WWE Saturday Morning Slam TV report

WWE Saturday Morning Slam Report

By: David Parker

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Date: 1/26/2013

The Big News: On today’s show, the Miz defeats Darren Young and Kofi Kingston defeats Epico.

Show Analysis:

At the beginning of the show, the host said that on today’s show, Kofi Kingston is in the main event, but first, the Miz will take on Darren Young. Their confrontation on last week’s show was then shown.

A brief video hyping both wrestlers was shown. The host said that late last year, the Miz switched from being awful to awesome, and Young has had success with the help of Titus O’Neil (I don’t think that’s exactly true).

The Miz defeated Darren Young. Josh Matthews and Daniel Bryan did commentary for this match, as well as the rest of the show. At the beginning of the match, O’Neil combed Young’s hair before the action started. After a lockup, Miz took control of the match. At one point, Young charged at Miz while he was holding the ropes, but Miz pulled down the top rope, causing him to fall out of the ring. O’Neil called for a timeout as the show went to a break. After the break, a “Do Not Try This at Home” ad featuring the Miz was shown.

When the match returned, Miz was still in control, though Young eventually found an opening and took the momentum. He eventually applied an abdominal stretch. During it, talked about how he doesn’t like Miz’s and O’Neil’s beards. Young stopped applying the submission and went for a suplex; Miz reversed it, which eventually led to his comeback. Miz eventually went for a pin, but O’Neil distracted the referee. While the Miz was distracted, Young picked him up, but Miz slipped out and hit the Skull Crushing Finale to get the pinfall. Afterwards, Bryan thanked Matthews for allowing him to be there; he did commentary for the next match, so the matches on today’s shows were clearly taken from two different shows, and no one bothered to edit out the comment.

This week’s “Saturday Morning Spotlight” focused on Kofi Kingston. It was a good video that built up the “Wildcat.”

Kofi Kingston defeated Epico. Primo was there, but not Rosa. The two competitors went back-and-forth in the early part of the match. Before the break, Kofi slingshot Epico out of the ring, causing him to fall onto Primo. After the break, Epico ran back into the ring; Kofi appeared to have control, but Epico quickly took over. Epico applied an arm submission, but Kofi managed to escape and begin his comeback. Kofi hit the Boom Drop and prepared to hit the Trouble in Paradise, but Primo got on the apron and distracted him. Epico charged at Kofi, but he got out of the way, resulting in Epico hitting his face on the turnbuckle. Kofi then picked him up and did an Airplane Spin; when Primo entered the ring, Epico’s legs hit him, causing him to fall down and roll out of the ring. Kofi then hit the S.O.S. for the pinfall.

The show then went to an interview between Natalya and Zack Ryder. She asked him about his match next week with Dolph Ziggler. Ryder claimed he can beat him and that 2013 will be the Year of the Broski. Ziggler, Big E Langston, and AJ Lee then appeared. Ziggler claimed Ryder’s victory over him for the U.S. Title a year ago was a fluke and ancient history, and he’s now on a roll of his career. Well, except for the fact that Cena got two clean victories over him despite interference from Langston. He claimed he has the biggest, baddest man in the WWE and the best diva. Ryder responded, “Are you serious, bro? Are you crazy?” Ziggler told him they would settle it next week in the ring.

The host confirmed the match before he signed off and told the audience to have a good weekend.

Final Thoughts:

While he was on commentary, Bryan repeatedly referred to himself as the “Dazzler.” It was somewhat funny, though he said it a lot, so it did get a little old.

I realize that WWE isn’t going to promote the Royal Rumble, but I think it’s interesting they didn’t choose to have some sort of segment related to it like they did for Survivor Series.

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