Gordon Nelson passes away

Gordon Nelson, a Canadian wrestler well known as a shooter in his day, and part of a pro wrestling family, passed away on Monday at the age of 82.

Nelson was one of Canada's best amateur wrestlers, who qualified but didn't compete in two Olympics, turned pro after the 1956 Games and wrestled into the late 70s.  He was a solid journeyman performer, who was the first Mr. Wrestling who worked California in the early 70s.

Modern fans who went to WCW live events would know him as the older, bald guy who was the head of the ring crew during the 90s.

Nelson was a star wrestler in the U.K., where he worked much of his career as The Outlaw and Handsome Gordon Nelson.  In the U.S., he spent several years in Amarillo, where the promotion would offer $1,000 to anyone who could beat Nelson in ten minutes.  He did shooter work for a few different promotions as he was the master of the legitimate sugar submission hold.

Nelson married woman wrestler Maria LaVerne.  Their son, Steve Nelson did both pro wrestling and MMA in the 90s as well as promoted very successfully in Amarillo.

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