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UFC fx 7

Thumbs in the middle. Vitor turning into Cro Cop saved it from a down. More like an indy card than a major card. Some weird reffing and judging too.
Best fight: nothing was very good. Give it to the main I guess for the KO.
Worst fight: they could sell a Lentz-Nunes and Markes-Craig DVD as an insomnia cure
KO: Vitor
Sub: Gonzaga
Massaranduba very impressive in the fb prelim dominating throughout and finishing Craig with a belly to back and arm tri early in the 2nd.
On the fuel prelims, Big Alcantara waded through some pretty good punches from Prado and finished him with a knee bar in the 2nd. Little Alcantara, who doesn't look that much smaller, quickly walks right through Nobre but has to settle for a NC when his finishing G&P is ruled to the back of the head, which replay does NOT support. Mirgliotta's first questionable call on a very bad night for him. Barboza gets a confidence builder after the upset to Varner, quickly dropping Martins with a jab and making him tap to followup G&P, then gets booed for speaking English before Portuguese on his promo. Nik Lentz forsakes his recent switch to actual exciting fighting and grinds out a onesided UD over Diego Nunes. I had the 1st 10-8 despite Lentz doing very little damage because he held Nunes to zero offense and so did one judge, but another judge somehow scored one round even. Markes grinds Craig for two rounds then holds him off in the 3rd for a 29-28 so obvious even the judges can score it. Card is circling the drain at this point. Viera and Pepey pick things up a little bit but marred by an asinine 29-28 SD for Pepey, as Viera clearly won the 1st and 3rd.
On the top card, Nurmagomedov, who's a little scary, drops Thiago Tavares with a lead uppercut and finishes with G&P in very short order. Mirgilotta late on the stop as Tavares was out.
Gonzaga once again exposes Rothwell for the opponent he is, landing at will and finishing with a standing-to-pulled Guillotine in the 2nd. Both are gassed before the 1st is over. Gonzaga is still gassed on his promo. At least he showed some technique but this was horrible. Neither of these guys is going anywhere upward.
Serafian looked good early vs. Dolloway but both gassed badly and Dolloway surprisingly (considering the venue) eked out the SD. I thought it should have been a draw. Not seeing much upside to Serafian.
Vitor, looking really weird with a Mohawk, saved the show as much as it was savable. This was a win-win fight as either way a jerk was gonna lose. Gotta say the Blackzilians seem to be doing him more good than anybody else as he's suddenly finishing/threatening with things other than punches. That was I think his first HK KO ever. And he seemed to be conserving his energy right. They seem to be more limiting with some other guys. Still gotta ask how winning this fight would have made Pissbing '#1 contender'. Was Vitor '#1 contender'? Uhhh no. Has Vitor beaten a top contender at 185? Uhhhh no. Kinda enjoyed his promo on Chael, although I'm not sure what sense it made. Mirgliotta maybe quick on the stop, maybe not.

Crimson Mask

 Thumbs down.
Best:  Khalid fight
Worst: Rothwell fight
Prelims bored the hell out of me. A general sports fan who did know mma would never suspect Rothwell and Gonzaga were professional athletes. As far as main event, you can kick anyone in the head if he keeps his hand down, so that's no big achievement. Bush league all the way.
Mike Devlin

Hi Guys,
With not a really stellar card, whether it be marquee fights or even hardcore fan great match ups, I didn't have any expectations coming into this show.
I gave the show a slight thumbs up. It started off slow and picked up at the end and the main card delivered
Best Fight: nothing really stood out as a great fight so Ill go with C.B. Dollaway vs. Daniel Sarafian
Worst Fight:Ildemar Alcantara vs. Wagner Prado
Best KO: Belfort
Best Sub: Gonzaga
Ildemar Alcantara vs. Wagner Prado - So so action to start the card. Fight not really dominated by either but a nice kneebar for Alcantara in his debut.
Yuri Alcantara vs. Pedro Nobre - Not sure how Nobre didn't submit to that Kimura, especially after he stepped his foot over his head. He looked pretty much done after that taking shots and not defending anything. I don't believe that those supposed shots to the back of the head ended the fight and Nobre took the easy way out. He was done way before that point in the fight. This was a bad stoppage.
Edson Barboza vs. Lucas Martins - Barboza's speed was so superior, especially in his leg kicks. A great performance by him (albeit against a non top contender) and definitely moving closer to a title shot but we need to see him take out some top 10 ranked opponents .
Nik Lentz vs. Diego Nunes - Lentz was an animal and stuck to him like glue sucking the will out of him with his ground and pound. Nunes continues his career like a yo yo, alternating wins and losses. Nunes had his striking moments but was always at the end of the round where he didn't have the time to catch up from a round of being pounded.
Andrew Craig vs. Ronny Markes -  Pretty uneventful fight. Markes dominated the first but couldn't really advance his position when he had his back and body figure foured. 2nd round was horrible. Things looked up when Craig decked him and started the ground and pound but it was too little too late.
Godofredo Castro vs. Milton Vieira -  This was an entertaining fight and the card needed it. I scored the fight for Vieira though giving him rounds 1 & 3. Pepey had the nice Kimura reversal in the 2nd right into mount. Thought  Yamazaki stood them up pretty quick at that one point in the 3rd round when Vieira was still advancing his position and still working, with the stand up seeming to favour Pepey. Viera took control and took him right back down again though gaining another point. Chavo Guerrero was cheering for Pepey in this fight.
Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Thiago Tavares - Another impressive win by Nurmagomedov with his strikes. It seemed like a bit of a late stoppage as there were 14 powerful elbow shots with no defense at all by Tavares.
Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Ben Rothwell - Rothwell looked great with the weight loss but didn't really do much besides eating a lot of right hands in between stopping the takedown. Gonzaga gassed in the 1st pretty quickly after all the takedown attempts but was still throwing some power. Nice guillotine to finish.
C.B. Dollaway vs. Daniel Sarafian - This was an entertaining back and forth fight. Dolloway showed a nice chin at times. Both guys very tired in the 3rd and Dolloway mounted him twice very easily but couldn't do any damage when he got there. Dolloway's conditioning won him the fight.
Vitor Belfort vs. Michael Bisping - Well, that screws things up doesn't it. A giant UK stadium show is blown. Bisping's boxing seemed off here and Belfort looked really relaxed and patient unlike his usual aggressive fast based recklessness. Great head kicks in both rounds for Vitor and a great win for him at home.
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Grant Zwarych
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