UFC on FOX live coverage from Chicago

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Mitchell won 30-27.  Very good opener.  First round was a lot of hard punches from both sides with Mitchell bloodying Thoresen up.  Second round was on the ground with great grappling.  Hopefully some short fights and they'll be able to roll this in later, but it is a three-rounder so that makes it tough, particularly since they can only do that on FX because FOX won't be airing any prelims even if top fights are short.


First round: Spencer’s nickname is Black Magic. Hopefully that doesn’t mean he’s going to do the big wiggle. Spencer moved in with punches. Natal accidentally poked him in the eye. The doctors are in checking his eyesight. He can see and they are back to action. Good right by Spencer. Hard right by Spencer. Natal threw a few punches. Left by Spencer put Natal down momentarily. Spencer landed another uppercut. Natal back with three shots. Natal landed some punches. Side kick by Natal. Right by Spencer. Spencer is cut. Spinning backfist by Natal and Natal took him down and into full mount. Natal punching him on the ground. He worked for a guillotine as the round ended. 10-9 Natal, winning it in the last 30 seconds.

Second round: Side kick by Natal. Another takedown by Natal. At this point Spencer having taken the fight late is taking its toll and he’s probably not goign to have the gas tank as it goes longer. Spencer back up but he’s tired. Another takedown by Natal. Body punches by Natal. Natal got behind him. Natal is working for a choke but time is running out in the round. He pretty much had him and the time saved Spencer. 10-8 Natal so 20-17 after two.

Third round: Natal tried a takedown but Spencer got away. Natal got the second takedown attempt. He moved into side control. He’s working for a crucifix. Natal throwing elbows to the head. Natal still throwing elbows. He worked for an Americana but gave it up. Now Natal worked for an arm triangle and Spencer tapped.


First round: Russow got the expected big reaction. He looks just like a job guy on AWA TV in the early 80s. Russow hurt him with punches and Jordan is in trouble. A knee and more punches and Jordan needs to get out of the firing line. Jordan trying to fire back. Jordan is already cut over the left eye and under the right eye. Knee by Jordan. Jordan is still in trouble. Russow landing more punches . Russow took him down and was pounding on Jordan. Jordan out of trouble. Russo landed another right. Jordan back with punches. Russow continues to land the right. Russow going for the takedown. Russow got him down but Jordan back up. Russow behind him. Jordan out of trouble and threw a few punches. Hard elbows by Jordan. Jordan with another elbow. Russow 10-9.

Second round: Jordan landed a few punches to open the round. Russow landed a right. Jordan accidentally poked him in the eye. Russow should stall becuase he’s the more tired of the two but Russow said he was fine. Jordan landing a lot of punches. Jordan landing punches and a body kick. Now Jordan took him down. Jordan has a full mount. Jordan threw punches, has his back and Russow grabbed a footlock and used it to sweep Russow now going for a front choke but doesn’t have it. Hard knee by Russow. Another takedown by Jordan. Jordan dropping short elbows. Jordan back to full mount and throwing hard punches now. Russow is in trouble and ref Herb Dean stopped it.


First round: Bader landed the left. Bader dropped him with another left. He’s working for a choke from the bottom and Matyushenko tapped in about a minute.  :50, this was the fastest submisssion in UFC light heavyweight history so they say.  That's bullshit given that Frank Shamrock in the same weight class (they called it middleweight in those days) did a 14-16 second submission on Kevin Jackson.

They did a Chael Sonnen/Jon Jones promo piece for their fight and for Ultimate Fighter.  Sonnen claimed Tuesday's show was the highest rated in the history of the eight-year series, which is not even close to true.  He also used the Bellator catch phrase "The toughest tournament in sports."  Then he was out there doing his Superstar Billy Graham style interview, which works better when you're dressed in psychedelic colors as opposed to a suit.  


First round: Stumpf landed a few punches right away. Low kick by Stumpf. Krauss landed a jab. Stumpf landed a left and a low kick and Krauss back with an uppercut. Krauss with a few punches and Stumpf took him down. Krauss kicked him off. Uppercut by Krauss and knees. More knees by Krauss. More low kicks by Krauss. Knee from the clinch by Krauss but hard right by Stumpf. Both continuing to land but Krauss landing more now. Hard kick to the face by Krauss. He’s landing low kicks, punches and decked him with a right. Stumpf back up and looking for a takedown. Krauss blocking it. Krauss defending the takedown well. Krauss working for a standing guillotine but doesn’t have it. 10-9 Krauss.

Second round: Uppercut by Krauss. Another kick to the face by Krauss. Left jab by Krauss. Another uppercut by Krauss. Krauss eating him alive now. Nice uppercut by Krauss. Overhand right by Krauss. Krauss buckled his leg with a low kick. Krauss with a takedown. Stumpf reversed and got his back and now took Krauss down. That takedown was a big mistake since he was eating him alive standing. Krauss back up. Elbows by Krauss. Krauss taking him apart with punches and elbows. Stumpf landed some good shots back. Stumpf went for the takedown but Kruas blocked it. Knees by Krauss. A hard knee to the head by Krauss. More knees by Krauss. Trading shots. Krauss’ round so should be up 20-18.

