ROH TV report 1/26 from Baltimore

1/26/2013 ROH TV Report

Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer introduce the show from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, Maryland and Kelly says that it was announced that Jay Lethal and Kevin Steen would have a chance to speak face-to-face. Nigel McGuinness is in the ring with security and he calls Lethal to the ring followed by Steen who is accompanied by Rhino, Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino. Lethal takes the microphone and says he is surprised Steen had the balls to come out but that he sees that wherever Steen goes his scumbags are sure to follow. Lethal says it isn’t about them, Nigel or security, it is about Lethal and Steen as he wants to ask Steen like a man to accept his challenge for the ROH World Title. Corino says “Jay Lethal, how dare you?” Corino says Steen is the world champion and he would have thought Lethal’s beautiful mother would have taught him more respect than that. Corino says that Lethal is complaining that Steen won’t face him and should realize his mother got spit on because his father threw a drink at Steen when in fact he should have thrown in the towel. Corino asks if Lethal is angry at him and says he is going to give Lethal another fact when Steen steps in to face Lethal. Lethal says that Steen is not a real ROH World Champion like all the other great champions and that in fact he is a vile human being who spits in the face of 58-year-old women. Lethal says Steen is a disgusting human being who only cares about himself. Lethal points out that Steen says he is here to kill ROH because years ago ROH did it wrong. Lethal asks how he is going to kill it and if he is going to defeat every wrestler who believes that honor lives. Lethal says the biggest believer is standing in Steen’s face challenging him for the ROH title and Steen is saying he is too scared. Steen goes to talk when Lethal says that not only is Steen is too scared but he fails to realize they actually need other as Lethal needs Steen to fulfill his dream of being ROH Champion and Steen needs to defeat Lethal to fulfill his dream of sticking it to ROH. Lethal asks what better way is there to stick it ROH than to defeat one of its most honorable men in Lethal. He says the sad part is he knows he can beat Steen for the ROH title because he is fuelled by more than his desire to win the title. Lethal says he is fuelled by his family, he is fuelled by his hatred of Steen and he is fuelled by his confidence that he deserves to be ROH Champion. Lethal says that Steen knows deep downside that until he beats Lethal “You ain’t (censored)”. Lethal says he challenges him for the ROH title. Steen gets ready to say something but goes to the ring apron and says into the microphone “I accept”.

Veda Scott is shown promoting the 11th Anniversary Show on IPPV on March 2 from Chicago. She introduces Michael Elgin who says that he will face Roderick Strong who has to ask himself what he will do with no Truth Martini at ringside as there will be no Book of Truth and no help. Elgin says that he will face Strong in a two-out-of-three falls match. Elgin says Strong cheated him once but if he thinks he can beat him twice there isn’t a chance.

After a commercial break it is previewed that tonight’s main event will see Adam Cole defend the ROH TV Title against BJ Whitmer and that Matt Hardy will also be in action. Truth Martini joins the commentary table for the second match in the ROH Top Prospect Tournament. Silas Young comes to the ring followed by Adam Page. The “Tale Of The Tape” shows that Page is 21 and Young is 32. They shake hands to start and then tie up with Young backing Page into the corner. Young knees him in the gut and they chop each other and then trade headlocks. Page hits the ropes and shoulderblocks Young twice and then hiptosses him. Page continues with chops but gets kicked in the gut. Page follows up with a punch and then a knee-lift to the face. Young goes to the ring apron and drops Page across the top rope. Young returns to the ring and charges Page in the corner but gets kicked in the face. Page comes off the top rope with a clothesline and attempts a pin. Page is on the apron and does a running kick that Young avoids, crotching Page in the corner. Young hits Page’s head on the top turnbuckle and then hits him with a draping DDT into the ring for a pin attempt. Young snapmares Page and then hits him with a mule kick. Young takes Page’s back but Page fights back with elbows. Page hits the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Young ducks out of the way matrix-style and hits Page with an across-the-knee backbreaker into a lariat for another pin attempt. Page gets up and starts punching Young followed by chops. Young fights back with a kick to the gut and puts Page on his shoulders. Young somersaults out of the way of a charging Page but gets caught in a powerslam from Young who attempts a pin. Young throws Page to the outside and looks to apply a powerbomb from the inside to Page on the apron but Page backdrops him to the floor. Page goes to the apron and hits a running shooting star press on the floor. Page rolls Young back inside and goes to the top rope and hits a crossbody for a two-count. Young manages to hit Page with a full nelson bomb followed by his “Stop Lock” submission (a full nelson applied from a crossface position). Page taps out giving Young the win.

