines of the match and its rules, they won clean.

Ryan Pike

Thumbs up!
Best Match: Shield vs. Hell No/Ryback
Worst Match: Eve vs. Naomi
First PPV I've bought since June. Usually I just stream them. So glad I bought this one. Just an awesome, awesome show with nothing really bad on the card. Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Mysterio/Sin Cara was a really good opener. Dolph vs. Cena was awesome. I thought the only thing missing was a Dolph/AJ make out session similar to what we saw from Trish/Christian at Wrestlemania 20.
That 6-man tag match: Oh my God. That match served every purpose it was meant to and more. It made stars out of The Shield. Rollins paid his dues. Reigns stepped up. Ambrose proved he'll fit in with the top tier guys. Awesome match. One of my favorite WWE matches of the year.

Charles Humphreys

Hi Dave,
Made the trip down from CT to Brooklyn for the first show at the new Barclay's Center. Went into the show with low expectations, and ended up blown away. The building was sold out to the rafters and the crowd was hot all night for everything except the ladies, and was mostly quiet for Big Show and Sheamus as well. The biggest reaction of the night was easily for Dolph Ziggler, and Cena was booed out of the building. Before the show, they rang the bell 26 times for the tragedy in Sandy Hook. After the show Cena cut a promo thanking everyone for coning out. Otherwise it was just a fantastic show, particularly the six man TLC match which the crowd got really into. Even the Brooklyn Brawler got a pop. Overall just a great first time out for WWE in Brooklyn.
Geoff Gillott

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?