Portland Wrestling TV report 1-19

Portland Wrestling Uncut - 1/19/13
John Baumer ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
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-Piper & Coss open the show.  Piper says since Big Ugly went to a time limit draw with Daivari last week that makes him the #1 contender.  If he had beat him it would have made him champion.

-Joe V interviews the Grappler & Exile.  They realize Wade BY GOD Hess isn't with them, which is not good since he's Exile's partner in the tag team title match later.  Hess comes out.  He still doesn't like Grappler or Exile.  Thunder comes out with $1,000 cash (the deal is Thunder is hurt and the commission will fine him $1,000 if he ignores them and wrestles) and tells Grappler he will be wrestling tonight.  Exile had the line of the night when Thunder pulled out the cash, "Somebody mortgaged their trailer."

-Match #1
Thunder defeated Ethan HD via pinfall after a Dominator (at least that's what Faarooq called it in 1996)
Piper points out that a pro wrestler is supposed to get paid to wrestle, not pay to do it.  That may have been the case in your day Hot Rod, but things are different in 2013. 

-Joe V plugs some upcoming live events and then interviews Pat Large.  He has a C painted on his chest, which means he is the captain in his team with Colt Toombs.  He says since he's been in PWU he has been drinking beer with Steve Austin and will be in The Rock's next movie.  Large starts hitting on Toomb's sister, who is in the audience.  She says no, but Large thinks she said yes.

-Flashback: footage from a 1978 Battle Royal

-Joe V interviews Big Ugly.  Ugly warns Joe V that if he catches him outside his window with his pants down again there will be problems.  Ugly says the next time he faces Daivari he will win the title.

-Match #2
Big Ugly defeated Buddy Highway via pinfall with a sunset flip off the middle turnbuckle after Highway missed a shoulder block

-Joe V interviews the Grappler, who brings out the newest member of his stable - Kahagas the Tokyo Monster.  This guy appears to be doing a Kabuki gimmick.

-Match #3
Dr. Kliever defeated Kahagas by DQ when Kahagas wouldn't stop attacking Kliever in the ropes (or maybe it was for shoving REFEREE TEX THOMPSON).  After the match, Kahagas started hitting Kliever with his kendo stick.  CJ Edwards (and someone else who wasn't identified and I couldn't make out) runs in for the save and gets beat up for his trouble.

-Joe V interviews Mike Santiago, who has aggression and plans to use it to be a success in 2013. He's off to a good start.  He was in a pretty damn good 60-minute Iron Man match with Quiz on last week's DOA show.

-Match #4
Mike Santiago defeated Matt Farmer via pinfall after a spinning forearm smash

-Joe V interviews the Blanchard Brothers and their LIFE COACH Mr. Ooh La La.  Bubba Blanchard is so freaking awesome.  That is all.

-Match #5 - Finals of the PNW Tag Team Championship Tournament
The Blanchard Brothers defeated Wade BY GOD Hess & Exile when Bubba pinned Hess
Jeremy was sporting a WORLD FAMOUS FLEA MARKET t-shirt on his way to the ring.  YouTube it. The finish saw Thunder come out and chase the Grappler into the ring.  Hess tripped over Grappler trying to suplex Bubba, causing Bubba to land on him and get the pinfall, which the ref counted despite Grappler being right there in the middle of the ring.  After the match, Bubba cuts a promo that would make Superstar Graham smile. 

-The show ended with Hess, Grappler, Thunder, and Exile all arguing in the back.  Kabuki, I mean Kahagas ran in with his kendo stick, presumably to hit Thunder, but the show ended before that happened.

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