Royal Rumble feedback: Round 4

Thumbs in the middle
I did not enjoy this show as much as I should have, the matches were all good enough and the results made sense but how they got there was flat. I echo many people's opinions that Punk losing to one People's Elbow is a weak way to end such a good reign, They must have got a cue for time because surely this wasn't how it was drawn up, I thought at least a quick kick out and fight up then a rock bottom would have made much more sense and kept Punk over as fighting till the end to keep his belt. The other underlying flaw was that once Jericho and Ziggler were tossed out of the rumble and we were left with Ryback, Sheamus and Cena you could hear an almost constant boo throughout with the people knowing who was winning (and not liking the three that were left to some extent I think), surely they would have been better served to finish with Cena/ Ziggler, makes storyline sense, would have made for a better last 5 minutes and would have got more of a crowd reaction. It just goes to show how at odds with itself their booking can be. 
My final problem is that it feels like another Wrestlemania is going to pass Daniel Bryan by, I enjoy this role with Kane but not as much as I would enjoy seeing him putting on top quality main event matches, and he's likely not going to be given a chance for yet another Mania, He should at least be given a chance this year to put on a good match after the disappointment of the last few years and after how good he has been all year, surely he deserves a one on one with someone he can work with at mania, but that doesn't seem to be on the cards, which is a huge shame. 
James Baldwin

