Matt Riddle talks his wanting to eventually be a pro wrestler, TRT in MMA, Rampage as a coach

UFC welterweight Matthew Riddle was a guest on The MMA Report with John Pollock this week discussing his fight next weekend in London, England with Che Mills and a number of other topics. The full interview and show is up at and also available on iTunes
Below are some highlights of the interview:
His KO on TUF against Dan Simmler as compared to Uriah Hall's that aired this week:
The bottom line is, it was a beautiful knockout, and it was a hard knockout as well. It was one of the flashiest, fanciest knockouts I’ve seen in a long time, and it was a clean, good, hard knockout. I can’t take anything away from him. But I will say this; my knockout, I broke a guy’s jaw in three spots and I gave him level three amnesia. He didn’t remember six months of his life. That guy remembered what happened about two hours later. So, you can say what you want. My knockout is still the most brutal knockout in history. Unless somebody else gives somebody else level three amnesia and compares that knockout to a 45 mph. car accident without a seat belt.
Quinton Jackson leaving the UFC
I like Rampage; I think he’s a cool dude, he’s a nice person. Personally, he wasn’t the greatest coach. He’s a good fighter, but he doesn’t like to train, he’s getting older. I think he’s done. He might fight one more time or two more times, but I don’t think it’s gonna be good, I don’t think his heart’s gonna be in it. He didn’t like the way the UFC treated him, but I don’t know where else he’s fought - they don’t treat you better anywhere else. The UFC is the biggest moneymaker out there; they pay the most and you’re on pay-per-view. I don’t know why he had an issue with them. I really don’t know why he felt the need that he had to leave. He still says he wants to continue fighting, that’s the one that confused me. If I leave the UFC tomorrow, right after this Che Mills fight, trust me, I’m not gonna go join Bellator or go join some other fight organization. 
His UFC 149 drug test for marijuana:
It’s really cool to fight for an organization, and live in a country, where using a plant is completely illegal even though it’s never killed anybody or done anything bad, but I can pop oxycontin and take testosterone and that’s okay because I have a doctor’s note. But my doctor’s note for my medical marijuana isn’t accepted. I really don’t know what to say. I do what I have to do, I always quit it. The good thing is, marijuana is not habit forming, it’s not addictive, so I don’t go through withdrawals or anything. The thing is, it does help me out. It does slow me down. It lets me learn better, it helps me just be patient. I’m a pretty edgy guy, and when I smoke, I’m a very laid-back, nice guy. 
I’m not trying to get stoned. I think that’s what people don’t realize - I don’t smoke to get stoned, I’m not smoking to get stupid. I smoke to feel good. I smoke because my joints hurt, and it’s an anti-inflammatory, and it does things that just help me out in everyday life. It make my life easier. I think a lot of people, especially politicians, fat cats, they just don’t get it. They think if I can grow a plant, I don’t have to buy your pharmaceutical drugs, I don’t have to buy your alcohol, I don’t have to buy this. They’re losing money, they wanna keep it illegal. And that’s what it is - it’s not because it’s a bad drug or anything - it’s money. It pisses me off that they would rather put our health, and us, in harm’s way. Even though the athletic commission states, “Oh, we’re trying to keep you safe. We don’t want you to be high in the fight.” Okay, well keep me safe, don’t let that dude take testosterone. Don’t let him take oxycontin so he doesn’t feel my punches, because that’s not protecting either one of us.
Thoughts on Vitor Belfort and testosterone replacement therapy:
I like Vitor, but if you abused steroids in 2006, you need TRT now. Everybody that’s using testosterone replacement therapy is using it because they used steroids in the past and they need to keep using because their body does not produce any testosterone, and that’s a fact. They abused steroids earlier in life, their body no longer produces testosterone, they need replacement therapy for the testosterone. You cheated back in the day, that’s your fault. You shouldn’t get a doctor’s note. That’s bullshit.
He’s juicing. He knocks out Bisping. He has a doctor’s note, and he’s like “Oh, it’s okay. I’m allowed to take steroids because I have a doctor’s note. I’m allowed to cheat because I have a doctor’s note.” And then they’re gonna tell me I can’t smoke weed because it’s a performance enhancing drug? They say “it puts you in the zone.” That’s what they say, marijuana puts you in the zone, and that’s what make you a better athlete. No, marijuana doesn’t put you in “the zone,” it puts you in the zone to lay back, pop open a soda and enjoy your life. That’s the zone it puts me in and everybody else in. It doesn’t put me in a zone to get in an eight-sided cage and make somebody bleed for fifteen minutes. Steroids, on the other hand, do.
Going into pro wrestling once he is done with MMA:
After I’m done fighting, I would like to make the transition to pro wrestling. The only reason I fight, and the only reason I even started wrestling in high school, is because I watched pro wrestling. And I was like, “oh, there’s wrestling in high school?” Then I got there, and everybody’s in singlets. I was like, “what the hell is this?” I was looking for the suplexes and DDTs.
I think in like four or five years, after I make a good stamp in MMA, I think maybe a year or two in pro wrestling would be fun.
Transcribed by Chris Maffei
The MMA Report with John Pollock airs Friday nights at 11pm EST on TSN 1050 Toronto and on


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