UFC 155 live coverage from Las Vegas

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First round: Cariaso with a body kick, moved in but not landing. Moraga threw the right. Moraga missed a wicked high kick.  Moraga took him down and let him right up. Cariaso landed a body kick. Body shot by Moraga. Now both in a clinch. Cariaso broke free. High kick by Cariaso blocked. Now he landed a body kick. Moraga landed a left. Body kick by Cariaso. Another body kick by Cariaso. Moraga back with a body kick. Cariaso 10-9. Not that exciting.

Second round: Cariaso went high with a kick and blocked by Moraga. Moraga landed some shots. Body kick by Cariaso. Body kicks by Cariaso. High kick by Cariaso landed. Moraga threw him down but not going to the ground. Cariaso back up. Moraga has a footprint on the right side of his neck from that last high kick. Cariaso got the takedown with 15 seconds left and kept him down until the round ended. Cariaso’s round, up 20-18

Third round: Both throwing punches. Moraga got the guillotine as they were in the corner and Cariaso left his next exposed.


First round: This is one fight Garcia needs to take to the ground. Watch him not try. Holloway landed a spin kick to the body. Garcia landed the overhand right. Holloway dropped him with a left and hit a spin kick. Now Garcia is mad and missed a hard right. Garcia chasing him down. Holloway with a jab and low kick. Holloway with a low kick. Garcia chasing him and missing big swings and getting countered. Body shot by Holloway and a low kick by Garcia. Garcia moved in with a flurry. Garcia rocked him with a right. Holloway snuck in a jab. Holloway landed another jab while Garcia missed. Spin kick by Holloway and Garcia missed wildly. Holloway landing and making Garcia miss. More misses by Garcia. Garcia tied him up and landed. Now Holloway running backwards as Garcia missed. Holloway landed another spin kick. Garcia tried one of his own and missed by a mile. 10-9 Holloway.

Second round: High kick by Holloway. Holloway with a jab and body kick. Holloway continues to land. Garcia throwing big punches that aren’t landing. Holloway body kick and low kick. Garcia partially landed a hook. Both swinging and Holloway landing more. Body kick by Holloway. Jumping knee but Holloway and Garcia took him down. Holloway right back up. Holloway landed some. Garcia landed . Holloway with a kick to the face. Garcia landed a right. Both trading , Holloway got the best shot in. Now Garcia back. Garcia landed a left. He went for a takedown and landed a knee. Both trading. Trading knees, Holloway getting the better of it. Garcia had him in the corner landing punches as the round ended. Crowd really liked this round. 10-9 Holloway so 20-18.

Third round: Crowd excited for the third round to start. Garcia doing sound effects whenever he punched. Holloway with a knee to the body. Both standing and throwing. More trading and Holloway getting the better of it. Big right by Holloway. Garcia spinning back fist missed by a mile. Holloway landed a spin kick the body. Hard left to the body by Garcia. Garcia swinging wildly and not landing. Now he landed and crowd was coming unglued. Both landing more. Garcia landed some good shots. Garcia working for a takedown and got it. It’s not enough for him to win the round, I think he needs a finish. Holloway up. Garcia landed a knee. Holloway bleeding from the left ear. Both throwing punches and low kicks. Holloway now landed shots while Garcia missed. Garcia missing wildly. Garcia landed two hard shots and another and missed others. Now short uppercuts by Garcia. Holloway is tired. Hollway with a spin kick to the body. Holloway tried a kick and Garcia took him down. Holloway trying a triangle but a power bomb by Garcia at the horn. Garcia’s round. Crowd loved this fight. Typical sloppy but fun Garcia fight. 29-28 Holloway overall. Crowd gave them a real big hand.

Scores: 29-28 Holloway 29-28 Garcia 29-28 Holloway. Crowd really wanted Garcia to win. Booed heavily. Greg Jackson acting shocked.

Two judges gave Garcia the second round, believe it or not.  Cecil Peoples gave him the second but not the third. 

Holloway said he’d be glad to give Garcia a rematch.


First round: Duffee hurt him early with a punch and now throwing knees. Duffee with a few punches. De Fries got the takedown. De Fries landed hard punches as Duffee was tyring to get up. Duffee back up. Duffee got some distance. Duffee hurting him with two uppercuts and more hard rights.  De Fries went down and it’s over. 2:04 This is likely to air on TV or PPV.