After a commercial break Charlie Haas comes to the ring and is drinking beer. Kelly says that this was supposed to be the time for the “Inside Ring Of Honor” segment. Haas grabs a microphone and says that he’d say it’s good to be back in Baltimore but the fans suck (in response to fans chanting “You suck”). Haas says he sees why the great Ray Lewis is going to quit football. Haas says that maybe it’s because just like each and every one of the fans he is just a big pussy. Haas says he is a little pissed off at a couple things. He says that ROH Corporate has sent him letters to his house saying that they will censor him, that he can’t curse, that he can’t give the bird and that he is vulgar to the fans. Haas says the last he checked he lives in the United States of America and has the freedom of speech so “Censor That” and he gives the middle finger to the camera which is censored. Haas says to BJ Whitmer that no one knew who he was until Haas threw him off the top rope in a Haas-plex and dropped him twelve feet through the air on his head through a table and pinned him. Haas says that now Whitmer gets an ROH TV Title shot and that is a bunch of crap. Haas says his next point is to Nigel McGuinness “You limey piece of (censored).” Haas says that McGuinness sits up there all high and mighty and thinks that because he has the pen he is the man and he booked Haas in a tag team gauntlet knowing that Shelton (Benjamin) is not there. Kelly notes that match is next week. Haas says that if Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team can’t be in it that match is a crock of crap and doesn’t mean jack. Kelly says the winners will face Jay and Mark Briscoe for the ROH Tag Team titles. Haas starts yelling at a ringside attendant cleaning the ring. Hass calls him in the ring and asks him his name and he says it’s Brandell. Haas says his name should be Hungry as every time he looks at him he wants to eat a cheeseburger. Haas says his name is Cheeseburger and asks if he wants to interrupt his time, what are his credentials to be out here? Haas asks if he is a wrestler and he says yes. Haas asks if he is enrolled at the ROH Dojo and he says yes. Haas says if he is a wrestler and is cleared to wrestle that tonight Haas is going to give him his chance and Charlie Haas will face Cheeseburger right now one-on-one. The fans start chanting “Cheeseburger” and both Haas and Brandell take their shirts off.   Haas shakes his hand but immediately pulls him into a belly-to-bell suplex position and suplexes him over his head. Haas follows up and puts Brandell in the Haas Of Pain. Brandell taps and the bell is rung.

After a commercial break Rhett Titus comes to the ring followed by Matt Hardy. Kelly says that “Inside Ring Of Honor” will be available on thanks to Haas. The “Tale Of The Tape” shows that Titus is 24 and Hardy is 38. They shake hands and then tie up with Hardy pushing Titus into the corner and then patting him on his injured ribs. They trade wristlocks and Hardy punches him in the ribs. Titus leapfrogs Hardy and hits him with punches. They criss-cross and Titus hits a back elbow followed by a cross-body. Hardy goes to the outside and Titus flies out with a pescado but hits the floor as Hardy gets out of the way and rolls back into the ring. Hardy goes back outside and punches Titus in the gut and rolls him inside. Hardy runs his shoulder into Titus’s gut repeatedly in the corner and then drops him in a side-slam. Kelly talks about the tag team gauntlet next week that will have the American Wolves, Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs, The Bravados and Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. Hardy kicks Titus in the ribs and whips him into the corner and clotheslines him. Titus catches Hardy with an O’Connor Roll but Hardy kicks out of a pin attempt. Hardy gives Titus a bulldog for a two-count. Hardy goes to the second rope and jumps at Titus who counters with a dropkick to the face. Hardy goes to the corner and Titus follows up with another dropkick followed by a sit-out slam for a two-count. Titus goes a DDT but Hardy gets out. Titus goes for a clothesline that Hardy blocks and then hits a Side Effect for a two-count. Hardy goes for a Twist Of Fate that Titus counters with a backslide. Titus chops Hardy who goes to the apron where Titus attempts to dropkick him but Hardy jumps and Titus slides to the floor. Titus grabs Hardy’s feet and Hardy drops face-first on the apron. Hardy runs his shoulder into Titus’ ribs and runs him into the ringpost. Hardy powerslams Titus on the floor and rolls into the ring to break the count. Hardy comes back out and rolls Titus into the ring where he hits him with a Twist Of Fate to score a pinfall and win the match.

After a commercial break BJ Whitmer comes to the ring followed by ROH TV Champion Adam Cole for their title match. The “Tale Of The Tape” shows that Cole is 22 and Whitmer is 34. They shake hands to start and then circle each other and tie up and exchange wristlocks. Whitmer works over Cole’s left arm on the mat. They stand and Whitmer delivers chops as Hardy is seen walking toward the commentary table. Cole ducks a clothesline from Whitmer and follows with an armdrag and a dropkick and applies an armlock. Whitmer gets to his feet and they criss-cross leading to Cole hitting a reverse neckbreaker. Cole charges Whitmer who ducks sending Cole to the outside. Whitmer runs and attempts a suicide dive but Cole this a jumping enzuiguri from the floor. Cole climbs to the top rope and attempts a flying splash but hits the mat when Whitmer rolls out of the way. The show goes to commercials and after the break Whiitmer hits Cole with a big boot to the face. Whitmer follows up with punches and they start trading forearms. Cole hits a series of elbows to Whitmer’s head followed by an enzuiguri and a Shining Wizard for a two-count. Whitmer pushes Cole to the corner and hits him with a knee to the face. Whitmer hits a float-over suplex followed by a Northern Lights suplex for a two-count. Whitmer hits a twisting fisherman suplex right into a bridging fisherman suplex for another two-count. Whitmer reverses an Irish Whip but Cole jumps over his charge and climbs to the top rope and hits a cross-body. They criss-cross and Whitmer hits an exploder and punches him before climbing up and hitting a superplex. Whitmer attempts to float over but isn’t able to after landing on his head. Cole is held off by the referee but Whitmer slaps him and yells “Don’t You Stop”. Cole hits a superkick and a German suplex and then gives Whitmer a brainbuster on his knee. Whitmer kicks out of a pin attempt but Cole follows up with his Florida Key (cross-arm German suplex) and scores the pin to win the match. Afterward Cole and Whitmer shake hands and Hardy stands up at the commentary table and stares off with Cole.

The show was great again this week. The opening segment with Lethal and Steen advanced the storyline. Page and Young had a good match and Young has improved a lot. Haas came off as a strong heel and will hopefully be a singles act going forward. The Hardy-Titus match was good and then the Cole-Whitmer match really good and in the vein of old ROH matches. The television is on a two-week roll right now and hopefully this continues.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario


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