Eve Torres interview

Raj Giri of recently spoke with WWE Divas Champion
Eve Torres, who discussed her wrestling career, being the head
instructor for the Gracie Women Empowered Self-Defense Program and
more. Here are some highlights:
Her favorite title reign: I'd probably have to say
that it was this current title reign right now, for sure. I think
every time you win the title, it means more. You think that the first
time that it means the most, but it really doesn't. I think the first
time that you win the title -- you just don't know how to make the
most out of your title reign until you've had one and then you've lost
it. Once you lose something, you know how much more it means to you.
So, third times a charm for me. Obviously, I've taken a bit of a turn
in terms of my character and I've had a lot of fun with that with this
title reign.
Inspirations for her character: I'm having a lot of
fun with it. I draw from personal experiences, I think I've known real
terrible people in my life. [Laughs.] I hate to say it, but everyone
has experiences with people that you just can't stand or have certain
characteristics that just irk you, and it really serves for good
ammunition with these kind of characters.
You have to create your own character and you can base it off of
either people you know or previous characters that have done similar
things. But, it also has to feel real to you. It has to feel like
something that is believable in your own mind in terms of the
character you would play. So, I've really had a fun time finding out
who she is with the help of obviously Vince, Hunter and some of the
other divas as well.
If the Divas Search would work today: Absolutely. I
think the Diva Search was a great way to find women who might have
been intimidated to get into the WWE world on their own. It's kind of
a way to say 'Oh, let's just try it out,' without too much commitment
in the beginning and just feeling it out and seeing if WWE likes them.
As somebody that has the look or the marketability or whatever that
they're looking for, that sparkle that they're trying to find in the
Eve also revealed that another Divas search may be underway, discussed
her engagement to Rener Gracie and named here past and present dream
opponents. You can read the full Eve Torres interview here:

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