Notes from Thursday's MSG show

Also went to the MSG show Thursday with my 10-year old.  Saw Evan's review and while I respect his opinion if you watch this show like I did through 2012-colored glasses and with a 10-year old, it was a really fun night and a very good show wrestling wise by WWE standards.
Was surprised that Ryback did not get a bigger pop.  It was big for sure but no way near Rock, Undertaker, Austin, or Cena levels in the same building.
I would say the crowd was more 70-30 Cena.  Fantastic match with Ziggler but really hard to take a Cena-Ziggler feud seriously.  Amazing thirty years later a spot with a cage door slam by Big E Langston to Cena is now a transition spot.  How things change...
Heyman's promo was great and the "match" was everything it should have been.  Joey Styles was by the ramp presumingly taking pics for but it would been fun if they had him as one of the guys that helped Paul to the back.  I think it would have been poetic if they would have carried out Paul on the table to the back as a makeshift stretcher but alas they had the manager actually walk to the back albeit with assistance after two huge spots from Ryback.
Think it was about 3K or so short of capacity.  House show stage doesn't take up that much room and they were still selling tickets in that section with "obstructive view" marked.  New layout of the garden is much better for sight lines than it ever was.  But I was able to buy $75 tickets on StubHub the day before for $42.
Great to see a lot of the new acts were over and I think Tensai does have a future as a comedy act/face as he was really funny with the singing of the Rudolph song.
All the best for the new year,
Charles Warburton

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