Sheamus talks Rock's return

Sheamus joined Chad Dukes of CBS Radio 106.7 the Fan & for an interview promoting the Royal
Rumble. Sheamus discusses delivering a White Noise to the Big Show,
The Royal Rumble, The Rock, The Shield, and Magners vs. Guinness.
Some highlights:
On the Rock:
"I personally think it’s a great thing when the Rock comes back for
the simple reason that having someone like him come in, a movie star,
what he’s done in WWE, it definitely brings an audience back who may
have drifted away, who were there in the Attitude era drifted away to
other things.  It’s a great way of bringing them back in and giving us
the current crop of superstars a lot of attention. People may argue
“well there’s one less spot in Mania.” Well guess what, pull your
socks up and do what you can to get into the show."
On the Shield's impact:
"I think it’s been a huge impact. Obviously I’ve had my issues with
them, Randy, Team Hell No and Ryback.  I think they’re three future
individual stars right there.  I think Ambrose himself is quirky and
he’s got that kinda crazy persona going on, I think he’s definitely
gonna be kinda like a Roddy Roddy Piper type character. I think he’s
gonna be a big player in the future. I also think Roman Reigns
definitely has something as well. He’s big, impressive, kinda reminds
me of the Rock, when he first came in. He’s definitely got that
stature & that presence about him.  Obviously Seth, he’s been around
the block as well, done some cool things and he can definitely go in
the ring."
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