Third round: Both trading. Krauss getting more punches in. Krauss picking him apart. Nice uppercut where he dove in and hit a Superman uppercut. Krauss just killing him with punches. Krauss is really putting on a kickboxing exhibition here. Stumpf bleeding from the nose. Stumpf landed a good right. Body kick by Krauss. Body kick by Krauss. Stumpf tried a takedown but Krauss sprawled. Both trading punches. Stumpf working for a takedown. Stumpf pulled guard to get it to the ground. Krauss landing elbows and short punches from the top. Krauss continued to maul him until the horn sounded. Has to be 30-27 for Krauss.

Scores: All three judges have it 30-27 for Krauss.


First round: Guida getting a big response. Trading punches. Hioki landed a good counter to the body. Guida out there trading which is not to Guida’s advantage. Hioki landing more punches. Hioki in and landing clean counters. Guida moved in but couldn’t get the takedown. Hioki landing punches. Guida looks like he’s doing a crazy cardio routine. Guida landed a right hook and then took Hioki down. Loud Guida chants. Guida moved him into the fence. Hioki now has a front headlock. Guida is the aggressor. Guida went for a second takedown but did’t get it. Close round. I’ll go Hioki 10-9.

Second round: Hioki outstriking him. Guida picked him up and gave him a Matt Hughes slam. Hioki working for a Kimura. Now Hioki is trying for an armbar. Guida with a quick slam and got out. Guida staying on top but not doing any damage. Guida with an elbow. The ref ordered a stand-up. Crowd booed that because they are Guida fans. Body kick by Hioki. Hioki landed a left. Nice head kick by Hioki. Another close round. Guida so 19-19.

Thrid round: Hioki landed punches. Body kick by Hioki. Another takedown by Guida. Hioki worked for a triangle Guida slammed his way out. Hioki going for another triangle. Guida with a few punches. Guida with shoudler strikes on the ground. Loud Guida chants. Guida is holding him down. The ref warned Guida that if he doesn’t do something he’s standing them up. Guida with a knee to the body. Guida mostly holding him down. They were working but nothing was happening. 30 seconds left. Trading punches. Guida moved in for a takedown but Hioki blocked as time ran out. I’d give it to Guida 29-28 but all three rounds were close so any score is possible.

Scores: 29-28 Hioki 30-27 Guida 29-28 Guida

Rogan said the judge who scored 30-27 should be fired. You had three close rounds, all of which could have gone either way. Rogan really showed a total lack of understanding of round-by-round judging with that comment.


First round: Both throwing punches. Both landing equally early. Wiman landed a right. Grant hurt him with an elbow. Wiman went for a takedown but couldn’t complete it. Grant got behind him on the ground and is landing punches. Grant landing good punches from the top. Wiman bleeding bad from under the right eye. Knee to the body by Grant from a clinch and another series of elbows. Wiman went down and John McCarthy stopped it.


First round: Lamas missed a head kick. Head kick blocked by Koch. Head kick by Koch blocked. Low kick by Koch. Lamas shot in, Koch sprawled. Lamas got him down but Koch back up. Lamas working for the takedown. Koch’s balance is really something. Elbow by Lamas. Knee by Lamas. Another knee by Lamas. Lamas isn’t getting the takedown but he’s putting the pressure on. Lamas with a spinning elbow but Koch got free. Left by Koch. Lamas landed and then got a clinch. He’s working for the takedown. Another takedown by Lamas but Koch right back up. Lamas 10-9.

Second round: Low kick by Koch. Koch landed two lefts. Low kick by Lamas. Another low kick by Koch. Lamas slipped. Koch jumped down, but Lamas immediately reversed and is on top. Lamas landing elbows from the top and punches. Lamas connecting with good shots from the top. Koch bleeding bad and Lamas is killing him with elbows and John McCarthy stopped the fight.

Nice impressive win by Lamas on the big stage.  Better than average interview as well.

Rogan & Dana White did the hard-sell for Saturday's PPV.  Did as good a job as you're going to do making Aldo vs. Edgar into a big fight.  For skill, it is.


First round: Both trading punches. Pettis tried a cartwheel kick. Pettis landing shots. Body kick by Pettis. Another body kick by Pettis. Jumping knee by Pettis. Another body shot. A hard liver kick and it’s over. Pettis is going to be getting a title shot out of this. That’s the first time anyone has stopped Cerrone with strikes and he did it easily.

He did a good job with his promo.   He invited people out for his birthday.  Is he Ric Flair or something?  He campaigned for a title shot and for the best KO bonus. 


First round: Rampage is the big crowd favorite. Texiera took him down and got his back. Teixeira has his back and punching. Jackson up and firing back. Jackson kicked the body. Both missed big punches. Teixeira landed a right and a head kick. Jackson with a jab. Uppercut by Jackson. Both landed big shots. Jackson with two left jabs. Uppercut by Teixeira. Right by Jackson. Body shot by Teixeira. Low kick by Tiexeira. Jackson tried a takedown and didn’t come close. Teixeira landed a left and a knee. Texiera hurt him with aleft hook. He dropped him with another left.. Texiera landing lots of shots but Jackson back up. Jackson back with a right. Jackson with two jabs. Teixeira with a hard left. Jackson with a good right. 10-9 Teixeira.

