UFC live coverage from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Welcome to our live coverage of tonight's UFC show from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The show is a combined Fuel and FX show.


First round: Super hot crowd. Trinaldo landed a left and moved into a clinch. Trinaldo got behind him standing and is back working for a takedown. He picked him up with a back suplex and Trinaldo is on top. Super loud crowd cheering for Trinaldo. Trinaldo got full mount. He’s throwing punches. Nice reverse by Keith. Trinaldo working from the bottom for an armbar. Trinaldo then swept back to the top. Trinaldo got a mount and was throwing punches just as the round ended. 10-9 Trinaldo.

Second round: Big left by Trinaldo. Keith tried a high kick but it didn’t land. Trinaldo has him pushed back into the cage. He went for another throw but gave it up. Another high back suplex by Trinaldo, who is on top. He’s got a head and arm choke and Keith tapped out.


First round: Alcantara is smaller and took this at the last minute. Prado has a lot of charisma for the Brazilian market. Prado landed three hard shots. Alcantara now working for a takedown. Body kick by Alcantara. Another body kick by Alcantara. Knees by Alcantara. Hard right by Prado. Crowd starting to boo. Left by Prado and a right. Front kick by Alcantara and a hard right by Prado. Knee by Alcanatara. Left kick to the body by Alcantara. Knee by Prado and Alcantara took him down with it. Prado is bleeding from the forehead. Ref Mario Yamasaki ordered a standup pretty quick. Prado landed a hard right and knee late. Very close round. 10-9 Prado but could go the other way easily,

Second round: Prado landed two rights. Left and right by Prado and Alcantara took him down. Prado tried a guillotine but Alcantara out and on top. Alcantara tried a D’Arce choke but Prado escaped and is on top. Prado landing lefts from the top. Alcantara trying a kneebar and switched to an ankle lock. Alcantara moved back to a kneebar and got the submission.


First round: Nobre’s nickname is The Rock. Probably after Pedro Rizzo, a Brazilian fighter, as opposed to Dwayen Johnson. Body kick by Alcantara. He’s the brother of the guy who won the previous match. Nobre kicked him in the groin and a time out has been called. Dan Miragliotta warned Nobre about that. Good right by Nobre. Both missing big strikes and Nobre took him down and trying a Kimura. This Kimura is nasty but Nobre got out of it. Alcantara is throwing punches from the back. Miraglotta told him to watch the back of the head. Nobre was hurting and holding the back of his head. Nobre looks like he’s done. The doctor stopped the match and there is a gash right on the back of his head in an illegal spot, but Kenny Florian is still claiming none of the shots were illegal. There was an elbow to the back of the head with the point of the elbow on the ear but that’s the one that left a mark and likely ended the fight. Fight should be a no contest. Crowd booing because the last several shots didn’t hit the back of the head and they didn’t see it but the mark is proof. Due to an accidental foul, the decision by ref Dan Miragliotta is a no contest.


First round: Barboza with body kicks. Now he landed a low kick. Barboza kicked him in the groin so it’s a time out. Left by Barboza. Good right landed by Barboza. Barboza moved in and landed a few more. Barboza knocked him down with a left and Barboza is pounding on him with strikes on the ground and Martins tapped out from the strikes.


First round: Lentz got the takedown but Nunes right back up. Lentz got his back. Lentz got him down but Nunes back up again. Lentz with another takedown but Nunes up. Lentz with another takedown. He’s got back position and throwing punches. He’s working for a choke. More punches by Lentz. Loud Diego chants. Lentz landing a lot of punches. Nunes back up. Lentz with knees to the head. Lentz landing more punches from back position. Crowd booing because Nunes is all over him. Lentz getting more punches in from back position. Nunes back to his feet. Lentz got him down again. Lentz with more punches. Lentz with harder punches to the ear. Nunes back up. Another takedown by Lentz. More punches by Lentz. Lentz’s round easily, 10-9.

