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Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Daniel Cormier vs Dion Staring
Worst Fight: None
Weird seeing the end of Strikeforce, but at the same time it was needed once UFC purchased the company.  Once it was sold, all the titles ment nothing.  Strikeforce grew too fast.  They should have stayed local on the West Coast and then slowly made their way over the US.  The show was the usual entertaining big Strikeforce show with a lot of finishes and a lot of action. My favorite fight was Daniel Cormier vs Dion Staring because it was interesting to me that Staring held on until Round 2.  I predicted he would have been finished early in Round 1. 
Tarec Safferdine defeating Nate Marquarte was not a surprise to me.  Tarec is one of the underrated fighters in the game today and I felt he was going to give Nate all that he could handle.  Do to his lack of name value, Tarec probably won't get the big champion vs champion fight in the UFC, but he should be giving a top welterweight.  
My favorite part of the show was giving Scott Coker some mic time to say his goodbyes.  It sure did seem like Coker was telling Showtime he was sticking around.  I wouldn't be surprised if Coker helps Showtime in whatever direction they want to go in MMA.  
John LaRocca 
San Jose, CA

In many ways everything that happened on Saturday night was a perfect reflection of what has happened with Strikeforce since Zuffa took it over and ultimately put a fork in them.  A show that was guaranteed to feature all of their biggest names, and all the titles on the line, ended up featuring only one of those titles.  Yet, the champions who ended up injured (Melendez, Rockhold) were nowhere to be seen in the arena.  The general apathy of people when it comes to anything non-UFC in MMA, especially by some fighters within those organizations, makes those same fighters look like complete jackasses.  Gilbert Melendez constantly talked about wanting to fight in the UFC, but he was an employee of Strikeforce.  This general UFC only mentality will end up being the downfall of a lot of the same fighters who so championed it, expecially when they get to the point where the organization no longer needs them, and there are no alternatives available for them to make money through employment. 
The show featured a bunch of illogical fights, many of which were nothing more than squash matches.  Seeing the initial card felt almost like I was preparing to watch an episode of WWF Superstars during the 1980s.  The match placement, with Tim Kennedy not even on the main Showtime card, also was illogical in many ways.  Kennedy was valiantly fighting for a title in his last fight, and now he was a lowercard fighter.  Aside from the illogical matchmaking and fight order, there was so much more that could have been done to make Saturday a worthy sendoff for the pre-Zuffa Strikeforce.  Make no mistake about it, Zuffa is already overextended with all of the bullshit cards they are putting on.  What ever gave them any reason to care about anything that wasn't created by mob money?
Strikeforce should have brought in a who's who of their stars of the past and present.  Where were Jake Shields, Dick Diaz, Scott Smith, Cung Le, Josh Thompson, etc?  The video package they showed was good going over some of the history, but why not more?  The whole affair came across as lazily executed.  Even moreso with their main announcer missing from a few of their recent shows.  As has been stated before, why not have a plan in place?  Why isn't the network already moving to sign other names to this possible promotion? 
What is the plan for the fighters going into the UFC?  You would assume those holding belts would get a title unification match, but like so much other Zuffa titlemaking, logic is left at the door.  Melendez gets a shot at the UFC belt but Rockhold probably won't?  Unify the damn titles!
Just my two cents about how they took Old Yeller behind the barn.
By the way, Thumbs slightly up for the card, but still peeved by what could have been.
Best Fight: Tim Kennedy vs. Trevor Smith
Worst Fight:  None
Matt Wright

Hi Dave,
  Just wanted to provide some feedback on the final Strikeforce show, I gave the show a solid thumbs up, but instead of reviewing the fights, just wanted to offer some final thoughts on Strikeforce. I'm a huge Strikeforce fan, and sad to see the promotion fade away. I still think Dana White should keep Strikeforce alive, and utilize the promotion as a development system for fighters looking to get into UFC. If it's one thing I always hear Dana White say over and over again is that they need more fighters, they are always looking for more fighters. Well Strikeforce was and still is the answer. They should keep the promotion alive in the area in which it was born in the bay area, and utilize it as a platform for up and coming fighters looking for the fights and the experience they need to someday make it to UFC. I've never been disappointed by a Strikeforce event, I've seen just about every show on television and attended about a half dozen live shows over the years including the Challenger series, and they were always solid outings. I still remember attending the Carano - Cyborg fight live, and remember it as being the most electric crowd and big fight feel that I have ever felt. And that includes all live events I've attended over the years from UFC to WWE. They have the ability to market things that UFC does not have time do, such as a women's division, up and coming fighters getting their first chance fighting on live television, specialty fights and attractions such as Hershal Walker, Bobby Lashley, etc. Also a platform for veteran fighters who are looking for fights outside of UFC (Fedor, Barnett, etc.). Not all fighters are a good fit for UFC in some cases, but those same fighters always put on a good show in Strikeforce (Barnett, Nick Diaz). Just a little sad to see the promotion go away, RIP Strikeforce, you will be missed...
Jon Southerland
Clovis, Ca.

I learned that ROH is back in Detroit this Friday after reading about it in the WON. From June 2008 until they stopped coming to the area, I went to nearly every show. When Sinclair bought them they stopped coming. I sent several emails asking when they would return. I got a response (once) that read "now shows scheduled" and the other inquiry received no response. I had to read about their return from the ROH (I don't get their TV as far as I know.)
I used to be on the email list and got all the info - but when they were purchased I fell off their radar. Not that ROH ever gets any local pub, but I have not read or heard a single thing about this show.
Due to a conflict I made months ago, I cannot attend this Friday. If I had known they were coming, I would have kept the date clear.
Paul Nucci

Thumbs up.
Best match: Hardy vs Aries vs Roode
Worst match: Sting vs DOC
Just got back from Genesis.  Good show considering my expectations
were so low.   The crowd was very hot tonight.  I am not sure how it
came across on tv.  All of the matches were pretty solid and told
stories.  The crowd definitely got tired since they were pretty active
the whole night.  The main event was really good.  Aries and Hardy are
super over.  The Sting match was fine, but I think we were just tired
and rested up for the main event.  I am really shocked at how much
Roode and Storm are not as over as they once were.  Both guys seem
like they have all of the tools, but something's missing.
Ed Tanza

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