CMLL on Galavision TV report

 Skandalo/Nitro/Arkangel vs Stigma/Pegasso/Starman. 
The faces took the first fall which was pretty basic.  There wasnt alot of flying.  Starman did a nice crossbody block off the top rope and used an air raid crash to pin Nitro.  In the second fall the action picked up.  Starman hit Arkangel with 2 quebradora backbreakers.  Finish saw Skandalo & Nitro hold Starman down on the mat and Arkangel used a top rope elbow for the pin.  Then Skandalo hit Pegassso with a package pildriver to take the second fall.  The third fall had a good spot when the rudos were laying on the mat and Starman dove off the top rope with a frog splash on all three then Stigma & Pegasso piled on top for a near fall.  The rudos took the third fall and the match when Skandalo pinned Starman with a combination of a Omori driver and a piledriver.
Winners:  Skandalo/Nitro/Arkangel
Puma vs Guerrero Maya Jr in a lightning match which is a one fall match.  Both guys hit some nice dives outside the ring and traded some near falls.  Among the near falls, Puma was on the apron and dive into the ring with a dropkick to Maya's face, and Maya hitting the Quebradora backbreaker.  Finish saw Guerrero Maya Jr winning with a standing kneebar hammerlock submission hold.
Winner:  Guerrero Maya Jr.
Felino/Mr Neibla/Negro Casas vs Diamante Azul/Marco Corleone/Shocker.
One this is for sure the women love Corleone as he did his hip gyrations and it always gets a big pop.  Match started with Neibla & Corleone and mostly comedy spots from Neibla.  The rudos won the first fall when Corleone hit the air corleone on Neibla and Neibla rolled thru for the pin.  Second fall saw Negro Casas use a flying armbar on Diamante Azul but Azul escaped it by using a one arm powerbomb.  Corleone redeemed himself using the air Corleone on Neibla again this time getting the pinfall.  Third fall had Diamante Azul hit a nice plancha on Neibla outside the ring and inside the ring Corleone pinned Negro Casas with a back suplex into a sideslam.
Winners:  Corleone/Shocker/Diamante Azul.
There ya go Dave.  I will contribute this weekly.
Mark Black
Pittsburgh PA

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