First round: Johnson landing low kicks and jabs.  High kick by Jury and Johnson’s wasn’t fazed. Takedown by Jury.  He moved to mount and now has Johnson’s back.  Jury throwing punches from that position.  Jury with more hard punches from that position.  Jury now landing elbows. Johnson turned in and regained guard.  Jury laying a beating on him and went for a choke as the round was ending.  Jury 10-8 because he came close to a finish.

Second round: Johnson landed a left.  Jury back with a kick.  Jury with a low kick .  Another takedown by Jury.  Jury leaning his elbow on Johnson’s face.  Jury didn’t hurt him from the top like the first round, but won the round so I’ve got him up 20-17.

Third round: Jury tried a takedown off a kick and didn’t get it.  Body kick by Johnson and Jury again tried a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Jury with a leg trip takedown.   Johnson passed guard but Johnson regained it.  Jury staying on top and throwing some punches.  Jury landing more punches.  Jury with more punches.  Jury continues to punch.  Jury’s round.  Has to win either 30-27 or 30-26.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Jury.


First round: Guillard with a low kick and Varner back with one.  Guillard with a hard one. Another low kick by Guillard.  Crowd started booing and Varner moved in with punches.  Varner tried a high kick but it was blocked.  Body kick by Guillard.  Body kick by Guillard and low kick.  Crowd booing a lot and Varner moved in, tried a takedown and couldn’t get it.  Guillard with another low kick.  Varner landed a few punches.  Varner landing more.  Varner throwing a flury and dropped him.  Varner got the takedown, grabbed a guillotine and the horn may have saved Guillard.  10-9 Varner

Second round:   Varner moved in with punches and got the takedown.  Varner is on his back. Guillard flipped him off his back.  Guillard back up and landed a knee.  Trading punches.  Low kick by Guillard.  Varner got him in the corner.  Guillard and Varner were trading punches.  Guillard with a head kick, mostly blocked.  Takedown by Varner.  Guillard landed. Varner with a right to the chest.  Body kick by Guillard.  Varner back with a groin kick but he told Varner he’d be okay.  Guillard recovered and they finished the round.  Varner’s round up 20-18.

Third round; Varner tried a takedown but Guillard got away.  Guillard with two jabs and Varner back with one.  Varner moved in with punches and got a taekdown. He threw some punches on the ground.  Varner tried a D’arce choke but Guillard out and on top.  Varner back up.  Guillard threw a hard punch and Varner with one back.  Varner got another takedown.  Another takedown by Varner.  Guillard tried an armbar from the bottom but Varner got out.  Varner tried to go for Guillard’s back but Guillard blocked and on top.  Varner with a nice wrestling switch back to the top.  Guillard kicked him off and up with 30 seconds left.  Varner went for a takedown and then
Guillard moved to his back and Varner did an Emerald Frosien almost.  Crowd really like the finish and the match itself.  The two hugged when it was over.  Varner's round, so 30-27 overall.

Scores: 30-27 Varner 30-27 Guillard 30-27 Varner.  That middle judge was insane.  No other explanation.


First round:  Perez out with a mask and Mexican flag and authentic music.  He got a really big pop.  Crowd booed Bloodworth, but not loudly.  Both out throwing.  Knees by Perez.  Loud Mexico chants.  Now in a clinch.  Perez with a lot of body punches.  Perez dropped him with a knee to the body. Perez getting clean shots in front the top.  Perez landing elbows from the top.  Perez landing elbows from the top.  Perez cleared guard, more punches and it’s over.  Really big crowd pop, a good percentage of the crowd standing.


First round: Wineland out to "Real American" since he’s facing the evil foreigners who looks like a throwback to the 50s. Brad Pickett is one of Dana White’s favorite fighters. If Pickett wins, he’s probably getting a title shot. Wineland, not as much a sure thing. Wineland tagged him over the left eye. Pickett back with with a hook. Wineland hurt him and dropped him to a knee and landed several punches. Wineland landing more shots. Wineland landing solid agian. Wineland with an uppercut. Big flurry and Wineland dropped Pickett to his knees twice in a row. Pickett fighting on emotions trying to get it back, bleeding from the nose. Pickett tried a takedown but Wineland with a whizzer and back up. Wineland landing shots. Pickett landed a good one back. Wineland with two more rights. Pickett back with a body shot. Pickett landed a hard shot and Wineland didn’t go down. Wineland’s round 10-9, good fight so far.