Second round: Another takedown by Lentz. Crowd booing because Nunes can’t get anything going. Lentz landing some punches from the top. Lentz with some elbows. Body punches and elbows to the body by Lentz and elbow to the head. Lentz also throwing elbows to the thigh. Lentzwith knees to the body. Lentz now has his back with 50 seconds left. More punches by Lentz. He continues to punch to the side of the head. Nunes got up with a few seconds left. Nunes threw a nice punch just as the round ended. Lentz’s round, almost a 10-8, so up 20-18. Both of these rounds would be 10-8.5 with halfs.

Third round: Right by Lentz. Nunes landed several punches and blocked a takedown attempt. Lentz with a knee from the clinch. Left by Lentz and he moved in. Another takedown by Lentz. Lentz bleeding from the right eye. Lentz landing a lot of punhes and now has his back. Nunes back to his feet and taken right back down. Lentz continues to land punches. Lentz continues to control him. Nunes up and out and threw a knee. Nunes landing a lot of punches and Lentz took him back down again. Lentz’s round, has to win easily, I have 30-27. Only question would be if any 30-26s.

Scores:  30-28, 30-27 and 30-26.  The 30-28 makes no sense but doesn't make a difference.


First round: Craig hurt him with a right, Markes went for a takedown but Craig right back up. Markes working for the takedown and finally completed it. Craig back up. Powerslam by Markes. Markes going for a choke but Craig blocking. He gave it up. Ronny chants. Craig reversed to the top as the round ended and Markes tried for an armbar. 10-9 Markes.

Second round: Markes got the takedown with a trip. Markes working for a Kimura. Craig out and trying to get to his feet. Boring round. Ref Marc Goddard ordered a separation. Nothing was happening so that was a good call, but the round ended seconds later. Markes’ round, 20-18.

Third round: Markes corner told him just to make sure to not make a mistake. Markes moved into a clinch. Markes working for a takedown but Craig defending well. Markes tried a takedown but again Craig blocked it. Craig decked him with a punch and Craig punching on the ground. The crowd is totally silent. There’s more than 3:00 left and Craig has him down. He’s landing elbows. Craig tried an arm triangle but gave it up. Markes holding guard trying to stall out the round. Crowd so dead. Craig dropping elbows. Craig punching the body hard. Craig dropping elbows and body shots. Craig got up and is letting Markes up. Craig moved in with a flying knee. Markes got the takedown. Craig up as the horn sounded. Craig’s round but Markes’ fight 29-28. No other score is possible.

Scores: Straight 29-28 scores for Markes.


First round: Castro landed a right. Vieira with a body kick. Castro with right low kick. Castro buckled him with a right and Vieira immediately took Castro down. Vieria got his back. Castro out and accidentally kicked him in the groin and Vieira got a time out. Vieira got another takedown when Castro tried a knee. Castro up and escaped. Vieira 10-9.

Second round: Vieira has swelling under his left eye. Vieira with a body kick. Vieira took him down. Crowd booing as Vieira just keeping him down. Castro trying a Kimura and used it to sweep into the mount. Now he’s got Vieira’s back. Castro has the body triangle. Fans booing. Castro keeping Vieira in place and throwing a lot of punches to the body and head. He continues to pound the body and head. Castro went for a choke with seconds left. Castro’s round so 19-19 even.

Third round: Both trading punches. Castro moved forward. Castro tried to cheerlead the crowd. Vieira landed a good right and a knee. Castro got the clinch. Vieira working for a Kimura, now they are both tied up on the ground. Vieira ended up on top throwing punches. Castro up and threw some punches and Vieira took him down again. Vieira landed a lot of punches late to make sure he cliched a decision. Vieira has to win this 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Castro, 29-28 Vieira 29-28 Castro. I have no idea how anyone could give Castro rounds one or three. The crowd, which came in loving Castro, is booing this one like crazy.


First round: Khabib landed a few punches. Both very cautious. Crowd getting restless. Khabib dropped him with a right. He’s throwing a lot of elbows on the ground. . It’s time to stop it and Big Bad Dan Miragliotta stopped it a few blows late.  The Brazilians aren’t happy with Nurmagomedov after that T-shirt "If Sambo was easy, they’d call it Jiu Jitsu" thing yesterday.  1:55

Dana White furious at Dan Miragliotta over the late stoppage.  Like really furious.


