SUN. UPDATE: Lots of UFC notes, More on drug test issue, Scoring in all close fights, Jericho & 90s stars on next WWE house show run, Raw app, New wrestling show to air in U.S., Best wrestler and fighter of 2012,

By Dave Meltzer
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        We're looking for your thoughts on last night's UFC 156 so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
        We're also looking for reports on these events:
*WWE house shows today in Birmingham, AL and Augusta, GA
*WWE house shows from last night in Montgomery, AL and Greenville, NC
*TNA house show from last night in Fayetteville
*National Pro Wrestling Day from Philadelphia
*TNA house show from Friday night in Florence, SC
        Raw will be live from Atlanta on Monday.  Brock Lesnar is scheduled on the show.  The Rock is not scheduled as of last we heard.  Ric Flair was called about being on the show but don't know if that's a definite.  Chris Jericho is booked on the show and will be booked on all the Raws except 2/25 and 3/4 between now and the Fozzy April tour of Europe.  The only thing announced is that The Miz will interview Paul Heyman.
        Smackdown, Main Event and Saturday Morning Slam will be taped on Tuesday in Jacksonville.
        The annual Royal Rumble issue of the Observer is up on the site today.  We also have a new back issue up from 1995 which talks about the history of Smoky Mountain Wrestling, the night Hulk Hogan lost it on a live PPV, and the beginning of what ended up being the story that led to MMA being banned in New York, a ban that, strangely enough, still exists today.
        Our lead story is coverage of the Royal Rumble, why Rock won, why Cena won, the Rumble scorecard of every entrance, elimination, who got eliminated as well as the all-time record for most time in the rumble over the course of a career, Most eliminations over the course of a career and other Rumble trivia.
        We've got an update on the Elimination Chamber PPV and more on WrestleMania, including an update on Chris Jericho and his long-term schedule, match-by-match coverage with star ratings as well as poll results on the show.
        We've also got full coverage of the UFC on FOX show, including what the show has established, lots of business notes on the show including major news regarding the advertising on the show and how important the December show was.  We look at the main event, how Anthony Pettis ended up as the star of the show, as well as match-by-match coverage and poll results.
        We also look at Ric Flair's aborted return as a wrestler and why it didn't happen in running down the All Japan show this past weekend in Tokyo.  We look at what happened with Flair, as well as the Invasion of the Burning group into All Japan and the direction of the next few big shows.
        We also have an update on Brock Lesnar in WWE, including his schedule thus far, what is going on regarding his contract, notes on his next contract, and different matches that can be booked with him going forward.  We also look at a worked injury that is a cover for real surgery, an Undertaker update when it comes to his career, notes on next year's WrestleMania and history of wrestling in that building.  We also look at the major players when it comes to running the WWE, who they are, what they earn, including exactly to the dollar what HHH was making in his last year as a regular active wrestler. 
        We also look at a potential major business move the company is embarking on, the business notes for the past month in several major categories, plans going forward for WWE big shows, changes in how the house shows are done, plus an update on the WWE video game license and video game going forward.  We also look at viewership for WWE secondary programming, executives the company is looking for, and Alberto Del Rio talks about WWE in Mexico.
        We've also got lots more on the judges decision regarding the Eddie Alvarez contract dispute.  We look at the arguments on both sides and comparisons made.  We also have lots of comments from Dana White regarding Alvarez and the arguments put forth.
        We also have more on Randy Couture signing with Spike TV, details on it and a look back at Couture's relationship with UFC.
        We've also got a feature looking back at the career of Trish Stratus as she's inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.
        We've also got coverage of the last UFC on FX, the middleweight division, the Vitor Belfort questions, and match-by-match coverage.
        We also have notes on the PPV numbers for the TLC show in December and what wrestler who should benefit the most from it.
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        We also have a look at the ratings of all the major shows as well as details of how every segment on Raw and Impact did and what gained and lost viewers.

