John LaRocca previews Dos Santos vs. Cain


 By John LaRocca

Tomorrow night, Junior Dos Santos defends the UFC Heavyweight Championship against Cain Velasquez at UFC 155.   This is one of the biggest fights of 2012 that nobody seems to be talking about.   At work, people come by my desk and ask me my opinion on who will the big fight. Even some of my co-workers who I know are UFC fans or casual fans; have not once asked me who will win or even if I am ordering the UFC 155 on Pay per View. Are people not interested because they saw JDS KO Cain at UFC on FOX 1 on November 12, 2011 in just 64 seconds? If that is the reason for skipping UFC 155, then you are going to miss a classic heavyweight encounter.


Even though he won’t make excuses, but reality is Cain Velasquez had an injury going into his title defense against JDS last year. When Cain stepped into the cage for that fight, you could tell something was different.   He was soft in the middle and he wasn’t his aggressive self. JDS also came into that fight injured and he struck fatal blow first with an over the top right that sent Cain crashing to the mat.


At UFC 155, we are going to see a healthy Cain and a healthy JDS.   I have flip flopped so many times on who I think will win. One day I say JDS, and then the next I say Cain.   The UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos has hands of stone. He finishes his opponents quick or has given grueling three round beatings like he did to Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin.   Part of his game that is rarely seen is his ground work. Training under the legendary Antonio Nogueira, you know JDS is no slouch with his Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.   When it comes to the wrestling, JDS has shown he fantastic at wrestling defense.    


Cain Velasquez is probably the best well rounded heavyweights in MMA history. Looking at Cain’s game, there is no weaknesses.   His strength is his wrestling ability. Cain is a former NCAA Division 1 All-American at Arizona State University.   Throughout his MMA career, Cain has used that wrestling ability to quickly control his opponents and then finish them with strikes. Followed by his wrestling, is his striking ability. Not only is Cain good with his hands, but he is equally as good with his feet.  When it comes to Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Cain can hold his own with anyone as he is trained by one the best BJJ trainers today, David Camarillo.


So I need to make a decision on who I think will win this fight.   I am going with Cain Velasquez to regain the UFC Heavyweight Championship tomorrow night.  I believe it is going to come down to Cain’s leg kicks.   He will chop down the legs of JDS and thus taking away some of the power and also set up his takedowns.   If the fight goes into the championship rounds, Cain should win by TKO in 4th.   Cain knows in his heart if he was 100% on November 12th, 2011 he would have retained the title. I see Cain coming full steam ahead.   Unlike most of the Cain’s opponents, JDS won’t go down easy and this will be a tough fight. In the end, Cain will pick apart JDS and once again hold UFC gold.


John LaRocca


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