Notes on a UFC TV show that you really have to see

I just saw tonight's UFC Primetime episode, the first of a three-part series with Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche. It is the best episode easily that UFC has done of the show, not so much as in hyping the fight but in covering a series of subjects.

Up until the final few minutes, the portrayal of Liz Carmouche, while brief compared to the star treatment of Rousey, stole the show.  It was a very healthy and non-judgmental portrayal of her coming to grips with being a lesbian and her very modest lifestyle working 14 hours a day in a local gym, answering phones, opening, closing, cleaning up, setting up and teaching classes.

It was the exact opposite of the usual larger-than-life superstar presentation of a UFC main event fighter.

As for the last few minutes, you just have to see it, particularly when Rousey outwardly questions herself with her conflict about prostituting her father's death for her career gain.  

The show airs as early as 6 p.m. on some FSN affiliates.  Check your local affiliate for the time in your area.  It also airs on Fuel at midnight Eastern and 9 p.m. Pacific.  

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