        We also have results from all the major league arena events over the past week as well as a look at all the major television shows.
Also in this week's issue:
--Coverage of Pro Wrestling NOAH's first big show of the year with KENTA vs. Takeshi Morishima
--What major star looks like they are starting with NOAH
--The return of the famous Von Erich iron claw to Japan
--Update on the entire Tammy Sytch situation
--ROH vs. New Japan match
--Kurt Angle talks the future of his career
--Angle talks about whether you can do pro wrestling and MMA at the same time
--Update on Hulk Hogan's health and legal battles
--The Brooke Hogan/Bully Ray storyline
--Why Taz was put in the position he's in
--Update on TNA's Lockdown show
--Full coverage of TNA's European tour
--Details of TNA television between now and the end of February as far as matches, directions and angles
--Details on Quinton Jackson, money, future, how much he earned, how much he was earning for PPV shows and more
--Details on all the new matches made this past week in UFC
--A look at this week's UFC show
--What in MMA is about to get really nasty
--Dana White talks about the proposed Fedor vs. Lesnar fight that fell through
--What nobody is talking about regarding those negotiations
--Notes on UFC fighters who have been released of late
--Jon Jones talks moving to heavyweight
--What pressure hit UFC just before the FOX show last week
--Nick Diaz change of face
--A look at UFC's FOX ratings as compared to other major sports events of 2012
--A look at what advertisers have paid to sponsor UFC events
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*December 21, 1998 (the complete Vince McMahon-Bret Hart conversation right before the Survivor Series match so you'll know exactly what was said--the conversation played in edited form both on the inaugural broadcast of Confidential as well as in Wrestling with Shadows, but everything that was said between the two about the match that was going to take place that same night)
*August 1, 1994 (the most detailed coverage anywhere of the Vince McMahon steroid trial, an issue praised in numerous newspaper article and Sex, Lies and Headlocks)
*March 26, 2001 (death of WCW and history of pro wrestling on the Turner networks)
*October 22, 2001 (why the adult audience has left pro wrestling in such great numbers and what needed to have been done to save them)
*July 8, 1991 (Ric Flair leaves WCW as world champion/Zahorian steroid trial)
*February 8, 1993 (the life and times of Andre the Giant)
*May 13, 2002 (the life story of the most incredible pro wrestling career ever, a look at Lou Thesz, in one of the largest issues of our
*January 27, 2003 (part one of the two-part series covering the career and life of The Sheik)
*February 3, 2003 (Part two on The Sheik including thoughts from people who worked with him and where he stands historically)
*March 24, 2003 (history of the WWWF title, inside behind the Sammartino, Backlund and Backlund era)
*April 21, 2003 (history of WWF continues with the expansion nationally, the death of the regional territories and the rise of Hulk Hogan)
*May 12, 2003 (The life and death of Elizabeth and the rise of fall of Lex Luger)
*June 9, 2003 (Part 1 of history of WWF vs. WCW wars and what many say was the greatest year in U.S. wrestling; plus a look at Fred Blassie)
*June 16, 2003 (Freddie Blassie through the eyes of his biggest rivals and friends)
*July 28, 2003 (Part 2 of the history of the WWF vs. WCW war and the plans to make new superstars in the early 90s, what happened, and the night where the three biggest wrestling companies in the world combined for a joint show and what happened)
*August 25, 2003 (2003 Hall of Fame issue with huge profiles on the controversial career of Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit as well as historical features on Earl Caddock and Francisco Flores)
*September 22, 2003 (Part 3 of the history of the WWF vs WCW war with the seeds that caused the collapse of the industry in the 90s, Zahorian trial, Gulf War controversy, Flair leaves WCW while holding world title and much more)
*October 27, 2003 (The fascinating life of Stu Hart plus the story of Road Warrior Hawk)
*January 19, 2004 (2003 Awards issue)
*February 2, 2004 (History of Toronto wrestling, Jack Tunney life story, Royal Rumble and Battle Royal history)
*February 23, 2004 (History of Guerrero family with Eddy's win over Brock Lesnar)
*March 1, 2004 (History of WWF continues with the period that brought the company down in early 1992, the mistakes, the real stories and how the business changed)
