New Japan New Beginnings PPV feedback

Another really good show by NJPW. The crowd didn't seem to pick up
until the second half. This is the third show I have watched in a row,
while the last show and the show headlined by Suzuki/Tanahashi was
better, this show was very good. Their depth of great performers right
now is very impressive. It's made even more impressive due to how
varied the roster is as well. I really hope that they continue with
the ippvs. Best match - Anderson/Tanahashi. Worse match - I guess I'd
go with the opener, although it was standard for an opener.

Christopher Yetman

Thumbs Up.
Best Match: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Karl Anderson
Worst Match: Togi Makabe vs. Yujiro Takahashi
Another very good iPPV from New Japan.
The opener was fine, both Juniors title matches were good and the tag title match once again was better than I expected it to be. I really enjoyed the Goto/Inoue vs. Laughter 7 and Goto vs. Shibata should be really good when it happens.  Shinsuke vs. Kengo Mashimo was fine but the crowd never really bought into Kengo having a chance of winning which hurt it a lot. Suzuki vs. Okada was great.
The main event was easily the best match on the show.  Just ridiculously good stuff.  Personally I liked it more than Tanahashi vs. Okada from the Dome and it's up there with Shinsuke vs. Sakuraba as my MOTY.
Speaking of MOTY candidates, Masato Tanaka vs. Tomohiro Ishii from the 2/3 Korakuen show was unbelievably good and well worth watching for anybody who hasn't seen it yet.

Patrick McHugh

    Hi Dave,
    New Japan The New Beginning:
    - Thumbs up
    - Best match: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Karl Anderson
    - Worst match: Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi & Tama Tonga & Jushin Liger & Tiger Mask vs Takashi Iizuka & Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii & Yoshi-Hashi & Jado
    I just finished watching the New Japan The New Beginning iPPV live.  This was the fourth New Japan iPPV I ordered in a row.  Not quite as good as the epic New Japan Tokyo Dome show, but an excellent show nevertheless.  Hiroshi Tanahashi current IWGP title reign is reminiscent of Shawn Michaels 1996 WWE title run, but with even better matches.  The show featured two of the most underrated wrestlers in the business: Karl Anderson and Alex Shelley.  Shinsuke Nakamura is the Keith Richards of professional wrestling.
    James Stanios

Hi Dave,

Hope you are well. I am a fairly new subscriber but have got to say I love the site, the audio and the newsletters, keep up the great work. I was hesitant to pay the subscription with all the free content available out there but it really is a bargain for all the quality content you produce and have in the archives.

Below are my brief thoughts on the iPPV that just finished.

Thumbs in the middle. (Would have been down if not for the main event)

Show felt very flat, no doubt this was not helped by the crowd which remained dead for most of the show outside of the main event. It was never going to be easy to follow up the Jan 4th show but even comparing this to the 2012 iPPV offerings from New Japan it just did not feel up to their standards, which to be fair are insanely high after a great run of iPPV events. Still I couldn't help but feel a bit disapointed after getting up at 5.45am on Sunday, I would recommend people watch the main event but not to go out of their way to watch the rest of the show. You can decide if one match, albeit a very good one, is worth $25.

Worst Match:

Best Match:

This really was a fantastic match. It didn't quite hit the same highs for me as it did for some other people as for some reason I just couldn't believe Karl Anderson had a chance of beating Tanahashi on this show. Still a likely MOTYC come the end of the year and it did a fantastic job of bringing the crowd to life as well.

Kind Regards,

Adam Blake

That main event!!! The Tokyo Dome Wrestle Kingdom 7 event overall was a better show, but this main event was spectacular! Completely bought Karl winning the title 2-3 times and with Tanahashi teasing a new finisher and working over the leg the entire time lead to even better psychology throughout. Tanahashi is doing a great job making people believe that anyone could potentially beat him for the title so once someone does it will be special. I think they did a great job last year having Okada beat him to set this precedent up. The Shinsuke/Kengo and Suzuki/Okada matches were also tremendous but nothing like the main.
Thank you NJPW for airing your PPVs over the internet so anyone possibly disenfranchised with pro-wrestling today can enjoy some high-caliber quality from the best company in the world.
Erle Tompkins

I'd give this show a thumbs up.  Although not as good the dome show I still felt like I got my moneys worth.  Especially compared to WWE and TNA's latest offerings.
Hard to pick a best match but I guess I'd go with Okada vs Suzuki.  Although Tanahashi/Anderson and Nakamura/Mashimo were also great they were hurt by the fact that the finish was a bit predictable.
Lance Archer coming out to challenge Nakamura for the intercontinental belt was kind of a surprise to me.  The finish of the Sakuraba Shibata/Goto Inoue match made it look like Saku had adapted to the flying knee finish so I wonderered if they were teasing a rematch between those two.  But apparently not.
I guess if I had to pick a worst match, it'd be the opener.  But it wasn't terrible.  Just your standard New Japan multi man tag match which I'm not a big fan of.
Anyway Dave, thanks for covering the Japanese stuff.  I really enjoy it!
Jay Duxfield

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