Emilio Charles Jr. passes away

Emilio Charles Jr., one of the top wrestles in Mexico during the 80s and 90s, passed away today due to kidney failure according to Super Luchas magazine.  He was 56.

Charles Jr. held the NWA and CMLL middleweight titles as well as CMLL tag team and trios titles during his career, as parts of well known trios like Los Destructores (with Tony Arce and Vulano), Los Chacales (with Sangre Chicana & Bestia Salvaje) and Los Infernales (with El Satanico & Rey Bucanero).

Charles Jr. was one of the most talented heels during the television boom period around 1990, and was a fixture against Atlantis, Yoshihiro Asai, and many of the other talented flyers of that period.

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