*March 8, 2004 (History of Wrestlemania, its greatest matches and best and worst shows as voted both by wrestlers and non-wrestlers and Wrestlemania history books)
*July 5, 2004 (A look behind the scenes and Ric Flair's book and his background with Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan)
*July 12, 2004 (A look at more on Ric Flair's book and his comments on Bruno Sammartino, Bret Hart and Mick Foley)
*August 16, 2004 (History of the Olympians in pro wrestling)
*August 23, 2004 (2004 Hall of Fame issue and biggest issue of the year with huge profiles on Kazushi Sakuraba, Undertaker, Bob Backlund, Masahiro Chono, Ultimo Dragon, Kurt Angle and Tarzan Lopez--this counts as one issue if you are asking for a free issue, but ordered separately, due to size, is $6 in North America and $7 overseas)
*October 4, 2004 (the life and times of Big Bossman; as well as details of the life and times of one of the most influential men world wide in pro wrestling history, Jim Barnett)
*November 15, 2004 (the full story of what happened between Kurt Angle and Daniel Puder, plus coverage of the most important week in the history of TNA)
*January 24, 2005 (2004 Awards issue, Rock and WWE part company)
*March 14, 2005 (the 50 biggest money players in the history of WWF and a look at their Hall of Fame)
*May 9, 2005 (the life and times of Chris Candido)
*June 20, 2005 (The full story behind Paul Heyman and the death of ECW, as well as coverage of One Night Stand, Hardcore Homecoming and behind the scenes of both shows)
*July 18, 2005 (death of Shinya Hashimoto and his records with a look at the fall of New Japan, the Matt Hardy angle, tons of WWE firings, Cornette firing in detail as well as problems of a WWE developmental territory in our biggest news issue of the year which is a double-sized issue and would be $6 on its own and $7 overseas)
*August 24, 2005 (2005 Hall of Fame issue with career profiles of Paul Heyman, HHH and Freebirds plus debut of MMA Hall of Fame)
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*April 10, 2006 (Behind the scenes at the 2006 Wrestlemania/Hall of Fame week)
*July 24, 2006 (The History of the Von Erichs and World Class Championship Wrestling--the most unreal story ever in wrestling)
*September 4, 2006 (The Rise and Fall of Kurt Angle; 2006 Hall of Fame inductions of Eddie Guerrero, Paul Bowser, Masakatsu Funaki, Aja Kong and Hiroshi Hase including tons of wrestling history around the world from the 20s through the 60s, the evolution of working to not working in Japan, and a look at Guerrero in hindsight, double issue $6 or $7 overseas)
*October 9, 2006 (A look back nine years later at the life and legacy of Brian Pillman with tons of inside information about what made him tick as his real objectives)
*November 15, 2006 (History of WCW part one, Eric Bischoff's book and how the industry was changed forever)
*November 20, 2006 (History of WCW part two, Why Jim Ross left WCW, How Bischoff changed the company, signing of Hulk Hogan, Beginning of Nitro, Jesse Ventura, Brian Pillman, Chris Jericho and signing Wrestlemania planned celebrity away)
*November 27, 2006 (History of WCW part three, When Bischoff challenged McMahon to fight; Truth and fiction around Bret Hart signing with WCW and why it didn't click)
*December 6, 2006 (details behind Pride's offers to sell promotion and Part four of History of WCW part four, Hogan-Goldberg match and why there was no rematch, WCW loses NBC network deal in 1999 and the real reasons the company fell apart)
*January 22, 2007 (2006 Awards issue, double issue $7 on its own, $8 overseas)
*February 14, 2007 (Life and Times of Bam Bigelow)
*March 5, 2007 (WWE begins plans that will change the business)
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*March 19, 2007 (Life and Times of Ernie Ladd)
*April 4, 2007 (Life and Times of Badnews Allen Coage--which many are calling one of the best issues in history)
*July 2, 2007 (Part one of the Benoit double murder-suicide)
*July 5, 2007 (Part two of the Benoit double murder-suicide)
*July 10, 2007 (Part three of the Benoit double murder-suicide)
*July 19, 2007 (Part four of the Benoit double murder-suicide)
*July 23, 2007 (Part five of Benoit double murder-suicide)
*July 25, 2007 (Part six of Benoit double murder-suicide)
*August 15, 2007 (The legend of the God of Japanese wrestling and his influence on MMA, Karl Gotch)
*October 15 (2007 Hall of Fame double issue, $7 on its own, $8 overseas including inductions of The Rock, Tom Packs and the original Strangler Lewis)
*November 12, 2007 (Life and times of Fabulous Moolah and history of U.S. women's wrestling) .