Second round: Pickett with a hard left and a right. Wineland landed a left. Wineland landed another shot as Pickett moved in. Pickett landed a left. Crowd booing. Pickett landed a left and Wineland with a left and an uppercut. Wineland with a jab and Pickett missed an uppercut. Crowd booing again. Both trading. Pickett with a left. Wineland cut under the right eye and bleeding. Good counter shot by Wineland. Very close round. Maybe slightly to Pickett as the aggressor 19-19.

Third round: Wineland landed the first shot. Trading and Wineland dacning away. Both swinging and missing. Both landed again. Both missing now. Pickett landed as Wineland was dancing. Wineland hit a jab. Wineland now landing more. Pickett with a hard left. Both trading again. Pickett with an overhand right. Wineland now landed. Wineland with some body shots. Wineland coming forward but Wineland countering well. Close round. Crowd booed the fight. I have Wineland 29-28 but the last two rounds were close.

Scores: 30-27 Wineland 29-28 Pickett 30-27 Wineland. Crowd booing. All scores justifiable.


First round: Brunson powered Leben to the ground. Leben was fishing for something off his back. Tried an armbar but Brunson with a short power bomb. Brunson backed off but as Leben went to get up, Brunson tackled him down. Brunson trying a head and arm choke but Leben out. A few punches and Brunson throwing elbows from the top. Brunons landing more punches. Brunson trying a guillotine but Leben in no trouble and let it go. Leben back to his feet and threw a knee as time ran out. 10-9 Brunson

Second round: Brunson went for a takedown. Leben blocked it. Leben landed a hard left. Brunson went for another takedown and put Leben on his back. Leben back up. Brunson landing solid punches standing. He went for a takedown but Leben back up. Brunson looked at the scoreboard to see how much time is left in the round. Leben tired as well. Brunson landed. Crowd loudly cheering for Leben. Traded punches. I don’t know if Leben has the power because he’s so tired. Leben moving forward trying to land the left. Brunson tried a takedown but Leben blocked it. Leben desperately trying to get the KO. Brunson’s round so up 20-18.

Third round: Brunson landed. Brunson shot for the takedown and couldn’t get it. Brunson shot and this time got Leben down. Leben back up. Needs a knockout. He’s so slow throwing that left. Crowd booing. Brunson started to land. Brunson went for a takedown and Leben blocked it. Leben landed a right and Brunson back. Leben just so exhausted out there. Crowd booing both guys. Leben chasing him but he’s in slow motion now. Really bad outing for Leben here. He did land the left twice but Brunson took him down again. Leben up with 19 sconds left. Brunson’s round 30-27. Crowd hated this because they badly wanted Leben to win and he just looked bad.

Scores: All three had it 29-28 for Brunson. I guess they gave Leben the third because he was moving backwards most of the round. But Leben did nothing effective.


First ound: Belcher missed a kick and Okami threw him down. Okami has him against the cage. Knee by Okami. Another knee by Okami. Belcher on top momentarily, grabbed a guillotine at the same time Okami tripped him and now Okami is on top because there was nothing to the guillotine. Okami controlling him on the ground for the rest of the round. 10-9 Okami. Crowd booing this one as well.

Second round: Belcher tripped Okami down but he immediately reversed on the ground. Okami just holding him down which isn’t making anyone happy. Culero chants. Lucha Libre fans will appreciate that. A stand-up was ordered. Belcher landed a left and Okami buckled. Okami working for another takedown. He got Belcher down again. Crowd has been put almost completely to sleep here. Another stand-up ordered. Okami’s round 20-18. Crowd booed this fairly loud. Boetsch and Philippou have their work cut out for them, although lots of bonus money tonight stiff up for grabs.

Third round: Belcher knocked Okami down with a punch. Okami moved in and pushed Belcher against the fence and working for a takedown. Belcher instead landed in full mount off Okami’s attempt. Belcher has his back. Okami stood up with Belcher still on his back. Okami to his feet. Belcher going for a guillotine but doesn’t have it. Okami working for the takedown and got it. Crowd booing heavily but Okami is in mount and he can’t be stood up from there. Well, he can, but it would be bad officiating. Okami landing punches from the top. And Belcher gave up his back. Horn sounded. Okami easily 30-27. Crowd booing like crazy. Boring fight.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Okami. Crowd booed the decision, but no other way. I have no way to explain a round Belcher could have won.


