Royal Rumble feedback: Round 2

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Rumble
Worst Match: Kane/Bryan vs Rhodes/Sandow
A good show could have been a little better but nothing bad about it. Man, did that place come unglued for Jericho.  People will be unhappy about Cena winning but from a storyline perspective its a good way for cena's character to head towards redemption in 2013. Nothing wrong with the predictable finish if it makes sense. Same thing with the Rock win, after the teas of course!
Some questions:
Why were Shield not in the Rumble?  I was looking forward to them working together against the others for a nice Rumble storyline. How did these guys go from main eventing TLC and being involved in everything to being out of the rumble, with 3MB in??
Why not have Ryback out earlier plowing through folks to build him back up?  He did fine when out there but maybe 30 wasnt a good spot.
What was Rock on when cutting the promo?  He was all amped up and a little all over the place. I got the point but man he was worked up.
Was the kofi spot botched/an audible for fear he couldnt do the jump?

Michael O'Brien

Thumbs up
Best Match: Rock/Punk
Worst Match: none

A quintessential Royal Rumble.  A perfectly fine show. Well booked, told stories,  and set the tone for Wrestle Mania.  I loved the Cody/Goldust dynamic.

I think you can make a case for Rock as best of all time.

When is WWE going to spring for new flat screen monitors for the announcers?  They've had those old big block TV's since the 90's.

Jim Valley

Thumbs Up
Best Match - Rock vs Punk
Worst Match - Kane/Danielson vs Rhodes/Sandow (I never thought in a million years I would list a Bryan Danielson match as a worst match)
It's amazing, anyone with half a brain knew the results ahead of time, yet I'm reading already a bunch of people pissed that Cena and Rock won. I'm not sure who's worse, the WWE or the IWC. Great surprises with Jericho and Godfather in the Rumble. Rock vs Punk was even better than Rock vs Cena at Wrestlemania, especially the "smart" Phoenix crowd chanting for Punk. I actually ordered this, and got no problem with the show itself, and this is coming from someone who went to Sacramento with my wife five days ago for Smackdown and hated it. Looking forward to Raw tomorrow and how they start the Punk vs Taker feud
Roy Lucier

Thumbs Up
Best Match: The Rumble
Worst Match: Show vs. ADR

I reluctantly give this show a thumbs up. There was nothing in and of itself wrong with any of the matches. I even found the reverse Dusty Finish kind of clever. What bothers me is what seems to be inevitably coming: 3 straight years of Rock vs. Cena. Look, I get it. I get why Rock doesn't respect Cena. I get why Cena panders to woman and children. They've said their peace and the matter was settled in every fans eyes last year no matter what the outcome of any match will be, Rock is better than Cena. Is the championship really that over that Rock having it is going to make more buys than it would have last year? I suppose we'll see but I doubt it. If it does any better it will be the addition of Brock Lesnar. A third of the arena was still chanting for Punk in Pheonix of all places (a place notorious for sit-on-your-hands crowds) which makes me wonder what a crowd in the Northeast might have done. I think the worst thing WWE can do is let Rock feel like "just another guy" and it may just be me but I'm starting to get that feeling.

Matthew Burrill

Hey Dave,
A Thumbs up, predictible but the story is what they needed to. Nice to see straight forword booking. Best Match Rock vs. Punk
Worst Match The Tag title match (just an average Raw Match)
Thought the Royal Rumble match had a good story and as always had some interesting spots.  Punk and Rock had good pacing, seemed like a good swerve finish but Vince made the right move with Rock winning it in the end.  Just hope Rock vs. Cena promos will be better than last year.  Del Rio and Big Show I thought was pretty good, and thought they worked hard for an opener. 
Kyle Schroeder

Thumbs up. The Rumble match itself was good, but not great. There wasn't as much creative booking as past Rumbles, just seemed a bit more straight forward than usual. Rock/Punk was fun, particularly by the end. As for Punk's reign ending -- it is too bad, but Punk fans shouldn't be pissed. He doesn't hold the title this long if not for this match with the Rock. Punk would've lost it to Cena or Ryback by now if they didn't have this match planned. 

Steve Khan

Thumbs Up

Best Match: Punk v Rock

Worst Match: Kane/Bryan v Sandow/Rhodes

A decent show that moved a few programs along and set up WM season in standard fashion.

The air went out of the crowd when it came down to Sheamus, Cena, and Ryback. Try as WWE does, Sheamus is not that over and Ryback is almost out of steam. And Cena has just headlined too much to be crammed down people's throats in 2013. They really wanted Orton, Ziggler or even Jericho to pull out a surprise victory.

That being said, the best business could be achieved by keeping things simple. And now they have months to build the biggest show of the year, with two guys who can get booked on numerous TV shows between now and then....and Miz isn't one of them.

It does show, still, how thin the roster is when you have numerous guys from the undercard still come out for the Rumble.