*December 31, 2007 (History of Ric Flair and the heyday of wrestling at the Greensboro Coliseum)
*January 21, 2008 (2007 Awards issue, double issue $7 on its own, $8 overseas)
*March 17, 2008 (Life and times of Johnny Weaver)
*March 24, 2008 (Life and times of Gary Hart)
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*August 11, 2008 (Ric Flair leaves WWE; Updated history of pro wrestlers and MMA fighters who went to the Olympics)
* September 8, 2008 (2008 Hall of Fame double issue, $7 on its own, $8 overseas; part one of Killer Kowalski bio)
* September 15, 2008 (Life and Times of Evan Tanner)
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Sunday's News Update
--Dana White last night talked about the possibility of Anthony Pettis dropping to 145 pounds to face Jose Aldo for the featherweight title.  He didn't say it would happen, only that Pettis texted him last night, said he could make the weight and wanted the fight.
--He also talked about the possibility of Bigfoot Silva getting the next shot at Cain Velasquez even though Velasquez destroyed him in their last meeting.
--We've got a ton of stuff on last night's audio regarding future matches, the lighter weight classes, and issues with the current WWE roster on last night's audio show, as well as the reasons UFC is doing rankings when it's going to have zero impact on booking. 
--For those arguing about the scoring last night, here were the significant strike counts round-by-round
1:  Aldo 21-5
2. Aldo 19-7
3. Edgar 19-15
4. Edgar 11-7
5. Edgar 18-14
        That doesn't mean Edgar should have won, just that every round except the first two was open for debate on who won.
--In Edgar vs. Aldo, Adalaide Byrd gave only round four to Edgar.  Junichiro Kamijo also only gave round four to Edgar.  Jeff Collins gave Edgar rounds four and five.
--Dana White repeated what was reported here Friday about an irregularity in one of the drug test in Sao Paulo.  He said it was not Vitor Belfort, but there is a test being retested, which isn't good, and if there is a problem, he expected it to come out when results are in tomorrow.
--The plan for Raw on the WWE app tomorrow is for it go to 3-5 minutes longer after the TV show ends, and also to broadcast during the commercial breaks.
--On Fuel's post-game show Daniel Cormier cut a promo on Jon Jones.  Hopefully he does better than the guys last night who were talking about fights a show ahead.   
--Bret Hart said that he wouldn't consider HHH as one of the 1,000 best wrestlers of all-time.
--Kid Kash was cut by TNA and is looking for outside bookings.
--Some notes on U.K. distribution of WWE DVD's going forward is at (thanks to Sebastian Gray)
--A Dwyane Johnson comic is at
--Johnny Curtis was wrestling as Fandango at last night's Smackdown house show in Greenville, NC.  Corey Graves, who used to be Sterling James Keenan, was on the road working with Brodus Clay on the Smackdown shows.  Rey Mysterio was not on the road.  