First round: Boetsch pushed him against the fence. Boetsch working for the takedown and got out. Crowd is so quiet, it’s like Koloff just beat Bruno again. Phillippou up with no damage. Boetsch moving forward. Boetsch landed a hard punch moving forward and now has Phillippou pushed into the fence. Phillippou danced out. Phillippou went for a punch. Boetch ducked and took him down. They were down for seconds before the stand up chants started. Kim Winslow stood them up about 10 seconds later. Phillippou landing punches now. Boetsch with an awesome front kick knocked Phillippou down. Phillippou was pissed at being so careless. 10-9 Boetsch.

Second round: Boetsch bulled him into the fence. Then he let him off the fence. Boetsch bleeding from the top of the head. Boetsch went for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Boetsch tried to use the trunks but Kim Winslow caught him and told him to get his hands off the trunks. They were trading punches. Boetsch landed strong. Boetsch got poked in the eye. The replay showed a finger right in the eye. Crowd booed Phillippou after seeing the replay. Phillippou landed a right. Phillippou has confidence in his stand-up right now. Boetsch went for a takedown and couldn’t get it. He tried another one and couldn’t get it. Boetsch then dropped to his back to bait Phllippou to the ground. Phillippou landing punches on the ground. That move may give Phillippou the round. Phillippou landing several punches from the top. Phillippou starting to hurt him. Phillippou’s round so 19-19.

Third round: Boetsch shot and couldn’t get the takedown. He shot a second time and Phillippou sprawled and got on top. Phillippou let him up. Boetsch is covered in blood and exhausted. He just keeps shooting because at least it avoded the standup. Phillippou backed off. Boetsch is in real trouble, gassed and bloody. He shot immediately and Phillippou pounding him on the ground and Kim Winslow waved it off. Corwd reacted surprisingly big. I think they were just happy somebody scored a clean win.

No interview for Phillippou. 


First round: Now it’s up to The Bonus Machine and Jim Miller to try and save this show. Both standing. Miller landing a lot of punches early. Knee by Miller. Miller stumbled him with a low kick and landed a lot of punches from close range. Big left by Miller. Miller continuing to land. Great body kick. Miller is putting on a show here with punches and knees. Lauzon now coming back. Miller knocked him, to one knee with a low kick. Lauzon landed a right. Miller rocked him with a punch and a knee, and now throwing elbows. Miller with a standing choke attempt. Lauzon is bloody like crazy and escaped. He’s bleeding all over Miller. It’s so bad the ref stopped the action to have the doctor check on Lauzon. Crowd booing as Miller had him hurt. The doctor checked and allowed it to contineu. Lauzon shot and Miller got kneed to the head. Great high kick by Miller. Miller with elbows and uppercuts. Sick amount of blood. Too much blood . I mean this is sick. Lauzon came back. High knee by Miller and they both went down. Miller landing more punches. Miller landing to the head and body. Lauzon coming back. Crowd freaking nuts. Loudest reaction of the night with everyone standing. 10-8 Miller just because Lauzon was coming back, but this is where you really need half points because Lauzon got more in than you would normally in a 10-8 round.

Second round: Gigantic reaction to start round two and then Lauzon waved the crowd on. Miller moving forward and landing. Takedown by Miller. Miller with a body shot and elbow to the head. Lauzon tried a triangle. Lauzon bleeding all over the place again. Miller now just laying on him. He is working to try and advance his position. And he did, moving to full mount. Lauzon reversed and crowd went crazy. Yves Lavigne stopped it because Lauzon’s hand wraps were getting loose. They cut the tape off. They started back from that position. Lauzon picked him up from rubber guard and slammed him down. Miller still using a rubber guard. Lauzon went for a kneebar. Miller out. Lauzon’s round so 19-18 Miller.

Third round: Crowd going nuts. Miller with punches. Lauzon looks fresher but Miller throwing back as well. Lauzon chant. Lauzon tripped and on his back. Miller let him up. Miller in with punches and a knee. Miller landing more. Low kick by Miller. More lunging punches by Miller. Lauzon’s cut opening again. Miller tagged him agian. Knee by Lauzon hurt Miller. Lauzon back with a punch and Miller back. Knee to the body by Miller. Miller continues to land. Miller still landing the left. Left to the body and knee by Miller. Both landing from a clinch. Elbow by Miller. Knee by Miller to the body. Both landing punches . Lauzon with the most awesome scissors kneebar but Miller out. Now Lauzon going for a gullotine with seconds left. Miller surived. This place is going crazy like very few fights I’ve ever seen. I think Lauzon could have gotten the round with those near submissions, but not quite. That round could go either way. It could be a draw but I’ve got 29-27 Miller. An early match of the year candidate.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 Miller. Crowd mostly cheered, there were a lot of boos as well.

