Special show tomorrow for those interested in Houston Wrestling history

For those familiar with the heyday of Houston Wrestling, Peter Birkholz would be very familiar.  Birkholz worked on screen as a television announcer and interviewer, and behind the scenes handled virtually every facet of the business from promoting, to booking, in his role as General Manager of the promotion.

Birkholz, the nephew of legendary promoter Paul Boesch, was the behind-the-scenes workhouse of the promotion during the 80s in particular, and has just released a book about wrestling during that period called "When Wrestling was Rasslin."

We are going to have him as a guest on tomorrow's Wrestling Observer radio show.  We will be taking phone calls at approximately 2:30 p.m. Eastern time tomorrow.  We would like to limit them to people who either grew up with Houston Wrestling or those interested in the product and its history since, with Boesch having passed away more than two decades ago, Birkholz would no more about the goings-on behind the scenes in that city than anyone.


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