--El Luchador, a reality show revolving around CMLL wrestlers that aired on A&E Mexico has been picked up by MTV TR3s in the U.S. 
--Chris Jericho and Road Dogg & Billy Gunn as the New Age Outlaws are scheduled for house shows this coming weekend in Poplar Bluff, Springfield (MO) and Cape Girardeau.  Jericho won't be there the first night.  They are there to make up for the fact John Cena is not scheduled.
--In score sheets last night, in Yves Edwards vs. Isaac Vallie-Flagg, Patricia Morse-Jarman gave round one and three to Vallie-Flagg.  Junichiro Kamijo gave rounds one and two to Edwards.  And Mark Smith gave one and three to Vallie-Flagg.
--In Evan Dunham vs. Gleison Tibau, Sal D'Amato gave Dunham rounds two and three, as did Junichiro Kamijo.  Jeff Collins gave Tibau rounds one and two.
--Matt Bloom (Tensai) said that this coming Sunday's Karl Anderson vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi IWGP title match will be ***** for sure.
C.M. Punk 45.5%
Hiroshi Tanahashi 18.2%
Kazuchika Okada 8.9%
Daniel Bryan 8.9%
Dolph Ziggler 6.0%
Austin Aries 5.7%
El Generico 2.7%
Michael Elgin 1.6%
Prince Devitt 1.6%
Tetsuya Naito 0.5%
Davey Richards 0.3%
Anderson Silva 34.5%
Ronda Rousey 23.5%
Jon Jones 15.2%
Benson Henderson 11.4%
Johny Hendricks 6.4%
Cain Velasquez 6.1%
GSP 2.3%
Junior Dos Santos 0.4%
Renan Barao 0.4%
Excellent 12.9%
Good 43.0%
Average 26.9%
Fair 6.5%
Poor 10.8%
        36.3% of those responding didn't see the show
51 years ago - Luther Lindsay & Ricky Waldo upset Rikidozan & Toyonobori to win the All-Asia tag titles in Tokyo
46 years ago - Enrique & Ramon Torres beat Mad Dog & Butcher Vachon in Atlanta to win the world tag team titles
45 years ago - Spyros Arion beat Killer Karl Kox in Melbourne to win his third IWA heavyweight title  
45 years ago - Giant Baba & Antonio Inoki beat The Crusher & Big Bill Miller to win the International tag team titles in Tokyo
40 years ago:  Johnny Powers beat Killer Karl Krupp to win the NWF North American title
37 years ago:  Gene & Ole Anderson beat Wahoo McDaniel & Rufus Jones to win the NWA world tag team titles in Raleigh
33 years ago:  Bruiser Brody & Ernie Ladd won a one-night tournament to become Central States tag team champions beating Jerry & Ted Oates in the finals in Kansas City
29 years ago:  David Von Erich beat Michael Hayes in Dallas to win the vacant United National title seven days before David died while going to Japan to defend the title against Genichiro Tenryu
24 years ago:  Brickhouse Brown beat Iceman King Parsons to win the Texas title in Dallas
23 years ago:  Curtis Thompson beat Scotty the Body (Raven) to win the Pacific Northwest title in Portland
23 years ago:  Steve Doll & Rex King beat Robert Fuller & Brian Lee in Memphis to win the USWA tag titles
17 years ago:  The Eliminators (John Kronus & Perry Saturn) beat Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck in Queens, NY to win the ECW world tag team titles
--John Morrison made a surprise appearance at last night's Dream Wave Wrestling show in LaSalle, IL attacking the group's champion, Christian Rose.  The two are set for a match on 4/13.
--For the person who asked about whatever happened to Gerry Murray of the New York Chiefs (the Roller Derby superstar in the 40s and 50s who was once on the cover of TV Guide in the days when Derby was on three nights a week in prime time on ABC and was one of the biggest shows on television) and is the mother of Mike Gammon (one of the big stars of the 60s and 70s), both are still alive.  Gerry Murray is now 90 years old and lives in Des Moines.  Mike Gammon is 71.  I believe he lives in the Bay Area still but not sure.
