Hulk Hogan talks British Boot Camp, smaller wrestles, Orndorff and Jake

Hulk Hogan is back in Britain, and has been in to see us today at Sky News Radio, Britain's provider of commercial radio news content, serving 34 million weekly listeners.  Hulk sat down with us to discuss last night's finale of TNA British Boot Camp, this week's UK tour, and also some of the history of his career.  Among other things, he said:
*He didn't want to eliminate anyone from British Boot Camp; would have been happy to pick all 4 competitors to win.
*Is sure that Rockstar Spud's small stature won't be a problem in TNA, as rules of the business have changed: "Going by the rules of the 80s..many of the guys today, there would be a question if they would be even in the business".
*Talks about suggestions that the Boot Camp format be done in other countries, but that he personally wants to see more of them done in Britain.
*Speaks about today's 29th anniversary of his WWF title win over The Iron Sheik.
*Speaks about shock at the massive crowd for his 1986 Toronto CNE Stadium win over Paul Orndorff.
*Talks about 1986 programme with Jake Roberts never getting off the ground ("We couldn't dance together, it wasn't right").
Of course, it's Hogan, so take parts of it with a pinch of salt, but some interesting stuff in there I think.  The links to the interview are here:
Part 1 (Boot Camp and UK Tour stuff mainly)
Part 2 (more historical stuff, plus his future prospects of wrestling again)

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