Portland Wrestling TV report

Portland Wrestling Uncut - 1/5/13
John Baumer ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
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-Coss & Piper open the show

-Daivari comes to the ring and complains about Santa stealing his title.  He knows who Santa was and will PROVE IT TONIGHT!

-In the back, Joe V is drawing random names of singles wrestlers to form teams for the tag team title tournament.  Dr. Kliever ends up with Christopher Ryseck.  Kliever seems fine with this, but Ryseck is not.  Colt Toombs wonders onto camera and wants to draw a name.  BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE NAME LEFT! So if Toombs wants in the tournament he has to team with Pat Large.  Large and Toombs reluctantly agree to team.

-Promo for Tuesday's live event at the Milwaukie Elks Lodge, ANNOUNCING NO MATCHES.

-Match #1 - Tag Team Title Tournament
Colt Toombs & Pat Large defeated CJ Edwards & Quiz when Toombs pinned Edwards after a Superman Punch
The story of the match was Large refused to tag in the entire match until the very end when he had no choice.  Toombs then hit a Superman Punch on Edwards and won the match in 30 seconds.  Large then celebrated like he won the match.

-Flashback - Buddy Rose attempts to turn on Dynamite Kid after they lose a tag team match, but Dynamite swerves him and Rose ends up getting beat up by Dynamite, Rip Oliver, and the Assassin.  Back when I was trading tapes years ago, this was a pretty famous tape, THE BUDDY ROSE FACE TURN. 

-Joe V interviews Thunder & Wade BY GOD Hess.  Thunder is not allowed to wrestle in the tournament due to his injuries, and if he attempts to wrestle he will be fined $1,000.  Thunder is not happy.  The Grappler brings Exlie out and offers him to be Hess' partner.  Nobody likes each other, but Hess & Exile will team anyway.

-Match #2 - Tag Team Title Tournament
Wade Hess & Exile def. Mike Santiago & Tommy Celsius when Exile pinned Celsius after a spear
No, Celsius did not dance, which pretty much ruined this entire match for me.

-Joe V introduces a new segment called "Making the Cut" where fans can vote via twitter if a guy is allowed on the roster.  This week's contestant, Rock'n Ricky Gibson.  He deliveries a pretty good promo and heads to the ring.

-Match #3 - Making the Cut
Ricky Gibson defeated Eric Right by reversing a suplex into an inside cradle
Mr. Ooh La La makes his PWU debut by coming out to scout the match.  If you want Gibson to get a spot on the roster, go to the PWU facebook page and vote.

-Joe V interviewed the Blanchard Brothers.  They put over the PNW tag team title.  Apparently last week's matches were not part of the tournament, even though they were announced as such.

-Match #4 - Tag Team Title Tournament
The Blanchard Brothers defeated Dr. Kliever & Christopher Ryseck when Jeremy pinned Ryseck after giving him a Cutter while Bubba had him up in a wheel barrow position

-Santa Claus came to the ring with Daivari's PNW title belt and unbeards to reveal BIG UGLY!  His wife beater has UGLY CLAUS written on it.  Ugly basically apologizes for being a heel the last couple months, then cuts a promo on Daivari explaining he's a disgrace to the PNW title, etc, etc.  Of course, Daivari runs out and they brawl, which ends with Ugly once again STEALING THE TITLE BELT!!

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