Jeff Cohen
Flushing, NY

Thumbs up
Best match: Rock-Punk
Worst match: Show-Del Rio
Thoughts: Liked the finishing sequence for the main event, except it should have taken more than one People's Elbow to end a 14-month title reign....Enjoyed the Rumble. Jericho was a great surprise. Liked the Cody-Dustin exchanges, especially Cody's facials on the Goldust entrance. Rey Mysterio clearly is an afterthought. They barely even mentioned him. But at least he sort of took his shirt off....Hated the finish on the opener. Duct tape? Are you kidding me? No way to get your champ over....Lawler was horrible....Had no problem with the non-switch on the tag match.
Keep up the good work,
Kevin Witt

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Rock-Punk
Worst Match: Tag Team Title
This was a good PPV, but I have reservations about the outcome. Of all the options at their disposal they look to be going with Rock-Cena II and I for one have no interest in that again. Regardless the main event was well worked and they almost had me fooled with the Rock being pinned, although you knew something was up. The way Rock pinned Punk was lame, simply because of all the punishment Rock took and kicking out, only for Punk to succumb to a spinebuster and peoples elbow. That seemed a weak ending to a good match. Rock was far more convincing than his match with Cena, but it was still a shame to see Punk lose the strap. The Rumble was decent, but felt rushed and there were too many people in the ring at any given time. Jericho was the standout and for a while I thought Ziggler might have a shot. But they had to go with the stale option in Cena. Very uninspiring. I don't know about anyone else but this guy is done. Obviously he's being set up to beat Rock, which nobody in their right mind should want. The other matches were acceptable, but Del Rio just isn't cutting it. His babyface turn is a shambles. They might as well scrap the world heavyweight title because it's worthless. But well worth watching as a whole, let's just hope things don't go the way they are looking right now.
Huw Roma

Good show.  Punk-Rock match was definitely the selling point to me and it delivered.  Rumble was OK but listening the the HUGE negative reaction for Cena makes me wonder why Vince continues to push that guy as the number one face.   They seem to be setting up for Rock-Cena at WM, but i am puzzled as to what their long term plans are.  If Rock is sticking around then him beating Cena again at WM would work, but if he's not then Cena winning the title again at WM (in NYC no less) may cause a riot.

Nice to see Jericho...crowd went wild for him and was behind him all the way.

Thumbs up.

Darin Hellman

Thumbs up.
Weakest Match: Alberto Vs Big show- didn't really go into this match with high anticipation. It went as expected but it wasn't bad by any means.
Best Match- CM Punk vs Rock- Rock look much improved from Wrestlemania like night from day. He was great. The finish was a bit upsetting though. No GTS and Rock bottom finisher. To pin Punk with the Peoples Elbow was weak and id hate to think they were finishing punk that way. But it is what it is.
Rumble itself was great. Seeing Jericho was an absolute thrill.from watching, sounded like the roof came off the place when he was announced. He looked great and yes he's still got it.  Ziggler should of been at least final 3. Still scratching my head on that one. 2 stars of the rumble for sure

Sean Reyerse
Rancho cucamonga, CA

I gave the show a thumbs up. Can hardly go wrong with the Rumble.
Best Match: Rock vs Punk
Worst Match: none
Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show - Good match between the two to start the show and they worked well together. Nice spot when they attempted the choke slam off the set but it sort of ended in a throw or push thru the table. Kind of a lame way for a face to win by taping the heel's legs to the ropes but it continues the feud.
Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow - Solid match but nothing spectacular and no different than any match they had on Raw so far.
Royal Rumble - thought the match was very entertaining as usual and some good surprises, especially Jericho. Jericho looked great in there. Liked the Cody vs Goldust dynamic for a pop. Was surprised how much time they gave Bo Dallas in the Rumble compared to some of the regulars but am glad they did. The announcers put him over and they set up a nice program for him with Barrett. Can't remember the last time Mysterio wore a singlet like that, he may have gotten heavy on his time off? Thought if they were going to go in the direction of Mysterio vs Sin Cara at Mania that they should have had contact in the Rumble or one accidentally eliminates the other which they could refer back to as the dissention spot. Kofi's avoiding of being eliminated was another inventive spot jumping on Tensai's back but then after all that he got eliminated way too quickly. Like also how they followed that up by having Bryan jump into Kane's arms to avoid being eliminated and then Kane dropped him. Good stuff there.
C.M. Punk vs. The Rock - Thought that they worked a really good match and Rock looked a lot better ring conditioned than his last outing. He looked huge in there. Considering how heavy the announcers tables are for Del Rio & Show to push over to make it seemed like the thing is solid oak, it sure broke easily for Rock & Punk to be standing on it (mind you it was the inferior Spanish table and not the solidly built main announcing crew's table....they should ask for sturdier tables in their contract renegotiations), that could have been dangerous. Had some nice subtleties in the match with Punk tweaking his knee and then Rock going to work on it, although he didn't for long. The Shield interference and re-start was well done sending the crowd home happy.
Grant Zwarych
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