CMLL TV report 2/2

CMLL TV Report 2/2/13
Princesa Sugehit/Amapola/Princesa Blanca vs Silueta/Estrellita/Luna Magica.
Rudos took over early and really nothing significant in the first fall.  Technicos made a comeback.  Estrellita hit a dive onto Amapola to the floor.  Inside the ring Silueta pinned Sugehit and Luna Magica tapped out Princesa Blanca with a leglock arm lock submission.  Second fall started with some good action with Silueta & Princesa Blanca with Silueta hitting the lucha armdrags and a huracanranna.  Rudos started to triple team Estrellita and Amapola threw down the ref for the the dq.
Winners:  Estrellita/Luna Magica/Silueta
Atlantis vs Mr Niebla in a lightning match.
Match started with Niebla attacking Atlantis with a chain before the bell.  It started as a brawl with both guys ripping at each other's masks.  Atlantis hit a plancha onto Niebla onto the floor. Niebla got got a near fall when Atlantis tried a rana but Niebla reveresed it into a sunset flip.  Neibla got another near fall with a powerbomb and a splash from the top rope.  Atlantis got a near fall when Niebla missed a moonsault from the top rope.  Niebla got the win with a low blow.
Winner:  Mr Niebla
Mascara Dorada/Titan/La Sombra vs Mr Aguila/Psicosis/Volador Jr.
First fall started with some good lucha matwork with Titan & Aguila.  La Sombra hit 2 huracanranna's onto Volador Jr.  Volador Jr hit a rana into a piledriver onto La Sombra for the win for the first fall.  Second fall started with Volador Jr hitting Sombra with a codebreaker.  There was a nicespot that looked dangerouse where Psicosis whipped Dorada to Volador Jr and he hiptossed Dorada onto the ramp.  Technicos made a comeback with La Sombra hitting Volador Jr with a dropkick from the top rope and Dorada hitting a huracanranna onto Aguila. La Sombra scored the pin on Volador Jr when he used a moonsault from the top rope and then a standing moonsault.  Third fall started with La Sombra using a crossbody block from the top rope onto Volador Jr.  There was a nice dive sequence by all the technicos onto the rudos onto the floor.  Volador used a very high moonsault from the top rope to the floor onto La Sombra which looked fantastic.  Finish saw Aguila use a Canadian Destroyer to pin Titan and Volador Jr used a powerbomb on La Sombra to win the fall and the match.
Winners:  Volador Jr/Psicosis/Mr Aguila
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