TNA Genesis live coverage from Orlando

Welcome to our live coverage of TNA Genesis from Orlando.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match for this show as well as last night's Strikeforce show to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Chavo & Hernandez retained.  Chavo had Ryan down for the frog splash when Morgan stood up and blocked.  Guerrero used a missile dropkick on Morgan.  Then Guerrero & Hernandez gave Morgan a double dropkick and he tripped over Ryan and fell out of the ring.  Hernandez then gave Ryan a power bomb.  He almost lost Ryan and Ryan took a terrible looking fall.  Hopefully he's okay.  Guerrero used the frog splash on him to win the match.  After it was over, Morgan, who played monster, acted like he was disgusted with Ryan holding him back.

Ken Anderson interview.  He wouldn't answer the question about whether he's in Aces and 8s.  He said he's hanging out with them seriously having a good time but didn't answer the question.


A solidly worked match.  Most of it was Anderson working on Joe's knee.  Joe made a comeback, but Mike Knox, who they still haven't given a name to, came out holding a hammer.  Joe was distracted and Anderson used the mic check for the pin. 

Crowd is better than usual even with all the tapings yesterday.

Kenny King did a promo saying that this isn't the same RVD that wrestled Sabu and Jerry Lynn and he was putting RVD's ass to pasture and you're looking at the new Emperor of the X Division.


They had a good match as far as a lot of moves and near falls.  Crowd was into it to a solid degree.  After lots of kick outs, King went for the La Magistral cradle and York blocked it and got the pin.

The stip was that the winner would meet RVD immediately.  So King gave him a Death Valley driver after the match so York was laid out.


RVD told him he doesn't have to do the match now.  But York punched RVD so the match is on.

They did the match.  Short match but York got some near falls including one with La Magistral late.  The finish saw RVD crotch York on the top rope (that would have been a huge heel move in the past but crowd didn't treat it as one at all), gave him a Rider kick and the frog splash for the win.  A little herky jerky as a match but crowd liked it and it was well laid out.

Joseph Park interview.  Park was reading twitter messages.  He talked about his first case.  He's hear to learn what he used in Ohio Valley Wrestling from Danny Davis, how they gave him a solid foundation to grow on.  Aces and 8s deprived him of food and water and deprived him of his basic rights.  Park was hilarious here botching insider terms for comedy.


The match worked with Park doing the naive greenhorn gimmick.  Told a good story and crowd was really into it, far more than anything so far.  Park got some offense in while in other spots he looked lost and Devon was making a fool of him.  Devon undid a turnbuckle pad and later in the match rammed Park into the exposed metal.  No forehead juice but Park did some blood from the nose, and turned into Abyss, used the black hole slam.  He went for a choke slam, but suddenly he turned back into Joseph, stopped, and Devon used a rolling reverse cradle using the trunks to win.  Devon nailed him after.

Jeremy Borash with Austin Aries.  They said Park was unsuccessful in his first match, even though he had matches before with Bully Ray.


This was not a Rumble style match liked what they've used as gauntlet matches in TNA since the promotion started, including as late as yesterday.  Instead they did an actual gauntlet match.

Gail Kim b Miss Tessmacher used eat defeat
Gail Kim b ODB holding ODB's panties for the pin, or bloomers as Taz called them
Gail Kim b Mickie James holding James' shorts and holding the ropes
Velvet Sky b Gail Kim with the X-factor even though Kim's leg was under the ropes but Taryn Terrell was mad arguing with Kim.
All the matches were about 2:00 to 3:00.  It was fine.  The first match was the best of the bunch.

Christopher Daniels did an interview.  He's great.  The winner of Storm vs. Daniels faces the main event winner for the TNA title on the Impact episode that will be taped on Friday night and air on the 24th.


Daniels won so he gets a title shot.  Technically the best match on the show so far.  Crowd seemed tired but they were there at the end.  Good match overall.  Storm used a backstabber and a codebreaker.  Kazarian (who had a managers' license and interfered during the match) jumped on the apron.  Storm superkicked Kazarian and Daniels used a uranage and Daniels had his foot on the ropes and the ref didn't see it for the pin.

Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan were out.  They are pushing that this Thursday is a special episode of Impact.  They invited all the fans to the wedding.  Hopefully they'll bring gifts.  No angle.


Sting won clean with the Scorpion death drop after a Sting splash in a short match.  The crowd was dead for this.  Before the match started, Sting was attacked by two guys, one was Wes Brisco and the other was probably Garett Bischoff.  But Sting recovered once the match started.  Aces and 8s came out after the match but Bully Ray ran in with a chain and Aces and 8s left.


Excellent main event.  This was elimination rules instead of first pinfall.  This was mentioned in the promotion of the match but I'd bet 95% of the fand wouldn't have known because it was barely mentioned.  Most of the match saw Aries and Roode work together but they could never eliminate Hardy.  Everyone looked good here Hardy did so much working a handicap match most of the way.  Hardy ended up outside the ring and Roode and Aries went at it after Aries missed a 450 and Roode used a fisherman suplex on Aries to try and pin him.  Aries and Roode went back-and-forth until  Aries gave Roode a backslide and then Hardy jumped in and helped out the backslide, eliminating Roode.  Hardy and Aries only went another 90 seconds, which saw Hardy use a twist of fate, and then a second twist of fate over the ropes, followed by a swanton for the pin.

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