Hulk Hogan lawsuit notes

The Tampa Bay Times reported today that Hulk Hogan has filed a $50 million lawsuit against the Laser Spine Institute of Tampa saying the clinic performed unnecessary surgeries that damaged his career.

The lawsuit was filed this morning.  Hogan is also claiming that the clinic used Hogan as an endorser without any payment or permission.

Hogan's attorneys, Wil Florin and Eric Czelusta, claimed the negligent contact by the institute resulted in a provable loss of $50 million in come that he would have made in the latter stages of his wrestling career.

Hogan's attorneys argued that he had seen a number of prominent surgeions who recommended traditional spinal surgery for Hogan, but he was told that surgery would end his career.  He claimed instead, he had multiple unnecessary endoscopic sugeries that further destabilized his already injured back.

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Hogan received bad news when his lawsuit against, after Gawker had moved it from state court back to federal court, is back under the auspices of Judge James D. Whittemore.  Hogan has tried to move the case to state court specifically to get away from Whittemore presiding, since Whittemore had ruled against Hogan on several motions and his writing on the case indicated he didn't think Hogan's case was strong.


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