Joe Rogan called it one of the wildest and most entertaining fights of the year.


First round: Both fighters look super nervous. Crowd more mixed than at weigh-ins, Brazilians booing JDS pretty loud. Same with Dos Santos as the Brazilians really loud. Dos Santos got louder cheers and more Brazilian flags than Mexican flags here. Cain moving in and took him right down twice and Dos Santos up right away. Cain went for a takedown and didn’t get this one. Cain moving foward. Cain landed a left. Crowd super loud. JDS landed a punch. Cain went low and couldn’t get the takedown. Cain landed a right, ducked for the takedown and JDS got away again. Cain missed a high kick. Cain moving forward and JDS out of the way., Cain did land a left but mostly JDS keeping away. JDS landed a left. Body kick and Cain again he couldn’t get the takedown. JDS landed a right. Jab by JDS and another and Cain with a knee and a body kick. Cain bleeding. Cain cut in the forehead and the left eye. Cain has him against the fence throwing punches. JDS got away. Low kick by Cain. Cain with a left and right and another left and Cain dropped him and is pounding on JDS from behind him. He took him down again and more pounding by Cain. Cain continues to pound on him on the ground. JDS back up. Cain took him down again and pounding on him some more. Cain took him down again and more pounding. Cain continued punching him on the ground until the round was over. JDS is staggering. 10-8 Cain.

Second round: JDS tagging Cain coming in but Cain slammed him down and got his back again. Cain just pounding away from the top. JDS is exhausted from the pace. He’s back up and Cain put him down again. JDS back to his feet. Knee by Cain. JDS went for a big swing. Cain moving forward. Another takedown by Cain. JDS tried to get up but Cain took him down again. JDS back up. Cain landed a left and short right and took him down again. Cain is going for an armbar. He missed it and JDS now on top. Cain with a big right. Cain has him against the fence. Short punches against the cage. Loud Cigano chants. But Cain landed more punches and now working the body. Knee tothe body. Cain is just taking this guy apart. JDS did land one left. 10-8 again for Cain, 20-16 overall.

Third round: JDS’s face looked like a war casualty. JDS landed an uppercut as Cain moved in. He landed another uppercut. JDS with a body shot. Cain took him down again. JDS back up. Cain has his him pushed againt the fence. Mexico chants real loud now for the first time. Cain couldn’t get the takedown Cain pushed him against the fence and dirty boxing from close range. JDS moved away. JDS landed body shots but Cain cracked him with a right to the head and has him against the fence. Cain went for a takedown and JDS danced away. Cain in with punches. Cain with several body punches from up close. JDS with a body punch and another and one to the head. Cain pressed him against the fence and landing punches. JDS with a knee and Cain back with four hard shots to the head. Knee by Cain and a body kick,. Cain with several shots. JDS blocked another takedown attempt and landed an elbow from the clinch. Loud Cigano chants. Cain landed another series of punches. JDS landed a punch as Cain shot in. Body punch by JDS. Cain’s round 30-25.

Fourth round: JDS getting a second wind. He’s landed some stuff and hurt Cain with a left. Cain still moving forward. Cain has him against the fecne. JDS with hard body shots. Cain moved in with punches. Cain got a takedown but JDS back up. Cain has him against the fence. JDS witha body shot. Cain going for a takedown and can’t get it. JDS broke the clinch and landed a punch. Cain took him down , but JDS back up. Left to the body and uppercut by Cain. Left hard by Cain an another hard left by Cain. Cain has him against the fence again. JDS got distance. JDS landed a left and Cain pushed him against the fence. Ciagno chant. Cain throwing rights from close range. JDS landed a good punch. Cain went for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Dos Santos’ best round so far but still not enough to win, 40-34 Velasquez after four.

Fifth round: Cain with jabs and going for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Takedown but Dos Santos back up. Dos Santos landed an uppercut. Cain again couldn’t get the takedown. In a clinch. JDS fired a punch. Cain again couldn’t get the takedown. JDS landed a left. JDS with an uppercut. Takedown by Cain and has his back. Cain ground and pounding him. JDS is one unbelievably tough guy to survive this for five rounds. And he’s still battling for every move. Cain with a right and has JDS against the fence again. JDS with an uppercut. Great high kick by Cain. JDS staying up from that after all this is amazing. Cain on him with uppercuts and the horn sounded. Cain collapsed on the ground. 50-43.

Scores: 50-45, 50-43, 50-44 for Velasquez

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