UFC 156 live coverage from Las Vegas Reem gets reamed millions of dollars, millions of dollars gone

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First round: Rivera out with a low kick. The two were trading punches, both swinging wildly. Figueroa dropped him with a punch. Rivera recovered and took Figueroa down. High kick by Figueora landed. Another takedown by Rivera. Rivera pounding on him on the ground late. Rivera kicking his leg while Figueroa was down. 10-9 Rivera good round.

Second round: Figueroa caught a kick and got him down and is on top. Rivera up and now landing punches. Rivera landing solid shots as Figueroa is tired. Now Rivera going for the finish. He landed about 11 solid shots, knocked Figueroa down and it was stopped by ref Kim Winslow. Good opener.


First round: Kimura missed weight by 3 ½ pounds. Camus dropped him with a right immediately but Kimura right back up and landed a hard right himself. Camus with a takedown. Kimura on the bottom used an uma plata sweep to get up. He threw a bomb down and jumped on Camus’ back. Camus swept to get to the top and Kimura using a rubber guard from the bottom. Camus got some punches from the top as the round ended. 10-9 Camus.

Second round: Camus with a low kick. Hard low kick by Camus. Kimura landed a right. Now they are struggling against the fence. Knee by Camus while clinching and another knee. Takedown by Camus may clinch him the round. Kimura bleeding from the mouth. Kimura working for an armbar but Camus escaped and now Kimura working for a triangle with seconds left. I’d actually give the round by Kimura for the last few seconds but I could see it going either way. 19-19.

Third round: Camus tried a takedown but Kimura blocked it and ended up top and then Kimura got Camus’ back. He’s throwing punches and working for a choke. He got the choke and Camus tapped.


First round: Vallie-Flagg a lot bigger. They are in a clinch and VF with an uppercut. High kick by Edwards. Knee by VF. High kick by Edwards landed. Low kick by Edwards. Body kick by Edwards. Hard right by VF. Both in a clinch. Good body kick by Edwards as VF held the leg Edwards did a flying knee with the other leg which was cool. Back in a clinch as the round ended. Edwards 10-9.

Second round: Edwards tried a knee but VF grabbed the leg. Now they are against the fence. VF with a few shots to the ribs. Back to the clinch and VF with shots to the ribs. Body kick by VF. More punches by VF. Edwards back landing. VF with a good right. Back to the clinch and VF landed a knee. Now VF pushed him against the fence. Edwards got the takedown with 2:32 left. Edwards moved to full mount with 1:30 left. He tired to escape but Edwards caught him half way and now has his back. Edwards 20-18.

Third round: VF moving forward. Low kicl by Edwards. Another low kick by Edwards. Edwards landing some counter shots and went high with a kick. VF now landing punches. Knee by Edwards and VF was missing punches. VF landed a right. VF moved Edwards against the fence. VF landing rigths and a front kick. Knee by VF. Edwards shot in for a takedown but VF escaped. VF landed several to the body and shoved him against the fence and working the body and landed uppercuts. Edwards with a kick by to the back. VF landing more. Body kick by VF. Edwards with a left to the jaw. Front kick by VF. Overhand right by VF. VF moved him against the fence and roughing him up. They traded front kicks as time ran out. Crowd not much into it but fight was good. VF’s round so I’ve got Edwards 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Vallie-Flagg 29-28 Edwards 29-28 Vallie-Flagg. Crowd booed the decision a lot.


First round: Green is called King Bobby Green because he looks like a smaller version of King Mo. Actually he doesn’t all that much but doesn’t stop him from having the nickname. Body kick by Green. Another body kick by Green. Now he’s throwing low kicks. Body kick by Green. Volkmann shot in, got behind Green and took him down. Now he’s got Green’s back. He’s working for a choke. He doesn’t have it and the round ended. Volkmann 10-9. Kind of a nothing round.

Second round: Volkmann took him down right away but Green got up. He went for another takedown but couldn’t get it. Now they are against the fence. Volkmann shot in and didn’t get the takedown. Green ended up on top. Green is dropping elbows. Ref Kim Winslow ordered a standup. That made no sense. Volkmann is bleeding from the right ear and I think the right eye. Body kick by Green. Volkmannn got behind him. Volkmann got Green to the ground and has his back. He’s trying for a choke. Green’s round, 19-19. Crowd booed this one.

