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Hello everybody, and welcome to the December 20th edition of the WWE Superstars on Hulu report! I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season! This week's episode is a "Best of Raw 2012" show. Why wouldn't it be a "Best of Superstars" show? Scott Stanford is the host this week, from WWE Studios.
-We start off with probably the biggest return of the year, as The Rock came back to take on John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania. They showed a video package which included The Rock singing, and Cena doing a rap. Of course they showed various moments leading up to their WrestleMania matchup, that saw The Rock come out on top, then turn around and announce that he'd be getting a title shot at the Royal Rumble next year. I've got this funny feeling that in one month, The Rock will be the person who de-thrones C.M. Punk.
-The Rock/Cena segment lead into the return of Brock Lesnar. Brock returned and gave an F-5 to Cena, and they had a match a few weeks later, that saw Cena come out on top. Remember the public outcry involving that? From there, Brock attacked Triple H and broke his arm, which lead to a match months later that saw Brock come out on top, and Trips announce that was probably his last match.
-Back from break, it's a segment about Dolph Ziggler, and the fact that he shows off, but has the talent to back it up. They got comments from various superstars, and comedian Will Sasso for some reason. They went on to show they entire match against Chris Jericho that took place the day after SummerSlam, as Ziggler MITB shot was against Jericho's contract. Ziggler picked up the win, and we haven't seen Jericho since. Jericho was the first big return of the year, and he went into a feud right away with WWE champion C.M. Punk, but he never came out on top. In my opinion, Jericho's recent WWE stint was fairly underwhelming.
-Back from break, and we have a highlight segment of the reigning U.S. champion, Antonio Cesaro. Hey, he's Swiss and talented! There really wasn't much to the segment. I think he's quite talented, but he was pushed to the U.S. title so quickly, they really don't have him feuding with anybody. He never got a chance to really build up to the title.
-Back from break, and we have a video package of Ryback, and his most recent interactions with The Shield. His recent WWE stint has been odd. He kept having handicap matches when he first returned, then he gets an IC title shot against The Miz, which made sense at the time. He doesn't win, yet somehow gets title shots against C.M. Punk. He gets screwed over by a crooked ref, they have the blow-off match on Raw, then he begins a feud with The Shield, a group of 3 guys from NXT.
-Back from break, and we're treated to highlights from Monday's Slammy awards. Most importantly, we were treated to the return of Ric Flair on Raw. This lead into The Shield beating down Flair, and Kane and Daniel Bryan, and Ryback all making the save. 2012 was seemingly a good year for the WWE. About the biggest thing that I would change is the fact that John Cena doesn't need to keep main eventing PPVS. He hasn't been champion in over a year now, yet still is involved in more main events than Punk. It's goofy.
Again, have a great holiday season, no matter what you celebrate! Have a great week, folks!
~Blackjack Parsons
Blackjack Parsons has been a fan of the wrestling business since 1983, and has been a referee on the indy scene since 1997. He has also written, promoted, and even wrestled from time-to-time. Any comments or questions can be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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