Hello Bryan and Dave, I am a huge fan of your guys show and I was listening to your guys review of the royal rumble, and I had a lot of problems with how you guys said things, please do not think this is just a hate mail or that I'm a troll, I just want to be able to understand why you thought it's okay to blow off fans concerns on story lines and how you contradicted yourselves from past shows(ill explain more, I really hope you guys can answer, because I really respect you guys).
My biggest problem was at first how you stated that cena and rock winning was not only predictable, but also that it made the most sense, on top of that you stated that the title would elevate the match.
There has been literally no interaction between the rock and cena in a very long time, in fact when cena was doing that promo the Monday before, he didn't say I'm going to wrestle mania to face the rock, or actually besides the month after wrestlemania cena did not say anything about a rematch, and neither has rock, there is no build up until literally right now, so it wasn't predictable, it's more, well I guess they are gonna do a rematch after all cause that's how the match they had left off, that cena made a mistake and that he could deep down beat the rock, but none of that happened, none of this was brought up until tonight, yes it makes sense if you remember wrestlemania, but do you honestly think cena showed for one second that he cared that he lost to the rock, that he wanted a rematch, Shawn michaels, dedicated a lot of time to his rematch with the undertaker, and it was done well in a way that made sense, this could easily make sense but it's very weak because no one wants to see cena just randomly rise above the rock, it needs to be earned, the best thing about the feud they did have was the contrast between fans, that it was era vs era. None of this has been brought up at all, finally the idea that the title is elevated and elevates the match, I disagree completely, once again, in terms of story telling this was about how cena made just one mistake in the match and how deep down he knows he can beat the know it's make more sense if say the rock won the title at tlc, that way cena could see it as his chance to get a rematch at the rumble, instead that didn't happen, if there was some kind of build up I would agree with what you guys said, the title was cheapened tonight, the rock was able to beat the longest reigning champion of the modern era in his first attempt even after interference, with a people's elbow, I love the idea of secondary finishers too but this was the wrong time, and it wasn't built up prior in matches on raw, it needs to be built otherwise it ends abruptly, Cm Punk didn't even get to do his finisher, there was no feeling that Punk could stand up to the rock which is bad because the quality of the match was below average, it was slow, working on parts of the body that did not matter, it killed the pace of the match completely. The rematch between cena and rock is personal, the title is secondary, it's just there by coincidence, not by a build, cena just happened to win on the same night rock happened to win, neither one was doing it to get a second match built. Wouldn't it be better if say the rock lost to punk, and punk held on to it? It would show that the rock is able to lose, and that he is not above the title or the champion, or say even cena comes in to screw the rock in the match tonight, that way we could have literally a new challenger at the rumble rather than cena winning it? It would make the feud more personal then just oh, you have the belt so I guess now I'm getting my rematch. Or in terms of elevating the title when you said the champion deserved to come in first because the rock was the bigger star, which is where the contradictions come in.
For the longest, I have heard you both say that the wwe does not know how to make any more stars and that the wwe doesn't know how to book new guys. Now that is true, but you guys completely contradicted yourselves when you said that the wwe should not focus on any other feud then a rehash of the same match JUST BECAUSE of it being the most profitable, you cheapened literally everyone, you put rock above the title, they based the whole ppv around this match that no one wants to see because no one is going to like that it's just to get cena to get his win back against the rock, on top of that you said just because punk isn't a mover, I disagree, while he may not be better then the rock as a mover, he is pretty damn good at it, he's a heel and he still has people chant for him, and I bought the rumble for the rumble, I didn't buy it for the rock and cm
Punk, I bought it because the rumble is one of my favorite ppvs, and I enjoyed the rumble, even cena winning, which this isn't a problem, my problem is coming from how you guys blew off fans all over by saying, well the rock is a big star and lets focus on making a profit instead of building anything towards the future besides a quick buck . What happens when wrestlemania is over? When the rock goes on a break again and cena continues to be the only one to get a reaction as he no sells a loss or win the night after. I just really didn't agree with you guys and I hope you see that concerns from fans are valid, the rumble was showing me a very strong roster for the first time, for the first time the wwe has a lot of talent, so why base a ppv around two guys who don't even need wins to get over? My biggest point, I hate ryback, I hate his character and how he wrestles, but I would be a million times happier to see him win it, why? Because its something different, I don't like what they did to punk or his character, but I thought that if cena or brock lesnar screwed over the rock in the match with it ending showing heyman Brock punk and the shield all working together is be way happier, why? Because its something different, instead now I have to see punk and heyman take the back seat, I get to see Brock in a random match where the only person that would make sense storyline wise is triple h, and I get to see the shield continue to do run ins and be directionless. I thought the shield was punks insurance for the title, now I don't know what there true purpose is or what's the overall bigger picture for them.
I just think that what we got tonight was not anything special, it's all the same in the end when everyone is looking for something different, and I think fans being upset is valid, and that it was not cool how you just blew them off because you thought that the money match is more important then creating a whole ppv that's worth buying instead of just one.
In the end I just hope you guys understand that when you guys say that the wwe can't make new stars, you both would be part of the problem and not making any real changes when it's the time to do so, it's the biggest show of the year and the road to wrestlemania is going to be put solely on one match and you guys both decided that is the right way to go, I disagree completely, I hope you guys understand the frustration and can address some of the problems instead of completely ignoring the concerns of fans...
Joseph Rojo

Thumbs up
Best match: Del Rio vs. Big Show
No worst match
I saw this at a movie theatre with a friend. The place was completely sold out and packed. And it reminded me again why it's so silly that Vince McMahon will change finishes because "everyone" knows the results. Er, no. Based on the crowd last night, not only do most wrestling fans not know the finishes, most of them still don't know that it's fake. This was the biggest mark crowd I've seen in a long time and good portions of the crowd reacted and commented on the night's events as if what they were seeing was an entirely legitimate sporting event. It made for an absolutely surreal atmosphere. The place went unglued when Jericho came out. And they were so viscerally angry when Punk "won" the main event and when Vince restarted the match, it was the biggest pop of the night.
I really liked the card and thought it was a pretty great show all around, particularly given how few matches there were. Looking forward to Mania this year.
Mike Jenkinson

Royal Rumble Feedback

Thumbs Up!

Best Match: Rumble
Worst: Hell No vs. Rhodes Scholars

I thought the 2 main draws for the Rumble delivered (Rock/Punk and the Rumble match). I was hoping for more surprises in the rumble, but the way it played out was very entertaining. Was it necessary to bring the Godfather in for less than a second? Pretty sure he broke Santino's record. Del Rio vs. Show was a good opener. The ending was a little weird considering Del Rio is a face, but it was a fun match. I could care less about the tag match. I don't care for all the Kane/Bryan stuff. To me their characters are worn out. The main event was a good kind of predictable except for the great Shield angle. Overall, another good Rumble ppv.