First round: Rothwell landed two punches and Gonzaga took him down. Rothwell right back to his feet. Another takedown by Gonzaga. Rothwell up and Gonzaga took him down again even though Rothwell grabbed the fence to block. Another takedown by Gonzaga. Rothwell back up. Knee by Gonzaga. In a clinch, Marc Goddard separated them. Rothwell lost so much weight that his trunks are falling down. . Rothwell landed a punch but now back in a clinch. Gonzaga landed a few rights. He keeps landing rights. Gonzaga tried a takedown, Rothwell sprawled out avoid it. Rothwell landed a few punches. Gonzaga with punch. Gonzaga’s round 10-9.

Second round: Gonzagalnaded a right. Rothwell landed left. Gonzaga hurt him with two rights and buckled his knees. Gonzaga tried a guillotine. Rothwell tapped out from the guillotine.


First round: Sarafian moved in and landed a few punches. Dollaway missing punches. Sarafian dropped him with a punch. Dollaway trying for a takedown but Sarafian avoided it. Big right by Sarafian. Sarafian landed another right. Sarafian keeps landing. Sarafian now going to the body. 10-9 Sarafian.

Second round: Dollaway landed a left. Spin kick by Sarafian didn’t do much. Sarafian going for a takedown but Dollaway blocking. Left by Sarafian. Sarafian with a right. Sarfian landed a right . Sarafian with takedown and kicked him as he got up. Right by Sarafian. Dollaway landed a left and right. Dollaway landed a left. Jumping kick by Sarafian. Kick to the body moved Sarfian. Dollaway hurt him with an uppercut Dollway pounding on him for the finish and he survived the round. Sarafian was winning the entire round until those last few seconds but Dollaway was on the verge of a finish so I have to give him the round, so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Trading high kicks that mostly missed. Good left hook by Sarafian and Dollaway with a hook of his own. Sarafian looks tired. Body kick by Dollaway. Dollway landed a left. Both landing lefts. Dollaway blocked a takedown. Dollaway with a knee and big right by Dollaway. Dollaway with the takedown. Dollaway to mount. Sarafian gave up his back but got up to his feet. Place popped big when he got up. Dollaway got another takedown and got his back. Sarafian reversed to the top. Sarafian has 90 seconds and needs to do damage. Sarafian has his back. He’s working for a choke. Dollaway with a nice reversal which may have won him the fight. Sarafian up. Time ran out. Crowd gave this fight a standing ovation. I gave the round to Dollaway so he should win 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Dollaway 29-28 Sarafian 29-28 Dollaway. Crowd booing but can’t argue the call.  Crowd continued to boo long after the decision was read. 


First round: They booed Bisping heavily but everyone expected that. Belfort looks so ridiculously jacked. Bisping landed a jab. Big chants for Belfort. Another low kick by Bisping. Belfort threw a high kick but it was blocked. Belfort missed a spin kick. Belfrt landed a left. They traded punches. Another low kick by Bisping. Belfort missed a lunging punch. Body kick by Belfort. Jab by Bisping. Bisping got poked in the eye. Bisping said he was okay. Spin kick by Bisping. Body kick by Belfort. Belfort hurt him with a flurry. Belfort won the round in the closing seconds. Not much happened other than that flurry. Seems like Belfort is holding back not to burn out early. 10-9 Belfort.

Second round: Body kick by Belfort. Bisping bleeding from the nose. Belfort landed a jab. Belfort knocked him down with a high kick and it’s over after punches on the ground.  After Dan Miragliotta stopped the Normagomedov late, he stopped this one early.  It was a great kick but the punches on the ground were mostly missing and he was recovering.

Belfort did a hell of a promo telling Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta to take the clown, Chael Sonnen, out of the match with Jon Jones and he wanted a rematch.  Seriously, does anyone want to see him against Jones because aside from that one armbar, he wasn't even competitive.  

Bisping actually did a humble interview, saying he had a great camp, was in shape, felt great, but Vitor was the better man on this night, but he would be back.

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