Third round: Volkmann shot in, Green sprawled and landed a knee. Body kick by Green. Knee by Green and Green got the takedown into side control. Green got back up. He’s trying to finish him standing. Volkmann shot in, Green sprawled and landed a knee. Volkmann go the takedown but Green immediately swept and then Volkman got up, and got his back. Green trying to turn to the top and did so. He’s in full mount and throwing punches. Volkmann’s nose is bloody. Green landing a lot of punches. Crowd clearly pro-Green. Green with elbows from the top and now going for a choke and finished Volkmann. Crowd popping pretty big. 4:25

Volkmann had promised a major announcement in his post-match interview provided he won. 


First round: Woodley dropped him with a punch and swarmed all over him with hard punches on the ground and it was over. An overhand right caught Hieron, he got behind Hieron on the ground and threw hard punches. Hieron turned and Woodley kept firing, landing four four solid punches to the head before it was stopped. Woodley really made a statement here. If you’re keeping score, this is three straight wins for Strikeforce. :36

No Flair tonight after all.   


Tibau always comes out to "Iron Man" and the place had an initial pop. Go figure. Not a Road Warrior reference, just the folks who flew in from Brazil.

First round: Both swinging wildly. Tibau landed, Dunham smiled and Tibau took him down and has a guillotine. Dunham out of the hold but Tibau on top. Dunham back up. Now in a clinch. Trading knees. Not much happened after the early minutes. 10-9 Tibau

Second round: Both were trading punches. Dunham got a takedown. Nothing happening at all early in the round. Dunham went for a takedown and couldn’t get it. Dunham landed a few punches. Another trade and Dunham’s landing cleaner shots. Tibau landed a hard right in a late exchange. Crowd cheered both guys after this round. Dunham’s round close so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Dunham got the takedown and Tibau going for a guillotine but it was never dangerous. Tibau landed a left. Dunham dropped him to a knee with a punch. Dunham keeps shooting for takedowns and not getting them. Hard left by Dunham. Tibau going for a takedown and not getting it. Dunham with a knee. Both throwing a lot of punches late. Dunham with a hard knee. Another hard knee by Dunham. Another knee by Dunham as time rna out. Crowd gave them a standing ovation. Dunham’s round and should win 29-28 but second round was close.

Scores: 29-28 Dunham 29-28 Tibau 29-28 Dunham. Mostly cheers

No huge reactions in the open, not to Ovreem or Evans or the main eventers.  Edgar and Aldo both cheered, Aldo louder bedcause of the Brazilians in the crowd.


First round: Yes, it’s Joseph Benavidez coming out which means more of the night of 1980s entrance music. Cowboy Lang going for the takedown. McCall landed a left. Body kick by McCall. Benavidez landed a flurry of punches and a head kick. McCall smiled at him . Benavidez with an accidental kick to the groin. Benavidez hurt him with a right. Left by Benavidez. Right and knee by Benavidez. Big right by Benavidez. He’s gaining confidence. Benavidez landed another right. More punches by Benavidez. Both were swinging and McCall landed. Benavidez bleeding down the center of his forehead. 10-9 Benavidez.

Second round: Both out trading punches. Body kick by Benavidez. Body kick by McCall. Right by Benavidez. Benavidez landed good punches now. Benavidez has him pinned against the fence. Righ uppercut by Benavidez. McCall landed a right. Benavidez shot and McCall sprawled. McCall ended up on top in side contorl and throwing punches. McCall has his back now. Benavidez back to his feet. Knee by McCall while he’s pinned Benavidez against the fence. Another knee by McCall. 10-9 McCall so we’re even after two rounds.

Third round: Both swinging and Benavidez landing big punches while McCall laughed. McCall landed a counter. Benavidez going for a takedown. Body kick by Benavidez. Body kick by Benavidez. Benavidez landing more punches. Takedown by McCall and he moved to side control. Benavidez right back up. Benavidez with two punches and moved in with two more punches. Another trade. Body kick by Benavidez.

