Portland Wrestling Uncut TV report

Portland Wrestling Uncut - 1/19/13
John Baumer ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
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-Don Coss & Roddy Piper open the show

-PNW champ Daivari comes out and issues an open challenge, which brings out six or seven challengers from the back.  Daivari back peddles when Exile and Dr. Kliever, who are really big, get in his face.  He then somehow notices Eric Right, who is a small guy (actually about the same size as Daivari), behind them, and agrees to put the title on the line against him.

-Match #1 - PNW Heavyweight Championship
PNW champ Daivari defeated Eric Right with a Camel Clutch
Big Ugly was sitting in the crowd, so he and Daivari were yelling at each other throughout the match. Afterwards, Daivari taunted Ugly with the title belt, but REFEREES MARK WATSON AND TEX THOMPSON wouldn't let Ugly in the ring.

-Joe V interviews Thunder backstage and breaks the news to him that due to his injuries, if the promoters see him in the ring again he will be fired.

-Flashback: The Billy Jack Haynes heel turn from around 1990

-The Grappler announces the name of his stable is THE GRAPPLER'S PIT.  Grappler is joined by Exile and Kahagas, who have signed contracts with him.  Wade BY GOD Hess comes out and Grappler offers him a contract.  Hess doesn't want to sign it, but Grappler says if he doesn't sign it he won't be able to feed his family.  Not really sure why Hess couldn't just wrestle without Grappler as his manager, but apparently he can't because he signed the contract.

-Joe V interviews the NEW PNW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE BLANCHARD BROTHERS, along with their life coach, Mr. Ooh La La.  Jeremy still isn't happy about Ooh La La being in their corner. 

-Joe V interviews Colt Toombs and Pat Large.  Large has the C for Captain painted on his chest.  Toombs very sarcastically puts over Large as the captain of the team.

-Match #2 - PNW Tag Team Championship
PNW tag champs the Blanchard Brothers defeated Pat Large and Colt Toombs when Jeremy pinned Large with a small package
Large flirts with Toombs sister in the front row.  Piper isn't happy about this on commentary. Apparently Pat Large is not son-in-law material.  Must be the pleather pants.  Large again refuses to tag Toombs in.  As team captain he must realize that Toombs is a very limited rookie.  Piper and Coss see it differently and urge Large to make the tag throughout the match.  Large hits a very impressive superplex on Bubba, then finally makes the hot tag.  Toombs cleans house and is going to put Jeremy in the figure four, but Large insists on being tagged back in, where Jeremy cradles him for the win.  You can tell Toombs has rich parents, because he had no problem giving up the tag team title just to prove a point to Large. 

-Joe V interviews Big Ugly, who gets the crowd chanting "Daivari fears Ugly."  He isn't happy that Daivari faced Eric Right, while he has to face Dr. Kliever.  He calls Kliever the first real challenge he's faced since being in PWU.

-Match #3
Big Ugly defeated Dr. Kliever via submission (I have NO idea what to call the move he used)
Daivari came to ringside to watch the match, but stormed off in a huff when Ugly won.

-Match #4
Quiz, CJ Edwards, and La Trueno defeated Exile, Kahagas, and Wade BY GOD Hess by DQ
La Trueno is obviously Thunder under a mask, and I'm not just saying that because Trueno means Thunder.  Funny moment at the start where Quiz "translates" everyone's name for Trueno.  Hess walked out on his team about five minutes into the match.  While Exile has Quiz in a modified camel clutch, Quiz is yelling "you're too big for this."  When Trueno finally tags in, Kahagas ambushes him with a kendo stick for the DQ. 

-Piper comes on and very sadly informs us that KPTV had given him 13 weeks for the show, and those 13 weeks are up.  BUT ITS A SWERVE!  Because he has just signed to do 52 more episodes! The new episodes begin February 16th, so I'm guessing the next couple weeks will be Best Of's.  I'm not going to bother recapping Best Of shows, so this report will be back on February 16th as well.

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