Ric Flair on Raw tonight, interacts with Cena, Punk, The Shield, Ryback, Bryan

Ric Flair appeared on WWE Raw tonight, presenting the Superstar of the Year award. 

John Cena won and handed the trophy to Flair saying he was the one who deserved it.

What followed was a 20 plus minute segment which included C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman saying Punk deserved the award. Punk said Cena winning was a joke since he had a terrible year, was the first guy not to cash in Money in the Bank without taking the title, lost to Rock and lost to Punk. Punk said he could beat Flair on one leg.

Flair went to the ring and Punk got the upper hand, breaking a crutch over Flair. Flair made a comeback with a thumb to the eye and put Paul Heyman in the figure four and he was tapping like crazy.

Flair then did a promo about how much fun he'd had during his career in Philadelphia and The Shield came out. They surrounded him until Kane and Daniel Bryan came out and they had a brawl.  Ambrose decked Flair and then they beat down Kane and Bryan. They went to power bomb Flair on the announcers table but Ryback came out for the save.

Ryback cleaned house, press slamming and dropping Seth Rollins on the table, which didn't break.  Ryback, Kane and Bryan cleaned house and the segment ended with them putting Flair on their shoulders and carrying him around the ring.

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