Second round: Teixeira took him down right away. Jackson got up. Jackson with three uppercuts. Jackson with a combo particularly a left and another left. Teixeira landing the left. Jackson with a body shot. Jackson blocking punches. Two good uppercuts by Teixeira. Jackson’s right eye is bleeding. Teixeira landed another punch. Jackson went for a takedown and it was stuffed. Jackson back with punches. Jackson firing up the crowd but he is losing the fight. Hard right by Teixeira. Jab by Teixeira and body shots by Teixeira. Hard shot by Teixeira. Jackson back with a flurry. Both trading punches. Jackson landed three shots. Jackson getting tired. Teixiera’s round up 20-18.

Thrid round: Both trading big punches. Jackson with a kick to the body and landed some shots. Teixeira landed several shots and Teixeira took him down again. Crowd booed the takedown. They really love Jackson which is why they booed. Teixeira landed two shots as Jackson back up. Jackson swinging wildly now and looking for a takedown. Left by Teixeira. Teixeira landing punches. Jackson with a nice uppercut. Good head kick by Teixeira. Jackson back with punches. Another takedown by Teixeira. Head kick by Jackson, who got back to his feet. Body shot and knee by Teixeira. Knee by Teixeira. Body shot by Teixeira. Jackson really tired now. Another takedown by Teixeira. He’s in full mount. Teixeira landed some hammer fists. Teixeira pounding on him with elbows as time ran out. To Jackson’s credit, he came to fight and looked better than most expected, but he lost all three rounds. Texiera 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Teixeira.

No interview with Teixeira. FOX must be pushing them to get off the air at 10 p.m.


First round: John McCarthy as ref maybe not the best idea. Dodson knocked him down with a counter shot. Johnson tried a head kick and Johnson threw him down off it. Johnson landed a right. Johnson tried to tie him up but Dodson moved away. Johnson lunged and missed punches. Dodson landed a left as Johnson came in. Johnson got the takedown and slammed him down a second time. Big right by Johnson and a knee. Johnson 10-9.

Second round: Dodson landed. Johnson moved in for a takedown attempt but Dodson blocking him. Another takedown by Johnson. Dodson right back up. Right by Johnson. Right by Johnson. Dodson decked him with a left. Johnson right back up. Johnson landed a left. Body kick by Johnson. Dodson dropped him with a left. Dodson has him in trouble. Johnson went for a takedown and Dodson easily sprawled. Dodson dropped him a third time. Dodson landed the left again. Dodson landed it again. Johnson moving forward. Johnson tried a takedown, didn’t get it and landed a knee. Johnson landed a few more shots. Johnson now landing. Another left by Dodson. Knee by Dodson. Dodson 10-9 so 19-19.

Third round: Dodson landed the left. Body kick by Johnson. Johnson went for a takedown. Johnson with a knee to the groin. Body kick by Dodson. Dodson missed a flying knee when Johnson ducked. Dodson landed another left. Body kick by Johnson. Right by Johnson. Johnson with a right and a left. Right by Dodson. Dodson with a kick to the body. Johnson back with punches. Johnson got the takedown. Johnson landed more shots. Johnson moved in for another takedown but Dodson blocked this one. Knee and a left by Dodson. Dodson landed another left. Dodson’s round but very close, up 29-28, but possibly could go the other way.

Fourth round: Dodson landed two low kicks. Johnson with knee while Dodson had his hand down. Dodson’s left eye was hurting. Dodson landed a left. Dodson landed a hard left. Johnson looking for a takedown. Dodson with a knee. Johnson landing more. Left and right by Johnson. Johnson shot for another takedown. Johnson with a knee. Johnson with two knees to the head. More knees to the head by Johnson. Now knees to the thigh and the head. Johnson with a lot of knees to the head. Lots of good knees to the head. Dodson is bleeding. Lots of knees. Johsnon landed punches. Johnson won the round big, have it 38-38 at this point.

Fifth round: Crowd giving both cheers goihng intoround five. They hugged to start round five. Trading low kicks. Johnson with a clinch with knees knees and a takedown. Dodson up. Johnson jumped on him and landed blows to the head and knees to the body. Johnson shot in but Dodson blocked it. Low kick by Johnson. Johnson has taken over as the fight has gone longer due to better conditioning. Takedown by Dodson. Dodson now working for a takedown can’t get it. Johnson with more knees. Lots of knees. Johnson hurt him with knees and punches. Another hard knee by Johnson. More knees from the Muay Thai clinch. Now hard body punches and one to the head. Another knee and punch by Johnson. Lots of knees by Johnson from the clinch. Johnson was spectacular technically. Tons of knees. Johnson’s round and he should win 48-47. It could be 49-46 but no way Dodson can win even though the score could be close.

Scores: 48-47, 49-46, 48-47 Johnson

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