Cory Walker

Hello Dave,
Thumbs up for the Royal Rumble.  Not a big fan of Cena or the Rock, but I thought it was a good show.
Best Match:  The Royal Rumble match. 
Worst Match:  C.M. Punk vs. The Rock.  The worst thing about this match was the ending.  Ever since the Rock introduced the People's Elbow, I have never bought into the move.   He should have just hit another Rock Bottom, I would have accepted  that ending.  If somebody like a Dusty Rhodes with his Bionic Elbow would have hit Punk with it, now I could have bought into that.  That is a big man who had a lot of weight and momentum to finish the job.  Also if somebody like a Nature Boy Buddy Landell hit Punk with his Corkscrew Elbow Drop.  I would have bought into that end as well.  He's Buddy Landell, I would have been happy with that.  But not The Rock winning in that way. Considering Punk had that belt for 434 days and he lost to the worthless People's Elbow, I just think that leaves a bad taste in the mouth.  

I also wanted to mention the Dragongate ippv's over the weekend.  I have not got a chance to watch Friday's show, since it was not live on ippv the other night, but the two other shows I thought were pretty damn good.  In my opinion the best match all weekend was the Jon Davis vs. Johnny Gargano No Rope match.  That is another one of those matches that I highly recommend. I am going to have to remember that match when it is time for your 2013 Wrestling Observer Awards.  If Dragongate USA/Evolve was a little bit of a higher company, I totally would have voted Johnny Gargano in your Ric Flair/Lou Thesz Award.  He has been champion longer than Punk,Takeshi Morishima, even Cima, who looks like they are going to put in against Gargano on Wrestlemania weekend.  That should be a hell of a match.  Johnny Gargano keeps stepping up his game, he is an incredible talent.
Take care,
Thomas, Illinois

Hi Dave,

Slight Thumbs Up

Best match:  Punk/Rock

No Worst match

Not a bad show.  I understand they had a direction they were headed towards but I think there was momentum with Punk and Ziggler to where WWE should/could have switched the booking around a bit.  I have this feeling that people want to see something fresh and this isn’t it.  My guess is that after Wrestlemania we may start seeing more of the guys that hardcore fans having been wanting to get through the glass ceiling get their due but we’ll see.  If the direction is Punk vs Undertaker at WM then they should have kept the title on Punk and had title vs streak (which to me has more meaning then just the steak on the line).  I know having the title on the line for Cena vs Rock “means” more theoretically but really everyone knows that Rock is leaving after WM so the outcome of the match is a foregone conclusion; so to me it devalues the title.  You could have Rock return the favor from last year in a “regular” match and have it mean the same thing. 

I would have had Ziggler win the Rumble and go against Del Rio.  I then would have had Del Rio win the match at WM but during the celebration of his win have Ziggler brutally attack him from behind and cash in the MITB briefcase and win the title.  Anyway that’s not how it’s booked so no point in whining more about it.

The World Title match and the tag Team Title match were ok but didn’t stand out for me.  Rumble was good.  Nice to see Jericho as that was a complete surprise and the crowd was super into seeing him.  Again I would have had Ziggler at the very end with Cena to at least give the hope of something different at the end.

Punk/Rock started a bit disappointing but did pick up.  I called the swerve as soon as Punk pinned Rock.  I do think they should have made Punk stronger in losing.  Getting pinned by an elbow drop…really?  Punk should have kicked out and THEN get pinned by Rock Bottom.  Or I much rather would have seen more of an old style All Japan style match with kickouts from all the big moves and finally Rock getting the pin. 

WM will be big but I just was hoping to see something a bit different/new.  Seen Rock/Cena…seen HHH/Lesnar…Undertaker/Punk (if they go there) doesn’t appeal to me as I don’t see them allowing Punk to end the streak and I personally think Ziggler belongs in the big dog mix.


Scott Lennartson


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