All three have it 29-28 Benavidez. Right call. More booing than I’d expect.


First round: Maia shot in for a takedown right away. And he got it and has Fitch’s back. Fitch back up. Maia in the piggy back position with a body triangle punching. Maia going for a choke but doesn’t have it. The Brazilians are taking over the crowd. Maia piggy backing him for two minutes now. Maia punching from that position. Now the crowd is booing. Maia took him back down and has his back. Fitch back up. Maia tried a suplex but Fitch blocked it. Maia took him down again. Maia throwing knees from back position. or back poitsio. Maia still working for a choke on the ground. Maia punching the body. Fitch has done zero offense this round. 10-8 Maia.

Second round: Fitch with a punch and body kick and low kick. Fitch with a punch and head kick. Maia with another takedown but this time Fitch is back up quickly. Maia with two lefts and took Fitch down and has his back again. Maia again trying for a choke. Maia throwing more punches. Fitch working for a choke. Fitch out of it again. Maia gave it up before burning out his arms. Fitch can’t get position on him when Maia can’t get the submissions which is the key to the fight. Maia keeping back position. Fitch trying to turn the corner and can’t. Maia continues to rough him up from back position. Fitch again trying to turn and can’t. Fitch simply can’t escape the body triangle. Maia’s round dominant, 20-18 and again you could make a case for a 10-8 round here as well.

Third round: Maia in and has his back immediately and working for a takedown. Fitch trying to get away. Maia has his back, has him down and going for a choke. Crowd booing the fight. Me, I think Maia is awesome at this weight to be able to do this for three rounds to Fitch. Fitch back up. Maia shot in. Fitch going for a guillotine. No chance he gets this and gave it up. Fitch on top now but he needs a finish. Maia back up. This fight really showcased how Maia is at another level as a grappler. Fitch up but Maia shooting and got another takedown. Crowd booing. Fitch just had no answers for him as a grappler and it’s something to see. 30-26 Maia.

Scores: All three had it 30-27 for Maia


First round: This is not a hot crowd tonight, tho aside from Woodley and the opener no real standout stuff. Both cheered equally. They are in a clinch. Overeem backed out of it and then moved back into the clinch. Overeem with knees and Silva with punches while Overeem held the bearhug. Silva went for the clinch. Overeem with some knee and Silva with punches from the clinch. Overeem landed some punches and then Silva threw a front kick. Left by Overeem and body kick. Low kick by Silva. Overeem pushed him into the cage. Nothing round Overeem very slightly but you could call it even if you wanted 10-9 Overeem.

Second round: Low kick and front kick Silva. Traded punches in a clinch and Overeem powered him down with a belly-to-belly. Silva with elbows from the bottom. Overeem landed a punch from the top. Overeem landing punches to the body. Overeem landed more punches . Silva kicked him off. Overeem landing more punches from the top. Herb Dean considering standing them up. Silva kicked him off. Silva landed an uppercut and missed big punches. Knees by Silva late. Silva came on strong late but Overeem’s round so up 20-18, but Overeem is tired at this point and he’s a frontrunner.

Third round: Crowd into the size of these huge guys as they charged at each other like rams. Silva landed punches and has hurt him. Now Silva teeing off and Overeem is about to go. He’s down and out. This place has gone crazy. Silva was yelling at Overeem after beating him when he was knocked out. Overeem must have said something to Silva during this fight because he was pissed like you wouldn’t believe. 10 hard punches at the end by Silva, all landing solidly.  Spectacular knockout finish. :25


First round: Body kick by Evans. Another body kick by Evans. Crowd booing abouit 90 seconds in becuase it’s a slow open. Another body kick by Evans. Nogueira landed a right. Good left by Nogueira. Another left by Nogueira. Evans moved in and landed a right. Evans got the takedown but Nogueira right back up. Both landed punches. Body kick by Evans. Very close round 10-9 Evans.

Second round: Nogueira landed two lefts. Good left by Nogueira. Body kick by Nogueira. Evans back with punches. Low kick by Evans. Two big punches by Nogueira. Nogueira landed several more punches. Evans went for the takedown and couldn’t get it. Now both trading punches. Nogueira outboxing Evans badly. Evans fired back with big punches. Nogueira landed another left. Evans with a right. Head kick by Evans and Nogueira reacted like "that’s all you got." 10-9 Nogueira so we’re tied 19-19 after two.

