End of an era quietly: Final Strikeforce coverage from Oklahoma City

Welcome to our live coverage from the final Strikeforce show from the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Keep in mind if you're keeping up that if you usually don't watch because you don't get Showtime, that in most U.S. homes, Showtime is free this weekend.

Most fights on this show are unofficially winners get into UFC, losers go home. 


First round: Gracie looks so skinny at 186. He’s almost 6-5 and used to fight at 230+. Smith staying on the outside using low kicks. Gracie tried a takedown but Smith escaped. Smith still using low kicks. Gracie has done nothing so far. Smith got poked in the eye. Smith continuing to throw low kicks. Smith went for a high kick. Gracie threw a few weak jabs late but overall did very little offense. Smith 10-9.

Second round: Smith’s eye is bothering him and Gracie landed a shot. Smith can’t see out of the right eye. Graie got the takedown. Now Smith is going to be in trouble on the ground. Gracie with a few punches. Moved to side control and full mount. Gracie landed an elbow that busted him open with an elbow to the left eye and Gracie got an arm triangle choke for the submission.


First round: Both throwing punches and Holobaugh knocked him down. Now they’re in a clinch. Holobaugh landing a lot of body shots from close range. Holobaugh hurt him with a low kick. Healy got the takedown. Now he’s in side position. Holobaugh regained guard. Holobaugh went for a toe hold. Healy punched his way out. Holobaugh got up. Healy got him back down Holobaugh took him down but Healy reversed and now is behind Holobaugh. Healy going for a choke but time is running out. Time ran out. 10-9 Healy.

Second round: Healy took him down right away. He moved to mount and then got Holobaugh’s back. Holobaugh reversed to the top. Both working for leglocks and both let them go. Healy reversed back . Holobaugh tried to reverse but that didn’t work. Healy staying on top. He’s landing elbows now. Holobaugh is trying to work for submissions but Healy is out of all of them. Healy has Holobaugh’s head trapped in a scissors. Healy landing some punches Healy’s round up 20-18.

Third round: Holobaugh back to low kicks. Holobaugh landing a lot of punches. Healy shot in and Holobaugh blocked it. Holobaugh working for an armbar, that was a mistake because Healy got out and Holobaugh is now on his back which is where he didn’t want to be. Healy throwing some punches. Holobaugh tried an uma plata but Healy out. Healy trying an arm triangle. Holobaugh is in trouble now. Holobaugh escaped it. Healy on top and throwing a lot of punches late. Healy’s round, and should win 30-27.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 all for Healy


First round: These two have been training partners in the past. Smith got the takedown. Kennedy back up. Big uppercut by Kennedy. Smith is a really big guy and he got Kennedy down again. He’s a 230 pounder who cuts to middleweight. Kennedy back up. Kennedy got a momentary takedown but Smith grabed thefenc to pull himself up. How the ref missed that I have no idea. Kennedy landed an uppercut and a body kick. Both traded knees. Smith knee to the groin and Kennedy needs a rest. Smith landed a left jab and low kick. Smith tried a takedown but Kennedy blocked it. Kennedy went for a takedown but Smith pulled away. Kennedy nailed him with a front kick to the face. Smith shot or takedown. . Kennedy behind him for a second. Smith with body shots an Kennedy landed late in the round. Close round 10-9 Kennedy.

Second round: Smnith landed a left jab. Now he landed a right. Smith got the tkaedown. Kennedy right back up. Kennedy with a knee. Kennedy got the takedown. Kennedy bleeding from the right eye. Boring round. The ref ordered a standup. Smith went for a takedown off the kick. Kennedy sprawled and he’s landing punches. Kennedy powered him down at the end of the round. 20-18 Kennedy.

Third round: Kennedy landing some jabs. Now they are in a clinch. Kennedy landed an elbow. Kennedy in with several uppercuts and a hard knee. Kennedy went for a standing guillotine as Smith left his neck open and Smith had to tap. 1:36


First round: Couture moved in with a low kick. Knee by Couture from in close. Couture with another low kick but Noons hit an uppercut. Noons with another uppercut. Low kick by Couture. Noons landing an uppercut as Couture moved in. Noons landed a left and a right. Couture landed another one and Noons landed back. Another low kick by Couture. Noons landed an uppercut. Front kick by Noons. Great spin kick by Couture but Noons then back with a punch that knocked Couture down. Great last few seconds. Noons 10-9.

Second round: Noons with a right and left. Noons complained of a head-butt. He’s bleeding right down the forehead with the head-butt. Couture knocked him down. Spin kick by Couture to the body. Couture is hurt. Noons landing a lot of punches and Couture danced away. Noons bleeding from the head but he’s the one landing the shots. Coutrue is taking a beaeting but not going down. Couture back with a knee. Couture trying a takedown but is tired. Big right by Noons. Noons with a right to the jaw. Noons landing more punches as Couture moved in with punches and Noons with hard counters. Left by Couture landed. Both trading punches. Geat front kick by Couture. Noons with a knee and punch. Knee by Coutre. One hell of a round. Noons should be up 20-18.

Third round .Side kick by Couture. Another side kick by Couture. Couture tried a takedown but Noons scrambled away. Couture with a knee. Noons landed a right. Left to the ear by Noons. Couture missed a kick and fell down. Couture landed a big right. Noons back with a left. Body shot by Noons. Left by Noons. Noons landed again. Couture’s face is all marked up. Knee by Couture. Two big shots by Noons. Noons with a right. Noons landed two more punches. Couture landed a good elbow. Both were swinging wildly at the end. I think Noons has it 30-27.

Scores: A split decision, oh dear, 29-28 Couture, 30-27 Noons, 29-28 Couture. Noons got robbed. Crowd booing a lot. Noons had 55-21 edge in power strikes 84-53 in total strikes 80-15 in punches.  I hope Noons doesn't get cut over this one. 

