Royal Rumble feedback: Round 1

Royal Rumble PPV: Thumbs Up
Best Match: Royal Rumble
Worst Match: Tag Titles (by default as I couldn't pick any of the other matches)
Overall a really good show.  Didn't see the pre-show match other than the clips they showed during the PPV.  Not sure why they just don't show this on the pre-show that airs on cable instead of making you find it on their APP or computer.  World Title match was good, although I think the TV match was better two weeks ago.  Glad to see Bret Hart make an appearance.  Del Rio winning was the best choice and he should defend at Mania.  Not sure about the finish though with the tape.  That is a weak way out for a babyface champion.  Tag Title match was fine.  I like that Bryan/Kane retained, but now that Rhodes Scholars have lost a million times in a row they kind of seem lame as a team, even though by WWE logic they will get yet another shot and win the titles on TV or at the Chamber.  Surprised that the Rumble was not last, but I guess Rock really has to be the main event.  Got some different surprises than I was anticipating.  Loved seeing Jericho out there.  Goldust seems like a regular Rumble surprise.  Godfather was a wasted spot.  The Kofi spot was not as cool as he previous handstand deal especially since he got thrown out right after.  I liked the Kane catching Bryan deal, but again would have liked to seen him toss him back in.  Cena winning was predictable, but other than that I enjoyed the match.  Also Bo Dallas didn't get much attention paid to him other than the spot with Wade.  Rock vs. Punk was very good.  After the Shield interference I thought Vince would strip Punk and put the title up at the Elimination Chamber, but Rock winning sends people home happy and there is nothing wrong with that.  So Rock vs. Cena II I guess is happening.  I really rather see Rock vs. someone else at Mania just for something fresher same goes for Triple H vs. Lesnar since those are both matches we had and Mania should be less repeated matches.  Anyway I enjoyed the show.  
Robb Block

Thumbs up.

Best match:  The Rumble.

Worst match:  Del Rio vs. Big Show.  (I give it the worst match award because of the lame finish--a terrible way to book someone they are trying to establish as a new babyface.)

Jon Karesh

Thumbs up
Best match: Punk vs. Rock
Worst match: ADR vs. Show (for the finish and the choke-shove)

This was first PPV I've ordered in probably seven years and I really enjoyed it. Plenty of good moments and fun surprises. The Rumble match was well done. I marked out big for Jericho and the Kofi spot is now officially something to look forward to each year. Ziggler and Jericho were the glue that held it all together. However, they really need to retire the spot where the guy on fire leaves everyone laying. It's a big neon sign saying "THIS PERSON IS THE NEXT TO GO."

Punk vs. Rock lived up to the hype, and that's saying something. A great match by itself, and while many will hate the swervy end, I thought they really nailed the anything-can-happen roller coaster ride and I enjoyed it immensely.

I haven't checked yet, but I'm pretty sure this was the first PPV ever to only have four matches.

Harry Simon
Las Vegas, NV

Hi Dave,
  Just wanted to provide some feedback regarding the Royal Rumble. I would have to give the Rumble a thumbs up with the best match being the Rumble itself and probably the worst match being the tag title match by default since it was only a 4 match card and the tag title match was just an average tag match. I thought the Rumble was a good PPV, nothing spectacular, but had some very good moments and the show had a good quick pace which kept the show exciting. Since the PPV market is so saturated between UFC and WWE, a person really has to choose and pick their shows. When it comes to WWE these days, I usually just order the Rumble and Mania, along with maybe 1 or 2 more during the year since there is plenty of WWE on regular TV. But I always enjoy the Rumble every year and it's usually a good show. It's also the time of year between January and April that WWE has all their ducks in a row for storyline purposes between Rumble and WrestleMania and actually produce some quality television, too bad they can't do that all year long but I digress.
Alberto Del Rio - Big Show -
This match was way better then I expected. I'm not so sure about forcing Del Rio down our throats as a babyface champion ALA John Cena, they should really let the fans decide, but I do like Del Rio as the champ, and the match between Alberto and Show was better then expected. Big Show seemed to be having some legit knee problems just walking to the ring, and they really took a chance climbing the equipment near the stage since that was an accident waiting to happen, but it was very effective. A very lame ending to the match however with taping Show's feet to the ropes, really? But a decent match, and it was cool to see Bret Hart before the match started. 
Bryan & Kane - Sandow & Rhodes - The tag title match was an average tag match from Raw or Smackdown, nothing special. I do like the dynamic of both teams, and would like to see more matches between both teams, but for some reason tonight's match was just average. I do like the pairing of Rhodes and Sandow as the arrogant heals, especially Sandow, and I think they would be great as the tag team champions soon and they can draw easy heat with insulting the crowd. The character of Sandow has been entertaining lately as a pumped up version of "The Genius" Lanny Poffo and doing a great heal gimmick teamed up with Rhodes. I also like the dynamic of Kane & Bryan but think maybe that gimmick has ran it's course, so maybe it's time for a title change soon, was rather surprised the titles did not change tonight.  
Royal Rumble - Very good rumble match with the exception of who won the actual match, but it was very good up until the point when Cena won the Rumble. There were some cool surprises, very good pop from the crowd for Goldust and it was entertaining to Goldust and Cody fight each other. Good pop for Godfather, and monster reaction for Chris Jericho who was very impressive in this match. Jericho was excellent in his return, showed no signs of ring rust and really worked his butt off in his return. It would hav been cool to see Jericho go the distance to the final four or even win the match. Some really good action during the rumble, I thought 90 second entrances were a good thin as it kept the match pace going very well. I was really pulling for Ryback when it came down to the final 4, but sadly we had to endure John Cena winning, again. I just want Cena to go away, this guy has been forced down our throats for a decade, enough already! I really hope they are not going the direction of Rock/Cena at WrestleMania, but early signs look to be pointing that way, I'm just tired of John Cena already. But the Rumble was very good, just disappointed with who won.
Rock - Punk - Very entertaining match,  Rock was really intense, I was duped by the swerve when he was pinned and then the match was restarted. That's a good thing since I like a really good swerve. Very good match and the facials expressed by Paul Heyman are priceless, he really looked like he was in serious distress for the duration of the match. Scary moment when the announcers table collapsed under Rock and Punk, it appeared both landed very hard and the bump looked serious. Good to see The Rock win, I was hoping to see a return by Brock or Undertaker but the match ending with the swerve was great, and good to see Rock as champ again. Anyway, in closing, a very entertaining show, maybe not the greatest Rumble PPV, but the action was quick paced and the show seemed to go fast, which is always a good thing.
Jon Southerland
Clovis, Ca.