--With the exception Super Bowl related stuff and Chris Kyle related stuff, the most searched for item in the U.S. was UFC 156   
--Juggalo Championship Wrestling on 2/16 in Detroit at St Andrews Hall for a $7 iPPV show.  Some notes on the bill include 2 Tuff Tony, The Ring Rydas, Necro Butcher, Zach Gowen, Tracy Smothers, Isabella Smothers, Honky Tonk Man, Bobby Lashley and Shawn Daivari.  For those in the area, after the show there will be an after party at The Ritz in Warren, MI for $7.  Must be 18 or over.  There will also be a free ICP autograph signing on 2/17 from 1-5 p.m. and ICP will be in concert as an iPPV for $17 from St. Andrews Hall in Detroit.
--Friday night in Alton, IL for St. Louis Anarchy Wrestling:  Bolt Brady won four-way over Khris Wolfe, Alex the Big Owl, and Billy McNeil, Shane Hollister b Arik Cannon, Jojo Bravo & Thomas Shire won three-way over Darren Dean & Aaron Solo and Jack Jameson & Ron Mathis, Brandon Espinosa b Adam Raw, Angelus Layne b Jessicka Havok, Gerald James b Sami Callihan, Evan Gelistic b T.J. Perkins, Rachel Summerlyn b Dan Walsh, Darin Corbin b Jordan Lacey, Mat Fitchett b Dingo, ACH & Davey Vega NC Devin & Mason Cutter (thanks to Patrick Brandmeyer)
--A correction from Friday's report.  Brady Laber in Heartland Wrestling wrestled as G.Q. Masters, not G.Q. Money as was written (thanks to Mike Kuzmuk)
--Full Impact Pro from Friday night in Ybor City, FL on iPPV:  Uhaa Nation b Chasyn Rance to keep Florida Heritage title, Francisco Ciatso b Derek Ryze, Tommy Taylor b Johnny Vandal, Corey Hollis over Mike Cruz and John Skyler, Maxwell Chicago b Mikaze, Britney Savage NC Luscious Latasha, Dos Ben Dejos b The Scene too win FIP tag titles, Jon Davis b AR Fox to win FIP title.  Next show is 3/15 (thanks to Al Haft)
--Dave Musgrave and Dylan Hales talk with Pat Laprade and Bertrand Hebert about the history of Montreal wrestling and their book, "Mad Dogs, Midgets and Screw Jobs" at
--MPW from last night in Simi Valley, CA:  Joshua Dunbar & Whiskey Fits MacIntosh b Vandal Drummond & Frankie Dee, Billy Blade b Sledge, Jimmy Mayhem & Mr. Tanaka b Brett Walters & Manny the Mastadon, Hobo b Krusher Kodi Phipps, Ballard Brothers b Spector & Jacob Diaz, Hector Canales b Bo Cooper, Ryan Morals & Jacob Tomasso b Mario Banks & Tofer Cash, J.J. Steele & Logan X b Anchors Away.  Next show is 4/13 (thanks to Scott Walton)    
--NAWA from last night in Waxahachie, TX:  Chris Cross b Tejano Kid, Billy Club b Li Fang, Doberman & John Famous b Joe Angelo Garcia & Corey Saturn, Nobe Bryant b Cowboy Adam (thanks to Rob Moore)
--Hoosier Pro from last night in Columbus, IN before 200 fans:  Aaron Anarchy b Fuji Brown, Fast Eddie b Stompin "Steve, Damien Cole b Dru Skilz, T.J. Kemp b JKO-DQ, Rob Ramer b Donny Idol, Rob Conway b T.J. Kemp, High Rollers DDQ TVZ.  Next show is 3/2. (thanks to Jerry Wilson)

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


What do you believe is the second most popular promotion right now in the U.S?