WWE Vintage Collection TV report - 2000 Royal Rumble

'WWE Vintage Collection’ TV Report #242 – January 20th, 2013

Shown on Sky Sports in the U.K.

By Stephen Lyon.

This week's theme: One match show - the 2000 WWF Royal Rumble match.

Show was hosted by Gene Okerlund and Renee Young.

The Show:

1) The Rock won the 30 man Royal Rumble match, to earn a WWF title match at Wrestlemania 16. This match was the main event of the 'WWF Royal Rumble 2000' pay-per-view event, that took place at Madison Square Garden, New York on January 23rd, 2000. Announcers for this match were Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler.


Match opened with Grandmaster Sexay and D-Lo Brown, with Headbanger Mosh in third, with Mosh sporting a pair of large furry cone-shaped fake breasts (just for the hell of it, I guess). Kaentai (Take Michinoku & Funaki) - who weren't official participants in this match - ran in to attack all three guys, but were quickly dispatched to the outside. This was a running comedic gag, repeated numerous times during the match where they'd run in and be quickly thrown out. Christian was next in, followed by Rikishi, who was the first big 'star' of the match. Rikishi gave Christian a belly-to-belly suplex and tossed him out, as he did with Mosh, then gave D-Lo Brown a sitdown shoulderbreaker before eliminating D-Lo. Rikishi squared up to the remaining Sexay, only for Scotty Too Hotty to be the next man in (what were the chances of that, huh?), and the Too Cool trio began dancing to their entrance music in the ring. The live crowd were loving this, everyone in the arena clapping their hands above their head in quite the sight.


Alas, the dancing didn't last long, and Rikishi clotheslined and threw out his two little dancing buddies, showing he was all business. Steve Blackman was next in, eliciting 'Blackman Sucks' chants, and he didn't last long before elimination. Next was the big Viscera, who did dominate Rikishi initially, giving him a belly-to-belly suplex. Rikishi soon gained the upperhand though, and a legdrop and splash in the corner later, Big Vis was history too. Big Boss Man was next, with the wily veteran stalling forever, awaiting reinforcements. Unfortunately, Test followed him, and engaged in a big brawl with Boss Man around the ringside area. Davey Boy Smith (wearing jeans), and the blood-sipping Gangrel followed, as the ring began to fill up. After a commercial break, Bob Backlund (wearing red shorts) was out, a surprise entrant that popped the crowd. Edge was also in the ring at this point, and everyone ganged up on Rikishi to eliminate the big man. Chris Jericho was next in, and he quickly eliminated the crazy Backlund, who left through the crowd. Crash Holly and Chyna followed, Holly being spanked by Edge, and Chyna surprisingly suplexing Jericho out of the ring to eliminate him (which I'm sure amused several key people in the back watching this). Boss Man quickly eliminated Chyna following this, her sole purpose of involvement in this match completed.


After Okerlund and Young reset the scene in the studio, we rejoined the match, which at this point had Al Snow, Val Venis, Hardcore Holly and Road Dogg added to the action. The next big star in the match was The Rock, who came out to a huge reaction, and immediately eliminated the Big Boss Man. Test and Venis teamed up to try to eliminate the Rock, but no dice. Mr Ass (Billy Gunn) was next, as Rock tossed out Crash Holly, with Big Show coming out to a pretty big reaction. After a commercial break, Kane (accompanied by girlfriend Tori) was in, chokeslamming Venis out of the ring in his first move. The Godfather sauntered out (big crowd reaction), accompanied by four Hos, who did a lap outside the ring, as Kaentai (just Funaki at this point) ran in, only to be tossed out again. They replayed a clip of Taka Michinoku being tossed out earlier, where he did a sick bump landing face first at ringside, and was legitimately taken to the hospital, as J.R. mentioned on commentary. In a sign of what the WWF felt they could get away with at this point, Lawler made borderline racist jokes, referring to Taka and Funaki as 'little Chinese guys', and that 'Taka will be okay, they have some good Chinese hospitals here in New York',  which J.R. admonished him for, telling him to 'stop being so xenophobic'. No announcer would dare say anything like Lawler said on WWE tv in 2013, and I'm a little surprised this aired unedited on this Vintage show. 


X-Pace entered as number 30, and the match began to climax. Snow eliminated Holly. Big Show threw out Godfather. Rock threw out Snow. Road Dogg laughed at Snow's elimination, only for his own tag team partner Billy Gunn to throw out Dogg. Gunn himself was next out, courtesy of Kane. The New Age Outlaws then combined to drag Kane under the bottom rope to the outside and brawled with him all around the ringside area. Rock threw X-Pac out, but the referees - dealing with the Outlaws & Kane - didn't see it, and X-Pac crept back in. Kane slammed Show, but X-Pac levelled his former tag team partner Kane with spinning kick to the head, Kane being eliminated. X-Pac followed this up with a Bronco Buster on Show, who was angered by this, and recovered to military press slam X-Pac out of the ring. This left Rock vs Show as the final two, and the 'Great One' wasted little time using a double-leg takedown on Show and delivering the Peoples Elbow. Rock tried to toss out Show, only for the giant to block the move, and instead chokeslam Rock. Finish was a play off the 1994 & 1995 Rumble match finishes. Show tried to throw Rock out, but in the process, Rock held on to the top rope, and as both tumbled over, Show hit the floor, and Rock quickly scrambled inside the ring to win the match.


Closing thoughts: Enjoyable show. Most Rumbles are good, some great. This was a good one. It was enjoyable seeing most of the roster at this time, on this show.

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Match Results:


1) The Rock won the 30 man Royal Rumble match, to earn a WWF title match at Wrestlemania 16. ('WWF Royal Rumble 2000' ppv: MSG, New York - 23/01/00).


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Stephen Lyon,
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