Missy Hyatt talks about Steve Corino, and an apology Corino wrote to her

Recently Steve Corino did a shoot interview with Highspots. Steve would drink alcohol heavily through out the video and was openly drunk. During the course of the video, Corino would tell a long drawn out story that was completely false about me. Steve would tell a story that can be openly discredited by so many people that know me. Steve’s story was hurtful to myself, my family, Eddie Gilbert, and several friends.

Steve’s excuse to me was he was drunk and he thought if he said I was a great person, any lie he said about me in his warped mind is putting me over, even if its attached to a lie. Steve’s story is 100% not true. His description of places and times was not even accurate. I had previously gotten along with Steve as a friend. I always had an immense amount of respect for his relationship that he have with his son, which I still do.

Steve haves admitted the story he told was a lie. There is an old analogy that Jim Cornette had told about Paul Heyman, which applies to Steve Corino. “Steve would rather climb a tree, rather then stand on the ground and tell the truth”.

Over the past five days I corresponded with Steve. He said he would tell the truth. He wrote an apology blog that can only be found only on his website, despite promising to send it out to several websites. Steve would rather tell lies about a person that got him bookings at one point and even sent his kid Christmas gifts, since they considered him a friend, rather then tell the truth to the faceless people that he rather hold to a higher esteem on the internet.

Since Steve can type all of the blogs apologizing that nothing ever happened between us, but can’t email them out. I guess I will have to do it for him. I guess a woman haves to finish the job for Steve.

Steve said he would do anything to correct the situation. I told him to get the video removed, since others will be profiting and entertained by his 100% fictional story. Obviously this request is impossible. Steve would lie to me that the video was removed by Highspots and all torrent sites. Let me see, the movies and music business can’t stop piracy, but Steve can stop future downloads to a video that he lied on? If you are in the wrestling business, you eventually will believe you can justify and believe your own lies.

Apparently Steve would rather tell more lies to pile up on his initial lie.

I told Steve to take his pay day for the shoot interview and to make a donation under my name to the following charities as a sign of remorse for his lies: The Wounded Warrior Fund, Russells Rescue, and RAINN. I felt neither one of us deserve to make a penny based on Steve’s actions. Steve agreed to it a few a days ago. To this day, Steve has not emailed me any donation receipts under my name as a sign of his apology.

I told Steve to post on the various websites that he holds at such a high esteem to post his public apology. Steve would email he was going to retract his story and admit that he lied. His apology has only shown up on his website in which you have to scroll down to find under his baseball talk to find in order to find it [the word lie is still written in vague terms].

I was within three hours of driving distance from Steve Corino a few days ago. I told him to meet me face to face and tell me why he lied? Steve would only apologize in an email, but not tell me face to face that he was sorry. There is always a little truth to every wrestling character. I am a “ditzy blonde” and Steve is a “chicken shit heel”. We both truly mastered our roles in wrestling and life. I never thought anybody in real life could be scared of the Gucci purse, apparently Steve is.

I don’t blame Highspots at all. Steve signed his waiver and got his pay day. Highspots got some content that they felt could make them money. Too bad the story is 100% not true. In the era of endless glut of DVD’s, downloadable content, etc. This DVD is a waste of time and your money would be well better spent in supporting Highspots by buying a PWG, ROH, CZW, PWX DVD’s. At least these DVD’s have a roster that are busting their ass to deliver you entertainment, rather then a guy who is insulting a one-time friend with lies in order to later be caught as the proverbial school kid that got caught lying.

I thought about verbally obliterating Steve in a harsher manor, since he doesn’t have any respect to me, friends, or my loved ones. I felt since he's got a sixteen year old kid that loves wrestling and his father, I would take the higher road. I have more respect to not hurt Steve’s loved ones with lies, too bad he doesn’t feel the same about others when he is heavily drinking and telling lies on a DVD.

You can read Steve’s blog, since he keeps forgetting to email it out:


You can also read the apology that he emailed me yesterday, that never appeared any where.

*A few days ago I posted an apology via my website to Missy Hyatt for things that I said on a interview. I want to once again publicly apologize to Missy and everyone in her circle that I hurt with those careless words.

Missy is rightfully upset at the story and told me that she had no recollection of this even happening. I want to retract everything I said in the interview. Missy Hyatt deserves so much better than some drunken idiot telling stories like he was in a high school locker room.

I am so sorry to her, her mother, and her loved ones that suffered embarrassment through my stupidity. The real Missy Hyatt, like I said in the original apology, is a wonderful person. So smart, beautiful, and truly a pioneer in our industry. She leads a great life now and I threw a monkey wrench into it with my words. The times in 2004 that I got to work, learn, and hang out with Missy were major highlights of my career and I ruined that relationship. Typing words on a computer doesn't even come close to the regret I have for hurting her and the people that she loves and love her.

This woman is the original diva, a Hall of Famer, and once again, deserves so much more respect from me and everyone.

Missy, I am sorry.

Steve Corino*

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