Michelle McCool talks the formation of LayCool and Mickie James angle

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Formation of LayCool: "It all just kind of happened. They 
randomly put Layla and I together in some match, and we were pretty 
good friends at this point, but we weren't near as close as how we 
ended up before I left. When we went out there on camera, Vince just 
saw something that he liked. He liked the dynamic of us together and 
that literally was it. As far as coming up with the name, it was just 
during the time the media was joining everybody's names together, like 
Brangelina. So we thought: why not? We're just as cool as these other 
celebrities, or so we thought in our own minds of course, so we said 
"let's come up with something!" We spit them in half, came up with a 
bunch of different combinations and ultimately ended up with LayCool."

LayCool Chemistry: "So, they kept putting us on camera 
together and somehow I guess you just have a connection with certain 
people; we just fed off of one another. We couldn't be completely 
different: she was this cute little petite fireball, full of energy, 
funny as can be -- and then you have me: this amazon, this more 
serious, more athletic character. It was where opposites attract. I 
can't tell you how happy I am for them putting us together; to not 
only build this character, but to build this bond -- this friendship."

Growing Together: "When we got together, she had just come 
off dancing on ECW with Kelly and Brooke, and didn't really do much in 
the ring. You all know how much she's grown as an in-ring competitor. 
She grew, as we both did. I give her all the glory in the world for 
helping me with my character and mic skills, and all of our promos. 
I'm just so thankful for her."

Backstage Animosity: "It can be a pretty stressful 
environment backstage, there is a lot of drama that goes on when it 
comes to the girls working together, especially fighting for 
storylines. With our character, it was already controversial to begin 
with, so that was a touchy subject. You never knew what they were 
going to give us, feelings would get hurt -- obviously, we didn't want 
to hurt anybody's feelings, but that was our character on TV."

Art Imitates Life: "I can't tell you how many times we'd be 
sitting around backstage doing something stupid, and then we'd make a 
storyline out of it. We'd be like: "Oh! We could use this!" We just 
bounced off each other, and that's where our best work came from. We 
were given bullet points not scripts, per se, and we could just do 
whatever we wanted."

LayCool vs. Piggie James: "We were always trying to think 
of something where it could backfire on us and make us look foolish. 
You know we'd sit here and dish out all of this stuff -- but 
somebody's got to stick it to us! I think what put us on the map was, 
sadly enough, the Piggie James storyline. I've said it a gazillion 
times: I give all the credit in the world to Mickie James. True 
professional. She was a true professional in the ring, in the 
pre-tapes... so many times we'd get the script and I'd get a pit in my 
stomach. We didn't want to say the stuff, so we'd apologize 
beforehand. But, she always sucked it up -- and I know it was hard. 
Even though those things aren't true, obviously, she's beautiful and 
not overweight by any stretch of the imagination. But despite all of 
those things: we all still have feelings. That was really tough, but 
Vince loved it, the writers loved it -- and that was all because of 
her. I don't think anybody else could have pulled that off. All the 
credit in the world to her."

Last Match: "My last match; going out against her in the 
loser leaves. I wouldn't want to do it, at that time, with anybody 
else. It was hard! You're sitting here trying to be serious, but you 
have all of these emotions inside that are just ready to out. I was 
thinking: "Man, this is my last match. Here I am with my best friend." 
It was tough. But that is definitely a day I'll never forget."

A Lifetime of Layla: "She's just funny. She's always 
chipper, she's crazy -- she'd be the first to tell you that I'd be the 
first to tell her that she is legitimately nutso half the time. But 
that's why I love her. She was always who she was, I was always who I 
am. We just clicked. There's nothing that I wouldn't do for that girl. 
We're still dear friends to this day, and that is a friendship that I 
can honestly say will last a lifetime. I wish her nothing but the 
best. Y'all keep cheering her on because she deserves every ounce of 

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