They did a really nice history piece going back to the first show in 2006, talking about the best fights, the biggest stars and more.


First round: They are clinched against the fence. Souza got a few punches in and they separated. A takedown by Souza. Herman is punching from the bottom. Herman going for a leglock. Herman did an up kick, actually was throwing several, when Souza was on his knee which is illegal. The ref told him he wasn’t going to penalize him but don’t do it again. Then the started them standing up, which made no sense when Herman, who committed the foul, was the one on the bottom. Big right by Souza. Herman back with a punch. Souza landing a lot of punches and front kick, then landed a powerful double leg takedown. Souza is looking really good here. He’s in side control. He’s looking for a Kimura and it’s over. Souza looked like a star here.


First round: Hard low kick by Mousasi. Kyle with some knees. Mousasi going for a takedown and Kyle blocking. Body kick by Kyle. Kyle landed a few shots. Mousasi took him down. Mousasi landing elbows. He moved to full mount. Mousasi landing a lot of punches from the mount. Kyle turned his back. Mousasi is hurting him landing punch after punch. Mousasi has the choke and that’s it. He tapped right in front of the ref and the ref didn’t call it for a few more seconds until he tapped a third time. 


First round: Barnett took him right down. Barnett has been battling he flu for some time. Barnett went for a leg lock but Guelmino up. Guelmino tried a judo throw but Barnett blocked it and got his back. Another takedown by Barnett and he’s now in mount. Now way too easily got the arm triangle for the tap.

Barnett did a total C.M. Punk knockoff promo.  He wouldn't answer the question as to whether he's going to UFC, maybe, because he doesn't know.  If he gets a serious offer, it's probably more to keep Bellator from having a marketable heavyweight.


First round: Nice kick by Cormier. Low kick by Cormier. Staring blocked a throw but not the second one. Cormier in side control. Staring got up. Cormeir missed a kick but taking him apart with punches. Another takedown by Cormier. Cormier dropping elbows from side position. . Staring up again. Ref John McCarty stopped it because Staring lost his mouthpiece. Cormier took him down again and this time landed in the mount. Cormier clearly trying to protect his hands by throwing mostly elbows. Cormier was hurting him as the round ended. 10-9 Cormier, almost a 10-8

Second round: Staring rushed in and pushed Cormeri against the fence. Staring doing a good job of blocking takedowns. Cormier let go of the clinch. Staring back in the clinch. Cormier took him down again. Cormier has his back. Cormier landing more elbows. Now he’s thrwoing a lot of punches. Cormier with hammer fists and elbows. Cormier unloading from the top now. Cormier has his back and throwing more punches. Ref John McCarthy stopped it. 4:02

Cormier said he wanted Frank Mir on April 20th on Fox and then said he was going to drop to 205 and kick Jon Jones' ass.  At least he and Barnett made the most of their interview time.


First round: Marquardt with a low kick and side kick. Trading kicks. Saffiedine landed a left jab and knocked him down. Marquardt went for a takedown to clear his head. Body kick by Saffiedine. Long clinch. This round is pretty boring. Saffiedine 10-9 Crowd booing both guys when it was over.

Second round: Marquardt shot for a takedown. Saffiedine defending really well but Marquadt got it. Saffiedine back up taking no damage. Marquardt with a high kick. Saffiedine kick to chin. Saffiedine with a low kick. Saffieidne with another low kick. Marquardt with a left. Marquardt working for another takedown. Saffiedine trying to block it. Marquardt gave it up. Saffiedine with another low kick and body punch. Saffiedine landed a right. Spin kick attempt and Marquardt slipped and went down. Very close round, almost even really but I’ll go Marquardt so 19-19.

Third round: Low kick by Saffiedine. Maruqdrdt back with a low kick. Saffiedien tried for a takedown but blocked it. Now they’re in the clinch. Fans booing. Lackluster fight. They are in a clinch still. Crowd booing more as they are still in the clinch. Marquardt tried a takedown and didn’t get it. Marquardt tried a flying knee but it was blocked. Now back into the clinch. Marquardt landed a punch. Saffiedine back with a low kick. Marquardt with a right. Now Saffiedine landed a left and right. More low kicks by Saffiedine. Marquardt’s left leg is all red. Marquardt’s leg looks like hell. Marquardt landed a punch another low kick by Saffiedine. Marquardt shot for a takedown and Saffiedine blocked it and landed knees. Saffiedine’s round 29-28. Crowd booing again.

Fourth round: Saffiedine killing the leg with kicks. Marquardt back with some good punches though. Marquardt landing a lot of punches. Sick low kick by Saffiedine. Another low kick. nother low kick. Saffiedine with a body shot. Another hard low kick. The leg is trashed. Saffiedine with a hard right. Marquardt with uppercuts but getting killed with the low kicks. Marquardt now bleeding from the head as well. The leg looks so bad. Saffiedine’s round, he should be up 39-37

Fifth round: More low kicks by Saffiedine. Marquardt moving foward. Back in a clinch by the fence. Saffiedine with punches. Marquardt finally blocked a kick but two more got through. Big right by Saffiedine and another low kick. Saffiedine moving forward and back in a clinch. Knee by Saffiedine. Saffiedine got the takedown with 42 seconds left. Saffiedine’s round, should win 49-46.

Scores: 48-47, 49-46, 49-46 for Saffiedine.  Wins the title.

Scott Coker said thank you to everyone, plugged Showtime programming like Homeland and Frank Shamrock talked about the day he and Coker went to Starbucks and decided to start an MMA promotion.

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What do you believe is the second most popular promotion right now in the U.S?