White to undergo surgery Tuesday

Dana White will be undergoing surgery on his left ear Tuesday to attempt to rid himself of Meniere's Disease, which he has attacked his a few times over the last two years, leaving him with temporarily crippling results.

White told USA Today that he would be getting a new form of surgery at the House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles, where Dr. John House would peel back his last ear and insert a plastic tube in it with the hope it will eliminate the attacks he has suffered from, the most recent being in September.

It's a new procedure, and not the cutting of the nerve in the left ear which would have given him weeks of down time where he would have re-learn balance and walking, but would have given him a 95% chance of never having an attack again.  He had been wanting that surgery, even scheduled it once, before he was advised by doctors against it.

The new surgery increases the odds of the disease not coming back to about 70%, which is more than the 50% of medication.  White has been on the wrong side of those odds thus far. 

White is expected out of the hospital on Wednesday and it is possible he will go to Sao Paulo, Brazil, for the UFC show on FX on Saturday night.

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