Haven't seen a WWE PPV in eons, but this show might get me to see more, either at a friend's place (like tonight) or at a bar.

Thumbs Up!!

Worst: Cesaro/Miz.  Not that it was bad, just that it was worst on a really good show.
Best: Rumble shades it over Rock/Punk

You can forget the best announcer award for 2013 as a contest.  JBL clinched it tonight.  The rest of the year is a fight for 2nd place.

Hats off to Del Rio for his bumps.  Cringed a little at the duct tape finish, but helps cement him as a face.

Nice work introducing Bo Dallas and setting up a match for Monday night with Barrett.  (Stevie Wonder can see that!)

Chris Jericho remains the man!  Maybe the most impressive performance of the Rumble considering lack of recent ring work.

While I cringe at Cena winning, it doesn't take away from my enjoyment of the match.

Joe Lancello
Joplin, MO

Royal Rumble Feedback
Thumbs Up
Best Match: The Rock vs CM Punk
Worst Match: None
I thought the show was really good. They went with the predictable booking which was good since it was the right booking. I did see Punk retaining followed by Undertaker winning the Rumble as a good possibility but this was good as well. The opportunity to have Rock as WWE champ as what should be a hit movie comes out is something that can't be passed up. Their match was pretty good but I would have preferred a clean finish. I do think it could set up well for an Elimination Chamber with Rock, Ryback, Punk and the Shield.
Big Show vs Del Rio was almost my match of the night, Del Rio as babyface champ is really great right now and I thought he and Show built a good match, especially the chokeslam off the set through a table. And the Bret Hart cameo was great.
The tag match was fine, I would have liked to see Rhodes and Sandow win the titles ordinarily but do hope that Bryan and Kane will have a showcase at
The Rumble match itself was fun, Jericho showing up was a great surprise as was Goldust but I was hoping for better surprises or at least the Shield after that. But this was overall the best Rumble match since 2010.
Dave Musgrave
Oshawa, Ontario

Thumbs up on the show.

Best Match - Rumble
Worst Match - None really but I'll have to go with the Tag Title match

The World title match was good, creative ending that made a little sense, but wasn't overwhelmingly stupid.

The Tag tile match was okay, nothing great, but not terrible either.

The Rumble was great, Ziggler had a great showing, some good surprise entrants highlighted by Jericho and the announcers did a good job of reminding us that Ziggler was the reason Jericho left, but it was a little odd that he was allowed back logically.

Punk/Rock built really well and was well on its way to a 4 1/2 to 5 star match when the false ending abruptly hit and then to have Rock demand to restart the match and actually have it granted was a logic hole you could have driven a truck through.  Then the ending was really flat since when was the last time Rock actually used the People's Elbow as a finisher and after Punk had recovered pretty much completely and took a spinebuster and a PE to lose.  I mean, that's just terrible booking and Vince's team should be ashamed of itself.  It made Punk look bad.

Dan Graulich
Shapleigh, ME

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