Third round: Nogueira landed the left. Body kick by Nogueira. Evans landed three shots. Noguera back with punches. Evans poked him in the eye. They are taking him to see the doctor. Now he’s back. Nogueira with a body kick. Nogueira landed lefts and some more. Evans went for the takedown and couldn’t get it. Another left by Nogueira. Both landing single punches but Nogueira landing cleaner. Crowd booing as time is running out and no fireworks. Nogueira, but this round was very close 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 Nogueira. Evans was pissed but it was the right call. Nobody is booing the decision. Evans walked out of the cage immediately like he was pissed. No interview for Nogueira.

A lot of questions will be asked about the Blackzillians after this show.


First round: Edgar mixed reaction, the Brazilians are making the most noise tonight. Steve Mazzagatti is the ref. Always comforting. Loud Frankie chants now for the American fans. Now Aldo chant back. Aldo chants are loud now. Now super loud Frankie chants. Aldo landed an uppercut. Also landed another left. Big right by by Aldo. Edgar getting some blood coming from the nose. Aldo with a left. Edgar moving in, threw a spin kick but missed. Edgar hasn’t been able to hit Aldo yet. Really loud Aldo chant. Now loud Frankie chant back. Cool atmosphere but not much happening this round. Aldo landing some more. Edge chasing but not connecting with anything. Low kick by Aldo followed by a punch. A series of punches by Aldo. Aldo 10-9

Second round: Edgar landed a few early. Aldo fired back. Edgar thought takedown but didn’t come close. Both landed. Edgar went for a takedown but didn’t get it. Great low kick by Aldo staggered Edgar. Edgar in landed a right. Low kick knocked Edgar down. Edgar’s left leg is all welted. Another low kick. Edgar moved forward but Aldo nailed him with a flying knee. Edgar has him pinned against the fence. Low kick by Aldo, Edgar tackled him down but Aldo was right up. Frankie chant. Aldo snapped his head back with two jabs. Spin kick by Aldo missed. Good round, Aldo up 20-18.

Third round: Edgar took him down to start the round but Aldo back up. Aldo chants. Great front kick to head by Aldo. Edgar stayed right in there. Edgar’s nose bleeding. Edgar in with more punches. It appears Edgar is fresher at this point. Edgar went for a takdown but couldnt’ get ti. Edgar landed a right. Edgar’s round so 29-28 Aldo after three.

Fourth round: Edgar starting to land low kicks. Edgar is the one faster. Aldo witha spin kick to the body. And a low kick but Edgar fired back quickly. Spin kick by Edgar didn’t land. Edgar going for a takedown, didn’t get it, but landing punches. Frankie chats. Edgar’s face looks like hell, particularly the left eye. Aldo landed a few. Big takedown by Edgar. He’s behind him throwing knees. Tried a suplex but blocked. USA chant. Edgar’s round so 38-38 going into the fifth.

Fifth round: The doctor is looking at Edgar’s left eye. They are letting him continue. He’s in better shape than Aldo at this point. Fans definitely appreciate this fight. Aldo landed a few jabs. Edgar moving in for a takedown but didn’t get it. Aldo landing jabs but Edgar landed a spin kick to the body. Aldo landed more. Edgar went for a takedown, didn’t get it but landed a knee. Edgar landed a right. Edgar landing more punches. Body kick by Edgar. Another body kick. Trading punches, Aldo withe the best punch. Edgar landed. Edgar tried a takedown and couldn’t get it. Both landing . Edar with a left. Trading punches back and forth. Big punches by Aldo. Both celebrating. Very close fifth round, I’ve got it 48-47 Edgar, we’ll see, could be 48-47 the other way..

Scores: 49-46, 49-46, 48-47 Aldo. Almost everyone at press row where I’m sitting had the last three rounds for Edgar. I could see the fifth going to Aldo, it was that close and him getting the decision, but not rounds three and four. The crowd was chocked by those scores and lots of boos.

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